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Společná věc 2015
The world of resonance, overtones, Tomáš Pfeiffer’s playing the Aquarius Bell, a unique parabolic screen and a little bit of enigma of the unexplored. You’ll experience all that at the concert called the Common Interest. Try to perceive the beauty and extraordinary nature of the world captured in the movie, accompanied by the sound of the ancient instrument resonates within us as well as without. We are a part of that which surrounds us – all of which is our common interest.

We live our lives, inquiring about their meanings. All of us search – for the secret of fate and order of life, the secret of that which lies beyond; that is our common interest. Let’s try to stop for a while and immerse ourselves in the depths of the ancient instrument’s sound. It resonates within us and without. We may catch sight of the thread of a path that has been around for ages – the path of humanity, the path of man.

Invitation to the concert – the Common Interest

I would like to invite you to experience the extraordinary sound of the Aquarius Bell, an ancient instrument which, according to the ancient generation heritage, helps to harmonize the whole being. We are already opening the 5th year of the Common Interest concert. You may be looking forward to hearing a brand new program. A parabolic movie projection will accompany the Aquarius Bell play, displaying the extraordinary, the unique and the enigma of what surrounds us. What can you be looking forward to? A projection of special, unique images of mountain waterfalls, remarkable and mysterious places on Earth, beautiful images of the universe – galaxies, star clusters, and many others. Every concert is unique – I do not play from sheet music, the atmosphere of every place is different. It is a unique world of resonance that resonates within us and without. If you wish, you may come closer to see the instrument at the end of the concert. You will experience a beautiful world of the water drops hovering high above the water’s surface. Water, which is a part of the instrument, draws interesting resonance images on the surface and is, literally, a special visual and audio recording of the playing.

I am looking forward to your visit
Tomáš Pfeiffer

April 2017

    11.4.  Tu  19:00   BLOVICE, Lidový dům  
ticket office: MKS Lidový dům Blovice, příspěvková organizace města Blovice, Bělohrobského 78, tel.: 371 522 236, Info: 602 790 600

    18.4.  Tu  19:00   POLNÁ, Městské kino, Zámek 487  
ticket office: Informační centrum , Husovo náměstí 39, Polná, tel.: 567 559 211, infocentrum@mu-polna.cz, Info: 566 678 144, 775 678 144

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