A concert to commemorate the 95th anniversary of the birth, and the 15th anniversary of the death, of Mr. Josef Zezulka,
or else 'about longing, meeting, seeking and finding' .


      Every living creature searches throughout life for the opposite of emptiness, man is no exception. You are free, no-one can force you in a particular direction. Free is also one who gives philosophy to your contemplation. America had her clairvoyant Cayce, as France had Nostradamus. Our Josef Zezulka known as J.Z. is also ready to be of use to you with his Philosophy Bytí and Biotronic Healing, terms which he not only established, but described.

biotronik T.P.       I will begin in the right order from the end. It has been 15 years since I last heard the familiar "So, what do you have, Thomas?" In this way began our regular meetings over issues of philosophy, biotronics and general life. It was a sort of ritual, we firstly arranged by telephone the date and time of our meeting, I usually arrived with the last patients of the day, and so, sitting together with them, I heard about who and in what way had or hadn't been helped. That in itself was an invaluable life experience. Afterwards, it was time for our 'talk'. He was always composed, patient, even otherworldly. Thus proceeded lessons 'from the mouth to the ear', usually until the television news which we watched together finished; then there was a farewell and a tram ride home. If the tram ticket had been paid 'according to the weight of the passenger', the transport office would have been covering their costs. One felt so pure and light. And so, it's not in Tibet, but in my 'own' city of Prague, that I find answers to all my innermost questions.

      To this day, I still think it is a miracle. You are born into a city which you love, which incidently it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and furthermore, as if that weren't enough, it is one of the most mystical and mysterious cities - perhaps a new Jerusalem? The form of the city is a clear representation of a vision and a strong spiritual purpose. You may be able to guess that I'm referring to the vision and purpose of King Charles IV. It is overwhelming that quietly, over the centuries, this has been ultimately fulfilled to its full extent.

      And it is precisely here, 'u Prahu' (on the treshold) , that you find naturally, as if by chance, the wisdom and greatness of Spirit within J.Z. It is just as well that at that time, a person was not able to buy a ticket to, for example, Tibet or India. It would have been a much longer journey back to goal. In fact, the goal can sometimes be right in front of your nose. Let us not forget Prokop in Čapek's book Krakatit.

      Nothing which can be written about J.Z is enough; what's more, it could give the impression of an uncritical personality cult. But how should it be handled if it is the truth? To say gold is not gold; to besmear gold? That would be hypocrisy! Perhaps it would therefore be better for each person to find their own path to J.Z. through his works, through the lectures at the Spiritual University Byti (Duchovní Universita Bytí DUB), through life. But enough reminiscing, enough contemplation. He who has a heart will find what he seeks.

A concert for J.Z.

      Few people know that aside from other talents, J.Z. sang beautifully and had a preference for classical music. It was therefore easy to organise a concert connected with the release of a CD and DVD, as a reminder of him and his commemoration. And not just any concert.

      The story of the instrument which will be heard during the concert is definitely not commonplace; this most spiritual sound, the most spiritual sound that I had ever heard, will resound in the Czech Republic for the very first time. It is similar to the cello, Tibetan bowls, trumpets, bells, and it is even possible to hear within it many voices of enlightened beings. The author of this article had strong, spiritual visions at the age of six. For example, he was striding through low wheat fields up to a hill on the horizon. From the field surfaced a relatively young man sitting on a chair with a high backrest. The closer the author came to the man, the more he felt the immense spiritual power emanating from the man. It wasn't possible for the author to raise his head - he felt nothing but humility and it was as though his chest was expanding/his heart was opening. In front of the man, it wasn't possible to do anything else but kneel. Thereupon the man spoke, but not words; it was a dialogue of thoughts after which remained an indescribable profound impression. Aside from other things, there also remained from then on a perception of music - the tones of life - Byti (Being).

      The author of this article sometimes seeks during his journeys purity of spiritual influences, rest and serenity, in the high mountains, in meditative seclusion within the majestic world of mountains and glaciers. During one such journey in mountains 2200 metres above sea level, he found this instrument. Its sound was so familiar; he knelt in front of it, the instrument and player gradually united and diffused through one another, uniting with the universe. He began to feel he had been given a great gift for others and for himself.

