Meeting Biotronic Tomáš Pfeiffer

We are all searching in our unique ways. At the end of those paths, not only Komensky’s pilgrim in the Labyrinth of the World but all of us can sense the deepness of existence. Those are questions of life, fate, life’s laws. Topics of lectures depend on what questions the visitors ask. Mutual sharing does not necessarily have to be verbal. If you want, we can search together at the lectures of the University Byti that has been opened for more than 16 years.

May 2021

17. 5. Mo
    17. 5.  Mo  17:00   17:00 PRAHA, Sál JZ, Soukenická 21    BIOVID TV 

21. 5. Fr
    21. 5.  Fr  17:00   17:00 PRAHA, Sál JZ, Soukenická 21    BIOVID TV 

22. 5. Sa
    22. 5.  Sa  9:00   9:00   KROMĚŘÍŽ, Muzeum, Velké náměstí 38
      15:00   15:00 OLOMOUC, Vlastivědné muzeum, nám. Republiky 5
      17:00   17:00 VALAŠSKÉ MEZIŘÍČÍ, Gymnázium Františka Palackého Valašské Meziříčí, Husova 146

23. 5. Su
    23. 5.  Su  9:00   9:00   PROSTĚJOV, Společenský dům, Komenského 6
      14:45   14:45 BRNO, SONO HOTEL - Malý konferenční sál, Veveří 3219/113
      17:00   17:00 TŘEBÍČ, Základní škola Třebíč, Benešova 585

24. 5. Mo
    24. 5.  Mo  17:00   17:00 PRAHA, Sál JZ, Soukenická 21    BIOVID TV 
June 2021

21. 6. Mo
    21. 6.  Mo  17:00   17:00 PRAHA, Sál JZ, Soukenická 21    BIOVID TV 
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Petice na podporu biotroniky
Petice na podporu biotroniky

Koncerty Společná věc


Tomáš Pfeiffer will play the Aquarius Bell. The audience can become absorbed in the harmonic tones that not only vibrate our spiritual substance but even heal our bodies. Another interesting feature is the water, the surface of which creates resonating patterns during the performance. When playing fortissimo, the surface rises as much as several centimetres. The musical experience is thus accompanied by a visual one.