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Josef Zezulka - BYTÍ - EXISTENCE - A Philosophy for LifeJosef Zezulka - BYTÍ - EXISTENCE - A Philosophy for Life
The fundamental work of a Bringer from Prague did not originate as a compilation, the work is a result of the gift of Spirit which the author of the book, Mr. Josef Zezulka, received on the day of his 33rd birthday, 30th March. It was 1945, Easter. The gift of Spirit is the ability to know the truth of Existence without mediators. It is a direct connection to super-consciousness. This connection has only one human in 2000 years; just as the last three Bringers, Abraham, Moses and Jesus. Right now, the next spiritual centre - Prague, is being activated for further 6000 years. Whether you find your way to this new „Bible“ is only up to you.
Translations: CZDFRUIEGR
Tomáš Pfeiffer - A Life of Přinašeč (the Bringer) Tomáš Pfeiffer - A Life of Přinašeč (the Bringer)
The hundredth anniversary of Mr. Josef Zezulka’s birth in conjunction with the breakthrough year 2012 was the reason to tell the big secret of Prague for the first time. Bringer is born once every 2000 years. At the age of 33, his ability to connect to the truth of Existence awakens. He is always born before the forthcoming era in order to help people to get the era started. It is always extremely difficult to fulfil this faith. In the book you will find a description of a life journey of the one who has been implored and expected over generations. In silence, recognized by hardly anyone, he lived all his life in Prague.
Translations: česky
Zezulka's biotronics ZEZULKA'S BIOTRONICS
Dear readers, I have organised this collection of Josef Zezulka’s treatises which will, among other issues, clarify the work and philosophy of the biotronicist Josef Zezulka for the first time. I hope, as he did, that Josef Zezulka’s biotronics will become a part of healthcare with the aim to help those in need. Tomáš Pfeiffer, Josef Zezulka’s disciple and entrusted follower
Translations: česky
Tomáš Pfeiffer - Spacetime Tomáš Pfeiffer - SPACETIME
Zezulka’s Creative Four creates spacetime, including the time sequence that we can call causality. This brings us to the subject matter of the book, which contemplates the relation between three- and four-dimensional space at its practical interaction in any part of The Creative Work.
Translations: česky
New horizons of biotronic healing
The author of books that we have prepared for you is not a professional writer. In spite of it they are not a mere figment of an intellect. Betweentimes during a long temporal rhytm comes into the world the one who knows the genuine Truth of Being without reading or learning anything. Mr Zezulka is one of them and then the more precious his testimony may be. There's only a small number of healers in the world and Mr Zezulka is the one who has proved successful treating and stopping a malign process of tumor's diseases but not only them.
He has been living all his life in Prague.
Josef Zezulka - ESPIRITISMO Josef ZEZULKA - ESPIRITISMO Portuguese (Portugal)
Josef Zezulka nasceu a 30 de Março de 1912 na cidade de Brno, viveu e trabalhou em Praga. Em 1945, na altura de Páscoa, aos 33 anos, a sua vida sofreu uma mudança extraordinariamente misteriosa e inesperada. Ele viveu um estado extraordinário da consciencia aberta. Ele o descreveu: "Como que me tivesse lembrado dalgo que já antes tinha sabido, e depois o esquecera." Ele recebe duas dádivas. A dádiva do espírito, o que é a de vir a conhecer a verdade da lei de vida sem estudar e sem mediadores, e a dádiva da cura. O presente livro resulta da dádiva do espírito, através da qual desenvolve a filosofia do Ser, e do outro lado estabelece a biotrónica como uma disciplina curativa, um pouco mais tarde torna-se um curandeiro, biotrónico-sanativo de fama mundial Perante os médicos demonstra muitas vezes a sua capacidade de curar as doenças mais graves, por meio do seu tratamento indubitável do cancro. Apesar da atitude desfavorável da ideologia estatal ganha também o exito internacional.

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