It has been exactly a year since we introduced Josef Zezulka (1912—1992), the biotronics inventor hidden from the world for forty years. In the picture, he was captured together with Tomáš Pfeiffer, his sole disciple and founder of the Spiritual University Bytí and of the Center of Biotronics for Social Support. Today we would like to present the results of his healing to our readers.

      The biotronic Tomáš Pfeiffer helps all who need his help. That is – as far as his powers will permit. Years ago he even managed to heal through the television screen on his TV show, which our readers still remember. He gives most of his attention to cancer patients. Statements from doctors – oncologists – claiming that no one can recover from cancer except through traditional medical procedures (even though all of us know the risks) made Tomáš Pfeiffer decide to introduce Meduňka readers to two cases of “living proofs” showing that it is possible. In both cases the patients suffered from stomach cancer, and the latter, which happened not long ago, was even documented in official medical reports. Copies of medical reports proving that the patient was cured are available in our editorial office.

First story

Marie considers her recovery a miracle

      Marie Vernerová (71) from Pečky u Kolína still has vivid memories of the time when she was dealing with cancer. She was only told by her doctors that she had gone through such a serious disease a year after it had happened. At the beginning of the nineties it was not usual to openly tell patients their diagnosis. She only learned about it after she had survived “by miracle”, as the doctors called it. “I was suffering from great stomach pain and nothing could relieve it. I wasn’t able to eat and, at 173 cm tall, I lost weight down to 48 kg. At the medical examination, I was told I had a gastric ulcer and had an operation recommended, which I underwent at the beginning of April 1991. During my operation, the doctors found out that it was a malignant tumor but they didn’t tell me. I only knew that my stomach was obstructed, which was the alleged reason why I vomited any food immediately after I had eaten it, and was writhing in pain. During the operation they made a sort of a bypass around my stomach so that I could eat and drink at least a little bit. I walked out of the hospital on 12th April, even though “walk out” is not the right word, because I was brought to the car as light as a feather. They didn’t give me anything; no medication, nothing. It was only after a year that I learned I had stomach cancer and the doctors were only expecting me to live on for another three months,” Marie remembers.
      When she felt the worst, her daughter Maruška, and her husband Luděk, were watching Tomáš Pfeiffer’s show on TV at home one evening, who was giving a general talk on biotronics and was sending his healing power to viewers through the screen. “I still have no idea how they got his contact – my daughter told me I don’t need to know everything, although right after my arrival from hospital, she brought me his dietary instructions, which I immediately started to follow. I had my biotronic session with Tomáš Pfeiffer on 6th May for the first time. My son-in-law used to drive me there, at first three times a week, then only twice a week. I’d never known there were any healers and hadn’t heard of biotronics but I was determined not just to try it but to stick to it. I told myself: It’s in God’s hands now! No one can imagine your feelings when you are so weak you can’t even raise a cup of coffee or wash your hands without help. My daughter had a one-year old son at the time, so she was taking care of two children at once; therefore, I wanted to get better because of her,” she continues. Her first improvement was very fast. “In July, the young ones moved out since I was able to take care of myself. I was as slow as a tortoise but I was able to do all the necessary things, and that was a miracle. From September 1991 I continued with my healing sessions with Mr. Pfeiffer, but my son-in-law drove me there only a few times then because by autumn I was able to take the train to Prague by myself! I was overjoyed about that. Just imagine: a few months before I was almost dead and suddenly I was living again! It was also my grandson Honzík who gave me the strength to live and handle everything. When he was older I used to take him to Prague with me, because we repeated a series of ten sessions several times in the following years, and Honzík always asked me: Grandma, when are we going to see that nice uncle again?”
      In January 1992, Marie was certified fit for work but instead she applied for her pension. Today, she lives as a satisfied retired person and enjoys very good health. “In the sixteen years since my recovery from cancer thanks to biotronics, after my release from hospital, I haven’t seen a doctor even once, except for a dentist, and I haven’t taken any medicine, including aspirin. I’ve never had to because I haven’t even had the flu. I have been following the diet Mr. Pfeiffer recommended to me, so I don’t know how chocolate or meat tastes any more. I consider my recovery a miracle and a real Resurrection. I was born for a second time; I am very grateful to Mr. Tomáš Pfeiffer and I hold him in high esteem,” Marie says. And she really did because her eyes filled with tears when all she had experienced came back to her during our conversation.

