Photos and videos from Mystic Spiritual Journey around India.
nadpis Conference in Brussels
Statements from the representatives of the leading European and world organizations on complementary and alternative medicine (CAM)

The video you have seen is the result of a computer’s work of about 100 days, i.e., a third of a year. Fractal geometry is the best means so far to describe the events of our world, interconnecting three and four dimensional spaces. It is closely linked to the publication entitled Spacetime – https://www.dub.cz/en/tomas-pfeiffer-spacetime-online-book. More information can be found at www.dub.cz. https://www.dub.cz/en/genesis-or-mathematics-of-god-fractals-in-motion https://www.dub.cz/cs/genesis-aneb-bozi-matematika
Look at the complete information about this title.NEW - DVD Genesis or Mathematics of God – Fractals in Motion
Fractal images represent a connection of art and science, penetrating the most mysterious areas
of natural laws of the philosophy of Bytí (Existence). Fractal geometry leaves the line of existing frames
of human comprehension; it depicts natural rightfulness in a way which has been inconceivable for us so
far. Each part of an image contains an infinite number of other pictures, they continue into infinity like the
universe. These truly fundamental images get very close to what nature it self is – the mystery of life.

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nadpis Travel along with us around the spiritual places of India.

Christmas Distance Healing by Biotronic Tomáš Pfeiffer between 1 December and 31 December 2017, always from 9:00 pm (21:00) CET.
Look at the complete information about this title.NEW - ZEZULKA'S BIOTRONICS
Organised by Tomáš Pfeiffer
Dear readers, I have organised this collection of Josef Zezulka’s treatises which will, among other issues, clarify the work and philosophy of the biotronicist Josef Zezulka for the first time. I hope, as he did, that Josef Zezulka’s biotronics will become a part of healthcare with the aim to help those in need. Tomáš Pfeiffer, Josef Zezulka’s disciple and entrusted follower

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Look at the complete information about this title.NEW - Tomáš Pfeiffer - SPACETIME
Zezulka’s Creative Four creates spacetime, including the time sequence that we can call causality. This brings us to the subject matter of the book, which contemplates the relation between three- and four-dimensional space at its practical interaction in any part of The Creative Work.

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The Common Interest
Look at the complete information about this title.NEW - Tomáš Pfeiffer - A Life of Přinašeč (the Bringer)
The hundredth anniversary of Mr. Josef Zezulka’s birth in conjunction with the breakthrough year 2012 was the reason to tell the big secret of Prague for the first time. Bringer is born once every 2000 years. At the age of 33, his ability to connect to the truth of Existence awakens. He is always born before the forthcoming era in order to help people to get the era started. It is always extremely difficult to fulfil this faith. In the book you will find a description of a life journey of the one who has been implored and expected over generations. In silence, recognized by hardly anyone, he lived all his life in Prague.

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Říp - 30. 3. 2017
Prague - 30. 3. 2017
8.2. 18:00   PRAHA, Sál JZ, Soukenická 21
14.2. 19:00   JILEMNICE, Jilemnický pivovar - Sloupová síň, Komenského 1
28.2. 19:00   PROSTĚJOV, Sokolovna, TJ Sokol I, Skálovo nám.4
1.3. 19:00   KROMĚŘÍŽ, Dům kultury, Tovačovského 2828
5.3. 19:00   VARNSDORF, Městské divadlo, Partyzánů 1442
9.4. 19:00   HORAŽĎOVICE, Hotel Prácheň - Secesní sál, Strakonická 152
10.4. 19:00   OSTROV, Dům Kultury - Kinokavárna, Mírové nám. 731
The number of state-registered churches and religious societies has increased. Thus one of Josef Zezulka´s wishes, unrealizable in his day, has come true.
The Society of Josef Zezulka is a spiritual-religious society of a new type, working for the benefit of the whole biosphere. Its spiritual teaching is based on the work of a bringer Josef Zezulka...
nadpis Josef Zezulka Biotronics
Sanator – the Union of Biotronics of Josef Zezulka
We present you with two newly formed legal persons, established in accordance with the Act on Churches and Religious Societies, recorded as legal persons of a spiritual-religious society - The Society of Josef Zezulka.
The mission is, for the benefit of a whole as well as present and future generations, to work in a philosophical-spiritual teaching – the life philosophy of Existence and its part biotronics – a healing discipline, in a way that the founder of the philosophical-spiritual teaching, bringer Josef Zezulka, had brought and established, and thus to realize and fulfil his legacy.
Since 1945, we have been trying to help you by biotronics.
You would often see my teacher Mr. Josef Zezulka and later also me in the most urgent need. At the moment, it is me, Tomas Pfeiffer, who is asking you for help.
People's experience with biotronics
nadpis PETITION for support of biotronics
Biotronics, established by Josef Zezulka, is a non-medical branch serving as help to people suffering from diseases and weakening caused by bioenergetic insufficiency. The support of biotronics is one of the main targets of the activities of the Foundation Byti.
The number of the petition sheets by 29. 6. 2018: 40.722. Thank you for your help and support.
Festival Evolution
22. - 24. 3. 2019
pátek, sobota 10:00 - 19:00, neděle 10:00 - 18:00
Praha, Výstaviště Praha - Holešovice - Průmyslový palác, Výstaviště 67