Josef Zezulka and Tomáš Pfeiffer

        Dear visitor of this web site

        Years ago, when I met this grizzled man for the first time, I didn't know I met my Fate. I spent a considerable part of my life with Mr. Zezulka. I visited him regularly several times a week. He had always time for me and we were talking until "TV news". It was non-violent and genial education in the area of the philosophy of Existence and Biotronics - areas created and applied into practice by Mr. Josef Zezulka. I understood this only much later. I always left his place with my mind full of ideas and emotions. It is great what a great change he managed to bring about in me. He extended my originally technical thinking towards less schematic and deeper perception of the world.
        I knew a few friends who visited Mr. Zezulka and asked him in the same way as I did. I met them at his place and I have still been in touch with them. Years passed and time was running out. Just before leaving his material body, Mr. Zezulka called me and did something that became a commitment for me, a promise and life fulfilment for all the time afterwards. He said: "Thomas, I am giving you Biotronics as well as the philosophy of Existence - you shall lead it now. I am giving you the known one; you are to bear it and protect it. And when your time arrives, you will give it to another one." He said a sentence that is still resonating in my head and heart: "I am giving you our common interest."
        So much for the explanation. Now you already know, my dear visitor, why I am presenting the common interest to you, too. After all, we are all one and there is nothing human or divine that would not be our mutuality.

Tomáš Pfeiffer
disciple and follower of Josef Zezulka

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