Josef Zezulka is the founder of the biotronics branch which came into being after 1945. It had been developed by him, he elaborated series of publications pertaining to this branch and afterwards he became part of a global awareness as far as alternative treatment branches are concerned. His work has been published in foreign periodicals and books.

Samples of the articles are available on the webpage Foreign publications about J.Z.

He had a relationship with both Western and Eastern research, however, this was often forcibly disrupted and thus he was falling, so to say, into oblivion. It was made impossible for him to be in contact with the public, he was working in silence and in the concealment of his flat in Smíchov. Nevertheless, a notable part of society found their way to his door; within the area of arts, he treated many people connected to the National Theatre; within the area of politics, he treated, for instance, our president Svoboda who in fact had already been medically diagnosed as dying. As a result, a funeral wreath and speech by the successor Mr. Husák had been prepared; he was however successfully treated and recovered for another half a year from an absolutely hopeless condition. In president Svoboda's obituary it is mentioned that he had succumbed to charlatan methods by the end of his life.

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Statement of the President of The Academy of Sciences

Even the contemporary president of the communist academy of sciences (Academic Kožešník) had, due to a positive experience and indeed with a high risk for himself personally, released this testimonial where he designated Zezulka as a capable and successful researcher working in a new branch of science.


Research in the Non-Medical Treatments at a Department of the Vimperk Hospital in 1980

Official research in non-medical treatments in Vimperk also belongs to one of his remarkable achievements; here he demonstrated excellent treatments within this research project. Doctors from the whole region travelled to witness the treatments; he became particularly renowned for the case where a patient was dying of stomach cancer, no longer walking, dying, and just about to cross over to the other side. After fourteen days this patient got up from bed, walked normally, was alive and the artificial duct in the abdominal cavity (colostomy) healed up spontaneously, that is without surgery. The intestine became reconnected and the patient was able to have regular bowel movements again. Even obstetricians were coming from the regions far and wide to see this case. It was a very, very beautiful case.


Medical Reports within the Research Project

Coksarthrosa 1.sin.,ulcus cruris 1.dx.
Date of birth: 1911
Hypertension II. Myocardial ischaemia. Chronic pancreatitis.
Date of birth: 17. 6. 1940
Asthma bronchiale, spastic bronchitis
Date of birth: 14. 12. 1956
Collitis ulcerosa
Date of birth: 15. 6. 1951
Polyarthritis progressiva
Date of birth: 4. 7. 1916
CA ventriculi
Date of birth: 31. 5. 1943
Perinatal encephalopathies, cerebral palsy
Date of birth: 22. 1. 1971
Recommendation of the Coordination Group
PhDr. Zdeněk Rejdák, Doc. Dr. Jaroslav Suchý, CSc, Doc. Dr. Jiří Cvekl, CSc

A patient with CA ventriculi fully recovered after the first cycle of healing. Unfortunately, in the meantime, he significantly neglected the requested diet (see the Anticarcinogen Diet). Without a proper diet the tumors can be healed only with great difficulties, and relapse usually occurs. However, the diet alone cannot heal the tumors at all. The doctor answered the patient’s question, saying that he could drink black coffee. The result can be seen in the medical records. Nevertheless, the patient’s condition was improving in the consequent healing period, until the police discontinued the treatment. The police intervened although the project had been officially approved by the hospital executives as well as by the “higher authorities”. As a pretence, they used an extraordinary episode that had happened in the meantime. Upon his arrival for the second round, J.Z. overheard the sentence, “The charlatans have returned.” Here is what happened: the research task was taken over from prof. Kahuda by MUDr. Martinkova. Prof. Kahuda then literally said, “The project is ready, I am handing it over to you. From this moment on, you, doctor, decide on it.” What was even stranger is that after the first round prof. Kahuda in person brought a healer H. from Brno, without informing the leading physician MUDr. Martinkova. The healer started “casting spells” on the disease into the cabbage heads – of course without the least success. Moreover, this Mr. H. was absolutely anonymous in the laboratory because his file was kept by the professor in his bag and was always removed. Paradoxically, no one knew anything about Mr. H. It is hard to say what was behind this incognito action. The fact was, however, that the “reason” for the task to be disrupted was found. And it was used to our detriment. Draw your own conclusions.


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