There is much more than what we can learn through our five weak senses. We are like blind men staggering through the unknown truths of life. Those live better who find the depths of their existence which cannot be perceived by the material receptors.

The teachings brought in the past by those who were gifted to penetrate with their consciousness before subconsciousness to the essence of existence, have been distorted due to the long course of time and inappropriate human influence, and their interpretations are dimmed by human bargaining with the truth.

I perceive the truth as simple and understandable. I am not interested in the teachings of the past; I do not read, I do not listen to that. What I offer I accepted directly as simple knowledge and I try to express “my knowledge” in words.

I do not wish for you simply to believe it. The truth is logical, one thing results from another, everything is intertwined in clear relations. The separate parts fit together perfectly, there is no gap or speculation. Well, knowledge of the truth is infinitely vast and its validity cannot be expressed in human terms.

The great law of life is as it is, not as people would like to have it.

Vimperk 1982, research of biotronics

During his research, Josef Zezulka was healing at the inpatient ward in Vimperk hospital. Among the healed was a dying patient suffering from a stomach tumour who was returned to life, his stoma healing spontaneously. His colon joined without a surgical intervention so that his stool could again be excreted naturally.

Vimperk’s hospital inpatient ward
Vimperk’s hospital inpatient ward
Extraordinary picture where the fire is visible through a “transparent” hand
Extraordinary picture where the fire is visible through a “transparent” hand

hands of J. Z.

At rest
At rest

For the benefit of their own development, people should strive to understand the truth, life’s great events; to understand themselves, the meaning of their lives, to understand the sense of the whole Creative Work and Podstata. That means to realize and understand the laws of life; to understand them fully in their existence and foundation; to understand the analogy, relationship between matter and psyche and to get to know the relations and reasons of the law of life. The knowledge of all of that will then be clear and full to those who want to know. Those who set off on their paths of learning voluntarily will obtain clear knowledge with all details and their minds will grasp it fully. Then the whole of life’s truth will be seen in its beauty and perfection, conceived as a whole, fully, without discrepancies. The human mind is not a place only for blind faith, as has so far been required by various religions. People know, have their knowledge and apply their realizations to themselves. A person changes together with the whole of mankind. There are new relations between people, new attitudes to all alive, new understandings of fate and of the whole fatefulness. Then will come the new age of love, goodness and understanding of value of life and freedom, not just of every human being, but of all creatures. Conferences, statesmen and other measures of current society cannot remove the horrors of war. The potential for war and decision to start it is rooted in all people and will remain present in society until all people understand that from the point of view of the right outlook on life it is unreasonable to be made. Until they understand the law of evolution (the law of rebound) that says clearly: “If you incite war and put others under control, you will be born into servile circumstances. What do you get by creating evil and suffering? Everything you do will return to you.”


    If you discover the truth and apply it to yourself, you will change yourself and make the world paradise.

    Josef Zezulka
Josef Zezulka
Josef Zezulka


It consists of the following elements:
2-1From duality to unity. Two notions come from below to meet in equilibrium in the centre and to create unity.
oA circle without a beginning or an end symbolizes eternity and infinity. That is the graphic image. In fact, it is not a circle but a sphere that cannot be portrayed in a different way because it is not limited by a surface. It is neither small nor big – it has no dimensions. It emanates from the centre outwards in all directions (symbol IE-O-UA*).
+The symbols above are placed on an equal-armed cross that means the genetic beginning of the Creative Work. The vertical arm means material forces and it is crossed by a horizontal arm representing spiritual forces. The combination of those two forces creates the material world, animated by the spirit, i.e. the animated Creative Work. Apart from that, the four ends of the arms represent the Creative Four (IE-UA) present in all creation.
The equal-armed cross is not only a Christian symbol, but one also of the eternal expression of the genesis of the Creative Work. It has always been so, including during Christian times, when it was transformed to a cross with a longer material arm, the cross of Jesus, the cross of suffering marking the most painful developmental period. On the developmental journey it means that a person must use fewer material notions and symbolically gradually shorten the material arm up to achieve the equilibrium of the equal-armed cross. Here the perspective was balance, as well.
So, I accepted the symbol of the upcoming new age and its teachings. It has been given to characterize the mind and the acts of spiritual people, of those who have entered or are entering into an active developmental journey.
It has been given to mark and join people of the same interests and wishes, the same direction, same culture, same teaching. It is a unifying emblem and symbol of the unified thinking of those who accept the teaching that it represents, i.e. the philosophy of Existence.
What I have been given I present. It belongs to those who decide to follow it.


* [read the vowels as in the following words: image, egg, organ, rule, far]

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A film, shot shortly after Josef Zezulka had passed away, in rememberance of his life and work. A meeting with the healer and biotronicist Josef Zezulka. A testimonial of those who knew him, met him and had the opportunity to work with him.
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