- The Spiritual University Byti (DUB) first level attendants oath:

  1. Unity is in the balance. See all regularity in the balance, be in it, and become it.
  2. There is only one journey - to change ourselves.
  3. It is not enough to know; you must 'digest' it and assume a different attitude to all from your own change.
  4. Do not be proud that you were born as human. You are only one of the creatures in the middle of evolution.
  5. The value of life - every life - it is the same. In your life you have to defend yourself, but not attack. Never create evil.
  6. You must not just discipline yourself; by your own understanding, you have to create your own inward change.
  7. It is not enough to be just good, your fate will still beat you in the next life.
  8. A spiritually mature human knows that one is here to serve, not control.
  9. Recognise an area of influence of yours and also your close friends. Do not open your heart and Emotions, to unsuitable, although maybe good people, who are unwelcome in the area of influence, because their spiritual development was deformed.
  10. Honour spirit, that is being, and soul, that is a life. Defend them always and everywhere. Follow the truth - spirit, and do not kill - soul.
  11. Honour all fundamental teachings, as they are truthful. Remove from them human misunderstandings, which deformed them. Help create a unity of truthful thoughts and attitude, that is uniform teaching.
The purpose of the oath is the same as for all other schools - to preserve the correct usage of learned knowledge.

This photography comes from the Festivity of the Day of the Open Heaven on 30.3.1998 on the RIP Mountain.
The gold circle with the cross bar hovering in space appeared after this film was developed.
This is one of the most beautiful spiritual photographs and its authenticity has been thoroughly verified.

© Tomáš Pfeiffer. All rights reserved.