Second story

Anna chose biotronics instead of chemotherapy

      The second case, which has even been documented in formal medical reports, which are in our possession, transpired a short time ago, and the main character is Anna Havelková (60) from Koryčany u Kroměříže. Before going for treatment with Tomáš Pfeiffer, she already knew him well, being a regular attendee of his lectures, which had influenced her so much she became a vegetarian many years ago. “I used to suffer from shingles, which was more and more frequent. The pain was terrible but I also had a stomach ache, so finally I was sent for a stomach examination in Kyjov hospital. Two days before my 58 birthday, on exactly 23rd March 2006, I was told that I had a malignant tumor on my stomach the size of a twenty-crown coin. We were about to go for another lecture by Mr. Pfeiffer in Brno and my husband then uttered a sentence of a major importance: “You will go to see him and you will go for treatment in Prague. Then we’ll see what to do next.” And thus it was. In the following week I went to Prague, to the Center of Biotronics. When I started my stay there I felt really miserable. Because of the pain I could not sleep, but within several days my condition improved. In two weeks I was supposed to be operated on in Kyjov, and Mr. Pfeiffer told me that it was just up to me to decide whether I would go for the surgery or not. Since I felt that biotronics had helped me and given me strength, I decided to go for the operation and I started arranging for my pre-operative examination. But what happened! As it turned out, there was no tumor on my stomach anymore, and the report only mentioned a thickened encased wall with a “callus” of 8 to 10 mm. Regardless, I went for the surgery to have the “callus” removed. It took place on 25th April 2006. I had three quarters of my stomach removed, spent seventeen days in the ICU and lost 20 kg. The doctors said everything healed well and I left the hospital to see Mr. Pfeiffer in Prague again; I started eating my first mixed food. Afterwards, I used to go for my biotronic five-day sessions every month,” Anna says. Among other recollections, she remembers that on her way back from Prague, when she got out of the bus in Koryčany, everyone told her she looked radiant. “I was released from hospital without a single medication but my condition improved fast. Doctors offered me chemotherapy after the surgery to make sure it would not return, which is an official medical procedure, but because the histological finding was negative I decided not to go for it,” she says. Nowadays, she comes to the Center of Biotronics in Prague once a year, and doctors monitor her blood tumor markers. “I feel great, and last summer was probably the most beautiful of my life because I appreciated every day, every moment…,” Anna says, almost with tears in her eyes. She is also grateful to her husband for his support at the time of her illness; in the summer he even built a gazebo for her to relax there.

Tomáš Pfeiffer commentary

      Biotronics should not replace conventional medicine, but should help where it can, which can be even after termination of medical therapies,” explains Tomáš Pfeiffer for Meduňka, the follower of Josef Zezulka who took him under his wing many years ago. “The principles of biotronics are now part of the most modern research. Only now there is scientific evidence of what biotronics has known for a long time: namely, that certain substances have a significant impact on the development of malignant tumors in the body. Carcinoma in our bodies is influenced by substances contained, for example, in highly favoured smoked meat products. Josef Zezulka was a real genius because what scientists are discovering only now, he knew decades ago,” Tomáš Pfeiffer says.
      He finds prevention in health care to be of the highest importance. With a weakened immune system, a cancerous growth may break out in anybody. Cancer is, in fact, the inability of the organism to maintain its cells in order; to prevent that, it is necessary to follow certain preventive measures (see the recommended diet). Tomáš Pfeiffer divides carcinogens to primary, which are chemicals that act as chemical poison in cells, and secondary, which irritate the cells only mechanically, such as asbestos. Then, when immunity is weakened, the disease breaks out.
      How successful is biotronics in combating cancer? Tomáš Pfeiffer sums up the success of biotronic healing: “I cannot be too precise because I do not have complete feedback. However, more than half of my patients find significant relief.” During the interview, he repeatedly underlines that this article will not be published with the objective of promoting him or to encourage potential new patients to contact him. “I can’t do more than I am doing at the moment; I work very hard but my capacity is absolutely overloaded and I cannot accept new patients. Apart from people suffering from cancerous growth, biotronics is also highly successful with AIDS and metabolic dysfunctions. On the other hand, it cannot help with infections and psychiatric disorders to a great extent. This article is, above all, to react to statements of leading oncologists who say they have never seen anyone overcome cancer with the help of alternative therapies. Therefore, I am glad that these two women decided to speak out,” says Tomáš Pfeiffer for Meduňka.
      Biotronics as a field was established fifty years ago and, says Pfeiffer, to be really helpful where it is applicable, it must first be accepted by society. “Of course, not every client is healed as effectively as the two cases above and, unfortunately, sometimes it does not help at all. But that happens in any field – what is not helpful for one person can help another, and vice versa,” Tomáš explains. However, he believes that soon the time will come when the public will have free access to alternative healing methods so that sick people can be helped as much as possible. Formal methods of modern medicine and other fields, including biotronics, should unite rather than fight with each other. That is what many successful alternative therapists and progressive doctors all over the world, not only Tomáš Pfeiffer, believe. We can only hope that both parties will soon be willing to begin a constructive dialogue.

