Petition for support of biotronics

in accordance with the paragraph 18 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms
and the Law n. 85/1990 Collection on the Petition Right
The petition has been edited on behalf of the Byti Foundation for Philosophy for Life and Biotronic Healing, identification number 60433990, 21 Soukenicka, Prague 1, 110 00

The petition has been addressed to:
The Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, 4 Snemovni Street, Prague 1, 118 26
The Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, 17/4 Valdstejnske Square, Prague 1, 118 01
Dear Mr. Milos Zeman, the President of the Czech Republic, Prague Castle, Prague 1,119 08
The Ministery of Health Care, 4 Palackeho Square, Prague 2, 128 01

Biotronics, established by Josef Zezulka, is a non-medical branch serving as help to people suffering from diseases and weakening caused by bioenergetic insufficiency. The support of biotronics is one of the main targets of the activities of the Foundation Byti. Being aware of the importance of the preservation and development of this branch for the present and the future, we are presenting this

Petition for support of biotronics.
We people, signed underneath, declare that we consider biotronics, which was established by Josef Zezulka (JZ) and which is being developed by his disciple and follower Tomas Pfeiffer, a branch which brings benefit to the quality of our lives. We regard biotronics as a necessary branch helping people which deserves our attention and respect.

Biotronics is a philosophy and biotronic healing is its practical application. Biotronics does not serve as a substitute for medical care and does not take the patient from a doctor. A biotronic healer works selflessly with the effort to help. Biotronics is perceived as a possible complement to classical medical treatment. More information can be found at www.dub.cz.

We express our support to biotronics by this petition and at the same time we support SANATOR – the union of biotronics as a professional association for education in JZ’s biotronics which was already founded in year 1991. We are turning to the state power bodies with the proposal and the request:
- to permit biotronics as a possible complement to classical medical treatment
- to create conditions for the development of the biotronic branch so that it could become accessible to the public
- to give the professional association SANATOR – the union of biotronics, represented by Tomas Pfeiffer, the opportunity to get involved in the integration and establishment of biotronics into the structure of non-medical branches serving to the improvement of Czech citizens’ quality of lives.

We thank you very much in advance,

The Petition Committee:
Dobromila Pribylova, 343/102 Branicka Street, Branik Prague 4, 147 00; the chair of the managing board of the Foundation Byti
Jiri Koutsky, 767/20 Lovosicka Street, Prague 9 – Prosek, 190 00, a member of the managing board of the Foundation Byti
Frantisek Kalous, 1427/25 Kralovicka Street, Plzen-Bolevec, 323 00, a member of the managing board of the Foundation Byti
Vladimir Stanek, 423/10 Svabova Street, Hlubocepy, Prague 5, 152 00, the supervisor of the Foundation Byti

Ms. Dobromila Pribylova is the person authorized to act on behalf of the Petition Committee during the negotiations with the state power bodies.

Established on June 15th 2014



The number of signatures in the online version at dub.cz: 967

The number of the petition sheets by 29. 6. 2018: 40.722.

Thank you for your help and support.
Could you please report your experience with biotronic spiritual healing (the enclosure of a potential medical report will be welcome)?
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