Sanator – the Union of Biotronicists of Josef Zezulka

Sanator – the Union of Biotronicists of Josef Zezulka

Dear reader, 
I am very slowly coming to understand the full meaning of the following lines. In front of the eyes, Zezulka's years are passing by, and later also those of my history connected with biotronics and its philosophy beginning with Zezulka's awakening exactly 70 years ago at Easter 1945. Soon thereafter Josef Zezulka introduces the name biotronics for a specific discipline of spiritual healing. After 1955 he already begins to use biotronics and the biotronic method as a comprehensive branch of spiritual healing; initially under the conditions of state Marx-Leninism – the unacceptable and suspicious activity which after long 70 years becomes a reality under the conditions of a free and democratic state. This process is perhaps being watched by J.Z. from somewhere above, with his characteristic smile together with a great delight and hope for both future development of the discipline and cooperation with associated disciplines. 

Freedom of religion belongs to the basic rights and liberties, and it is guaranteed through international agreements as well as constitutional laws of our country. It has never been as extensive in a history of our modern statehood as it is now. It only remains to thank all those who have participated in this process. 

This is also why I am now able to present you with two newly formed legal persons, established in accordance with the Act on Churches and Religious Societies, recorded as legal persons of a spiritual-religious society - The Society of Josef Zezulka:

Josef Zezulka Biotronics

Sanator – the Union of Biotronicists of Josef Zezulka

The mission of the above mentioned legal persons is, for the benefit of a whole as well as present and future generations, to work in a philosophical-spiritual teaching – the life philosophy of Existence and its part biotronics – a healing discipline, in a way that the founder of the philosophical-spiritual teaching, bringer Josef Zezulka, had brought and established, and thus to realize and fulfil his legacy. 

The mission is to assist people in need who are suffering from weakening caused by bioenergetic insufficiency through means of spiritual ceremonies, spiritual gatherings, spiritual service, prayer for recovery, biotronic spiritual healing, mass, spiritual life care, raising awareness, educational activities, philosophical spiritual support and other spiritual acts. 

Sanator – the Union of Biotronicists of Josef Zezulka is a professional organization – a chamber of Josef Zezulka’s biotronic healers; its mission is to associate, train, educate and appoint the candidates to practise Josef Zezulka biotronics, guarantee the professional standard of biotronic healers appointed to practise Josef Zezulka biotronics, cooperate with other spiritual teachings, organizations, medical and other associated disciplines. 

By its activities, the Union herewith continues in activities of the organization SANATOR – the Union of Biotronicists, established on the 13th May 1991. 

Each Josef Zezulka’s biotronic healer has to be appointed to practice by the professional chamber Sanator – the Union of Biotronicists of Josef Zezulka. Otherwise his or her activity has no relevance to the biotronic method developed by the bringer Josef Zezulka and pertains to another discipline. Biotronics and the biotronic method in a form as it was brought and established by the biotronic healer Josef Zezulka is subject to the professional standard guarantee provided only by this professional chamber.

Tomáš Pfeiffer sanator 
disciple and entrusted follower of Josef Zezulka 
Josef Zezulka Biotronics, Sanator – the Union of Biotronicists of Josef Zezulka 
Soukenická 21, 110 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic, e-mail: sbjz@dub.cz, tel.: +420 222 311 141 

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