Levitace v rezonanci         Nerute kruhy

Healing resonations

      According to ancient Lamas , the sound of the instrument penetrates the whole body and has a strong healing effect on the very cells of the body, and he who masters this sound "will become a respected man, who will heal people". It was fused from seven metals symbolizing our solar system, that is: gold - the Sun, silver - the Moon, mercury - Mercury, copper - Venus, iron - Mars, tin - Jupiter, and lead - Saturn. It is played with bare hands, with the voice, with thoughts, but principally with the heart. It contains water, the surface of which changes in accordance with the sound to countless patterns. The most fantastic is fortissimo when the water suddenly levitates to a height of 12cm to 1 metre. The volume of sound at this stage is tremendous and is comparable to the sound of a bell; it is about 110 decibels. The recently released CD BIOTRONIKA I demonstrates this sound and the DVD BIOTRONIKA I will even show you what this looks like. The main point is elsewhere! It is like nothing you have seen before. The resonance gives different things to different people. An ill person truly feels healing within his body, many others may experience that which they have only read about. It is the sound of our solar system, resonating within 'your system' like a great mystery of the Age of Aquarius. Nothing remains but to kneel before the wisdom and skills of our ancestors. It is not an instrument of 'popular music'. Unhappy is he, who with pride and arrogance, reaches with an unclean hand for the sound of 'gods'. So say the ancient lamas and it is a very serious warning. Any interference with the recording isn't possible, for it was produced with love for you - for all. Will you accept it in its pure unaltered form?

      During the wonderful days of recording the BIOTRONIKA I CD, just before winter, when the valley was closing down, and everybody was just waiting for the order to leave, there came the first winter late-night winter wind storm. The place becomes inaccessible due to snow for up to six months of the year. You are the last guest in an otherwise empty hotel where generations of mountaineers and mountain-lovers have slept. The windstorm gathers force, the poles by the road begin to resonate. You have already lived for weeks in the high mountains, in unison with nature. Probably for this reason, you perceive more strongly an order in the apparent chaos of resonations. It occurs to you: "Surely, I cannot keep this beauty for myself", you rush to a microphone and begin recording. The windstorm strengthens and thus ornamental sounds. Your auditorium is your bed, your orchestra, the powers of nature - it is magnificent - romantic. In this way, the accompanying CD 'FORSOMNIN' was created. This CD will nicely help you fall asleep, and so it is called a sleeping pill in the form of sound.

An invitation to the reader

      If you are interested in seeing this instrument, you have the opportunity to do so at 3pm on our "Open Day" on 30.3.2007 in the Biotronic Centre for Social Support, Soukenická 21, Prague 1. You are truly welcome.

slib DUB
This concert is dedicated in honour of J.Z., to all, and all things.

      The meeting on 30.3 is actually a long tradition. The programme always begins at 12.00pm on Říp Mountain with a Vow Ceremony of those at the first level in the University Bytí . People from all parts of the Czech Republic meet here and there have been many lovely moments over the years, even a number of exceptional moments. By this I mean the repeated 'miraculous' change of weather linked to the start of the event. For example, in 2002 it was cloudy and raining over the whole of the Czech Republic. At 12.00pm, over a period of several minutes, a totally cloudless and fogless circle formed around Říp Mountain. It lasted until the end of the event; it was windless. Another rare phenomenon can be seen in a photo where a gold ring is hovering among people. Of course, the ring appeared after the film had been developed. The photograph is 100% genuine and it is one of the most beautiful spiritual photographs that I have seen. It is beautiful, but the essence of the event lies elsewhere; it is a celebration of free, seeking people, conducted on the exceptional "Day of Open Heaven", when all and all things are closer to God.

Further information about the meeting on Říp Mountain, the release of works by J.Z., and the CD/DVD BIOTRONIKA I with its recording of healing music, can be found on www.dub.cz



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