Josef Zezulka


        Friend, what are you looking for? Why are you so restless and why do you consider your fate a burden? Why do you always realize that your life is not going well? - Everything that exists in the world has its reason, and so has your dissatisfaction. Have you ever thought about the reason?
        Have you always been seeking ways to get out? Do you want to be a rich and respected citizen, do you want them to build you a monument when you die, or are you worried about the future of your children?
        Have you realized that there are higher occult powers and do you want to master them? Do you want to command others with your will for your profit?
        Be aware that this has never brought any good to anybody.
        When a blind man is moving through an unknown landscape, he's always worried. Each step he takes can harm him or lead him astray. He can stumble and break his leg, but he can also fall into an abyss and die. The same applies to a man who goes through his life but knows nothing about it. He has not learnt its regularities and that's why he becomes worried. He's not aware of the reason for his life, of the reason and development of his present thoughts and deeds and of the consequences of the deeds applied to their fate.
        Therefore he becomes worried.

        Maybe you are not a blind man. Maybe you aren't able to see because you have not opened your eyes. Maybe you just have not looked around for the truth of life. Perhaps you have only understood an ordinary material life and not the higher succession and depths of existence.
        Stop and think. Every creature that lives his natural life free in nature has everything for his life. It's taken care of in every way. It lives in close connection with its environment and is fully equipped for his life. With man it is different. Despite being able to ensure his absolute security against other creatures and enemy elements, he's not happy. He lives his life in a very forced way. He has useless and often meaningless requirements that have become his masters and he serves them as a slave. He is no longer free. When his time comes to die, he can ask the question: "Why did I actually live? Did I live at all, didn't I poison my life with uselessness things - haste, nervousness, useless chasing after shadows and chimeras?
        It is like this. Stop and think, then do as you think. After all, you have your free will. I can offer you my helping hand. You can accept it or refuse it.


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