A house where no one will drive you into a corner


Architecture has employed sharp edges of corners and triangles for a long time. Modern houses, however, leave symmetry behind. In this way, the matter compares to a human soul. Nowadays, we need to live, above all, in a more healthy way, more fully in harmony with nature’s order. This natural desire has given rise to the biotronic house project, which we would like to introduce to you. During the development of each house, consideration is given to both the physical and structural needs, as well as the biotronic approach, leading to the creation of suitable energy conditions. Every shape radiates certain energy to its surroundings, thus influencing them. This knowledge comes out of the ancient science of “geomancy”.
Here, more than elsewhere, the rule applies that whoever builds a house builds it for life. Therefore, it pays to critically and duly evaluate the qualities of the materials and shapes used.


  • Feeling of security
  • Daylong light
  • Wide angle of view, supported by a variable number of windows
  • A circle is the shortest closure of the space, 10% savings on the wall material
  • No concentration of tension in the corners
  • Higher security of structure during earthquake
  • Circle protection
  • With our consistently circular floor plan, we are the first to go beyond the border of more and more frequent circular details employed in architecture
  • Houses curing flat syndrome
  • Houses as radiators – reviving New Age housing

Samples of shape solution for family houses:

Two-generation FAMILY HOUSE, BD 03030, with cellar  © Tomáš Pfeiffer 1996
Two-generation FAMILY HOUSE, BD 03030, with cellar © Tomáš Pfeiffer 1996

Samples of finished structures:

Persons interested in the architectonic study and project of the biotronic house can request more information at the lectures of Tomáš Pfeiffer (see the list of the lectures) or send an email or enquiry to info@dub.cz

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