FUNNY GEMS - Statements and reactions collected at fairs, exhibitions and festivals from people experiencing the music of the Aquarius Bell


Statements and reactions collected at fairs, exhibitions and festivals from people experiencing the music of the Aquarius Bell

Výroky a reakce sebrané na veletrzích, výstavách a festivalech při poslechu hudby Vodnářského zvonu“Do you have those Pfeiffer bells here?”

“They have got a power plant here!” (little boys) “It makes my head ring – it's great!” (they came back to listen for four times)

“You are cleaning the place amazingly! We used to clean with lama - it has already stopped working. Thank you.”

A woman passing by the stand: “I can feel a surge of energy – how can you stand this? Just two hours of sleep a day must be enough for you!“

“This is probably the only reason why we arrived here today.”

“I am cracked – the music is healing up my wounds entirely. The music got me, it is divine.“

“How do you sweet-talk this?”

“Good you are here, this is the most beautiful experience from esoterics - thank goodness for that.”

“Just as I entered, I immediately went to you. It has drawn me.“ (she had tears in her eyes) „I could feel it in my heart. The whole globe should be compelled to hear this.“ (she works as a psychologist) “Bells are sounding the alarm.”

“Aquarius Bell? I can hear it! It is resonating! Are you going to stay here for some more time?”

“I have to go – I am flying.”

“I feel like crying, I can feel the music in my spine and in my head on the temples.”

“Children can hear this music of universe in nature in peace. I've heard it too. It has blissful effects and holy beings, sometimes embodied, appear during it.”

“I'll be back – it has just straightened my finger.“

“The music is calming, one has a chance to hear – feel the fine vibrations, it really is healing.”

After listening to the Aquarius Bell music: “This medicine has caught my attention.“

“We listen to the CD every evening together with Cuddly, he is fond of it – he really likes it.” (doggie)

“I can feel it vibrating in my head – amazing.”

“The picture feels beautifully plastic, it’s wonderful.”

“I’m going to the lecture, I’ll come to harmonize myself on my way back.”

Listening – Horoscope 3000 – the Aquarius Sign: “I've found myself in the Aquarius, it fits me completely, I write poems and in the beginning of the composition I felt a state as if I was writing poems and then a tide of energy; I work with this energy and I know it. I liked it very much.”

“Mr. Zezulka is a wise man, very wise. Every word is a golden grain of wisdom.”

“It has touched me deeply – thank you.”

“It is splendid, it is Godlike.”

“So we played the DVD together with my wife – during the second composition it triggered a desire and we had sex instead; we managed to finish the DVD only on a third attempt.”

“For whom has more delicate hearing – it’s like from Mars.” (a blind man)

“I am incredibly sceptic but during the listening my soul was free as a bird.”

A man had put on the earphones and in a few seconds he claimed: “I can already feel it, it's the bomb - I take the CD. Guys, let’s all go to the concert!”


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