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Biotronics is a non-medical discipline that serves to help patients suffering from diseases caused by bioenergetic insufficiency. It is the area of life-forces that are bound to organic matter and which are of a rather different character, in contrary to the inorganic forces. The word – Biotronics – was first introduced after 1945 by Mr. Josef Zezulka who devised and established this term for a treatment discipline; he structured the discipline into biotronic pathology, vital forces science, science of vital forces application during intervention, and particularly into the philosophy, which stands as its basis. Biotronics is a philosophy and the actual treatment is its practical application, based on the knowledge that humans are made of three basic components. Matter, spirit and vitality. In case of the cause of disease lying within the physical part, the most effective management is through the administration of medications, it is the field of medicine. Problems concerning the psychic part should be treated mainly with psychic force, i.e. psychotherapy or, in a case of severe conditions, with deep hypnosis which is not practised in this form today. Harmed cellular, organ and whole-body vital systems are treated with biotronics. In many cases the disease is caused by multiple factors and as such it is necessary for the respective disciplines to cooperate.

The vital force is an energetic manifestation of living matter, it is organic energy bound to living matter, so far put rather aside from the scientific interest which has been fully focused on the inorganic energy research, such as various radiation, electricity, magnetism, etc. The vital force is primarily responsible for cellular, organ and whole-body processes and procedures, as mentioned above. Biotronics is an independent branch with its own rules and laws. It has no side effects, treats the whole organism, organ or a group of cells comprehensively. The healing activity is performed in a manner that the biotronic healer removes the ill-conditioned biological plasma and then reinforces this place with vital force – biotronic healing. A biotronic healer always works selflessly and needs to have other qualities which are mandatory for this work.
Biotronics does not serve as a substitute for medical care but it helps where possible. This may be, for example, even after the termination of medical treatment. Biotronics principles are part of state-of-the-art research. Only in recent years has it been confirmed what biotronics has taken into account for a long time – the effect of certain substances on malignant tumour formation in a body. Those cancer-causing agents are, for instance, substances contained in so popular smoked meats.

I am seeking to continue the legacy of my teacher Josef Zezulka. Meeting with him was fated for me, it was a peaceful and, in fact, genius education in the area of the life philosophy of Existence, and biotronics, i.e. disciplines which Mr. Josef Zezulka developed and put into practice. Just before leaving his physical body, Mr. Josef Zezulka called me over and did something that became my commitment, promise and life-fulfilment for all the time to come. He said: “Tomáš, I am giving you Biotronics as well as the philosophy of Existence – you shall lead it now. I am giving you the knowledge; you are to bear it and protect it. And when your time comes to an end, you will give it to another one.” Then he said a sentence that is still echoing in my head and heart: “I am giving you our Common Interest.” And, of course, he did not mean anything personal.

Biotronics was conceived by the legendary Czech philosopher and healer Josef Zezulka (he was born on 30 March 1912 in Brno and died on 13 December 1992 in Prague). The biotronics discipline was established by J. Zezulka after 1945. The discipline had been developed by him and he also devised many publications pertaining to the branch. Thereafter, Josef Zezulka became part of a global awareness as far as alternative treatment branches are concerned. He interacted with both Western and Eastern research (Prof. Parker, Dr. Stanley Krippner and Prof. Injusin from Almaty, Kazakhstan). His works were published in foreign periodicals and books, e.g. in New York, Paris, London and his essays were published in various Western publications too. (1, 2, 3, 4)

The then political system in the communist Czechoslovakia was not favourable for that kind of activities; Josef Zezulka was working, giving lectures and healing secretly in his flat in the Smíchov district, Prague. Nevertheless, a notable part of society found their way to his door, including people from the field of arts or politics. He treated, for instance, our president Svoboda who in fact had already been medically declared dying but the treatment provided by Josef Zezulka was successful and as a consequence the president recovered for another half a year from an absolutely hopeless condition. In 1973 the contemporary president of the communist academy of sciences (academic Kožešník) had, due to the positive experience, released a testimonial designating Mr. Zezulka as a capable and successful researcher working in a new branch of science. Josef Zezulka practised healing for more than 40 years. His speech at the International Congress on Psychotronic Reasearch held in Prague in 1973 was a great success. Mr. J.Z. also published his essays for the Psychotronic Congresses held later in Monte Carlo in 1975 and Tokyo in 1977. His official research in non-medical therapies, carried out in Vimperk hospital in 1982, was remarkable. Mr. Zezulka demonstrated excellent treatments within the research project and physicians were coming from across the region to witness the treatments.
Public edition of Josef Zezulka's philosophical-religious books was carried out only after 1989. Since then a number of articles and information was published in the media. (5, 6) We have been presenting biotronics as help for the wider public already since 1994. People have shared their personal experiences of how biotronics has helped them in their conditions. Examples of these experiences can be found on our website www.dub.cz. (7, 8) .The stories are beautiful. Moreover, the Petition for Support of Biotronics demonstrates public support and interest in biotronics – today the petition counts more than 33 thousands signatures. We are doing our utmost so that biotronics could, beside other disciplines of complementary and alternative medicine, assist and serve all people in need.

Josef Zezulka

30 March 1912 – 13 December 1992
was a notable personality of Czech spiritual and philosophical culture. On 30 March 1945 at the age of 33 he experienced a state of open consciousness – consciousness of a bringer. Subsequently, he formulated the philosophy of Existence and established a new healing discipline called Biotronics. At a later stage he was involved in Czech and international research aimed at incorporating Biotronics into the public healthcare system. In addition, USA as well as the former Soviet Union expressed interest in his work (Prof. Parker, Stanley Krippner and Prof. Injusin from Almaty).
The communist regime, however, disfavoured such efforts. The publishing of his works was carried out secretly within samizdat while some of them were published in the western countries (Psychoenergetics Systems – published in New York, Paris, London; also the Realms of Healing and others). At the same time he was giving secret lectures. At the end of his life he handed the discipline over to his long-standing disciple Tomáš Pfeiffer so as to take care of the management and continuance of the discipline.

Tomáš Pfeiffer

30 August 1953
is a Czech philosopher, healer, biotronic. He is a disciple and successor of the philosopher and founder of biotronics, Mr. Josef Zezulka (1912 – 1992).
  1. became widely known thanks to the Seance TV show broadcasted by Nova TV in the first half of the 1990s;

  2. worked in a commission for alternative medicine under the Minister of Health of the Czech Republic and held the position of spokesman for ČAOL (being the Czech acronym for the Czech Association of Professional Healing);

  3. is the chair of the managing board of the Foundation of Josef Zezulka through which he has been building and running the Biotronic Centre for Social Support focusing on prevention, namely oncological and biotronic. It is also a location of the Spiritual University Bytí, established in Prague on 30 March 1994. Lectures aimed at responding to the visitors' questions are held here, with a voluntary entrance fee. The lectures are broadcasted live by means of BIOVID TV (internet stream). The lectures are also held in many other places across the Czech Republic;

  4. is the founder of the publishing house TOMÁŠ PFEIFFER - DIMENZE 2+2 Praha which publishes works of Josef Zezulka;

  5. organizes multimedia concerts entitled The Common Interest, playing the historical instrument – Aquarius Bell; the first written reference comes from the era of the Chinese dynasty Ming. More than 400 concerts titled The Common Interest took place between 2007 and 2016. In addition, he publishes books, periodicals, CDs and DVDs, and writes on a regular basis;

  6. is the sponsor of arts and organizes regular exhibitions;

  7. is involved in projects regarding active UNESCO Protection of World Cultural Heritage;

  8. is the representative of The Society of Josef Zezulka

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