Anti-carcinogen diet of J.Z.

      Do not smoke. Don't eat anything which is smoked (for example smoked meat, salami, ham, smoked cheese) - Anything that is roasted, decoctions of roasted things (for example coffee, roasted rye, cocoa, chocolate). - Anything that is fried. - Anything that is roasted or baked. If it is unavoidable to eat baked food (for example bread), cut off the crust. Use other pastry (for example not well-baked rolls) as little as possible. - Avoid tins containing benzoic acid. - Avoid everything that contains tar (for example ointments).

      Fresh food (for example fruit, vegetables, milk, butter). If the food is cooked in the kitchen, it should be only boiled or stewed. It is important that food to be processed by fire contains water. This diet is to be followed strictly since patients are hypersensitive to substances included in the forbidden food. Even a slight breach can jeopardise or make the healing process impossible. The diet is suitable for oncology patients and for the prevention of the carcinoma process.

Why is cancer on the rise?

      Explanations for the rise of cancer, from the biotronic point of view, have been described, for example, in the book by Josef Zezulka Bytí/Existence – Philosophy for Life, which was published by the Spiritual University Bytí. Cancer always develops, above all, due to the excessive intake of carcinogens, which are not part of natural food, and which the body fails in the long term to resist in such huge volumes. The second reason is a lack of vital substances in nutrition. We are used to eating food that goes through difficult phases of the food processing industry, and, on top of that, we use inappropriate methods of home preparation, such as the use of a microwave, which results in a complete loss of the vital, nutritious value of food. Moreover, due to our lifestyle, we also suffer from a lack of vitality because we do not spend enough time in nature etc. All of the above influence cancer development.

Beware smoked and roasted food

      To preserve food for a longer time and avoid its spoiling due to microorganisms, people use preservation through smoking. But they do not realize at all that it is one of the worst methods of preservation, which is very dangerous to their health. The most common type of smoked food is meat, which is already unnatural food for humans, and smoking is a very dangerous and permanent preservation by tar. Unlike with freezing or drying, we cannot avoid that factor, so we absorb tar from food into our bodies as a poison. When food is smoked, it means that it has been processed to be inedible even for bacteria. Unfortunately, this also applies to ham. People mistakenly consider it as a diet food for weak and sick persons, in spite of the fact that it is extremely difficult for our bodies to process it in our livers; and during illnesses when our immune systems are weakened, it burdens our system even more. Tomáš Pfeiffer lists our worst eating bad habits: “At the time when the body’s immunity is weakened and we should eat the best nutritious food, we choose the worst. I am sure that no one would recommend to anyone, especially to a sick person, to eat macerated meat with a bit of nitre and tar on the knife’s tip as a bonus. No one would eat it in this way but if one substance covers the taste of the other, and together it tastes nice, people do not mind being deceived; unfortunately, there are many people who eat smoked food products daily, and sometimes even more than once a day.” A similar situation occurs with food preserved via chemical preservatives when the preservation method causes permanent changes in food which brings these substances into the body. Why are chocolate and coffee unfit foods? Chocolate is made from roasted cocoa beans and coffee is an infusion of roasted coffee beans, and, during the roasting process – which is dry heating – carcinogens and tar develop. Therefore, with this kind of food we need to have a certain temperance.
      “Without the above diet it is absolutely impossible to overcome the growth of cancer,” says Tomáš Pfeiffer, who also recommends a special diet – food deprived of the most dangerous carcinogens – as the best prevention for combating cancer. “It is very important to know that, especially with digestion tract tumors, meats increase their occurrence by 200% up to 400%, and so-called white meat has worse results than red meat, so from the oncology point of view, the results are the reverse of the cardiovascular approach, which recommends white meat because it does not store cholesterol in the vessels. We determine our lives by our diets, not to mention the lives of others.
      I apologize to all Meduňka readers that my healing schedule is really absolutely overloaded; this article has been written for the sake of the future of biotronics, to be available to more people who need it. For that to happen, people must at least be shown that this option exists. This is the main reason why the article has been written. It is not easy to see suffering, let alone live with it. I ask for protection and support for all who need it,” adds biotronic Tomáš Pfeiffer for Meduňka. And we join in his prayers.

Věra Keilová, časopis Meduňka, 1. 3. 2008

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