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Look at the complete information about this title.CD BIOTRONIKA II.
Probably only few of you have had the opportunity to listen to the sound of the Aquarius Bell. It is an instrument, whose history reaches past the Ming dynasty further to the depths of time. I found it in high mountains at an altitude of 2300 metres. According to elderly lamas its sound pervades through the whole body and has healing and spiritual effects.
The Aquarius Bell project or the Common Interest is an example of the connection between our modern contemporary technical culture and the culture which has been speaking to us throughout centuries and millennia; in it we may find ever increasing mutual enrichment. Means of expression of this project correspond with this enrichment – this thousand-year-old instrument is well enhanced by state of the art audiovisual technology. The audience will be both intellectually and emotionally moved by the resulting contrast. This contrast reminds us of the everyday beauty of our world and our place in it.

1. Praga Magna Mater   2. Pictus Orbis   3. Harmonia Mundi   -   Total time: 39:03

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Look at the complete information about this title.CD FORSOMNIN - A sleeping pill in the form of sound
Late autumn turns to winter. You are the last guest in an otherwise empty hotel where generations of mountaineers and mountain-lovers have slept. Perhaps tomorrow, the place will be inaccessible for a whole half year due to snow. The distant din of the first winter windstorm can be heard beyond the window. Weeks have passed in the high mountains, far from the world, and slowly you gain awareness of the Great order. The wind strengthens, resonances can be heard. Your auditorium is your bed, your orchestra, nature, increasingly you unite with the tones which gradually send you to sleep.
P.S. I thought of YOU - ALL OF YOU

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Look at the complete information about this title.CD Horoscope 3000 – The Musical Vision of the Future
These 12 compositions for the 12 signs of the Zodiac describe the upcoming Platonic year. It is therefore a form of Musical Vision for the next 25,000 years. The music was recorded in the underground caves, at the rotunda in Fulnek, and at many other important places.

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Koncerty Společná věc


Tomáš Pfeiffer will play the Aquarius Bell. The audience can become absorbed in the harmonic tones that not only vibrate our spiritual substance but even heal our bodies. Another interesting feature is the water, the surface of which creates resonating patterns during the performance. When playing fortissimo, the surface rises as much as several centimetres. The musical experience is thus accompanied by a visual one.