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The video you have seen is the result of a computer’s work of about 100 days, i.e., a third of a year.
Fractal geometry is the best means so far to describe the events of our world, interconnecting three and four dimensional spaces.
It is closely linked to the publication entitled Spacetime – https://www.dub.cz/en/tomas-pfeiffer-spacetime-online-book.

More information can be found at www.dub.cz.

  • The beginning.

  • Perfect cosmic divine powers stand at the beginning.

  • First tentative steps of spirit, creating connections, a new culture of science, art and spirit is born.

  • Deep spiritual ceremonies along with the understandingof the laws of nature arise.

  • The culture blossoms.

  • Harmony and balance everywhere, the peak of this journey.

  • The leading world power, megalithic buildings of the island’s capital and the first seeds of division in society.

  • Balance and mutuality cease.

  • A struggle begins.

  • The planet is being torn by man-made forces.

  • First cracks in the Earth's crust, chaos and disruption everywhere.

  • Brother against brother.

  • The island disappears in the depths.

  • No one survives, only Diaspora.

  • And at this point a recovery process starts, taking a thousand years.

  • Auxiliary forces join together, creating the letter J as the signature of the one who brings hope.

  • His instrument is a resonance symbol, the treble clef in the golden ratio.

  • New harmony and order slowly develop.

  • Planet Earth is back in balance, ready for another chapter.

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