The concert will show extraordinary beauties

The concert will show extraordinary beauties

MYSTERIOUS INSTRUMENT. The Aquarius Bell used for spiritual purposes will be played by Tomáš Pfeiffer in Prostějov. Photo: Archive of Tomáš Pfeiffer
The unique Aquarius Bell made of seven metals will be played by Tomáš Pfeiffer in Prostějov.
Prostějov A few years ago the unique concert entitled The Common Interest was held in Prostějov. This year on 14 October at 7 p.m. there is again an opportunity for us to visit this interesting event. We talked to Tomáš Pfeiffer, the author and organiser of the project.

Did you think that you would ever play such a mysterious instrument?
Aircraft design engineer is my original profession, however, two strong fateful events have changed the direction of my life. The first event was the meeting with the world-renowned healer Josef Zezulka who became my teacher. The second one was encountering the Aquarius Bell in a beautiful area of high mountains where I love going.

Does the Aquarius Bell serve to help people?
The Aquarius Bell is an instrument which, according to the existing references (as per the written references, the instrument is dated back 500 or 600 years), has always been used for spiritual purposes. In ancient times wise people knew the ways of helping others on their life journeys. One of these ways is represented by using the Aquarius Bell.
As the tradition says, those who created the Bell, wanted it to sound like the universe and spread positive resonances. This is why it was made of seven metals, the resonance of which corresponds to the then division of planets in the universe.
It is interesting that iron from meteorites was used, moreover such metals as gold and silver. Everything had to be tuned in a certain combination so that the sound of the Bell was proper.
Thus, it is not just a musical instrument. If we stop for a while and start to perceive with the other senses too, the Bell may reveal a little more of its secrets. There are already many experiences today and I am pleased when the visitors of the concerts share their experience both with me and others.

What determines the tones that we will hear as you are playing?
The performance is based on inspiration and perception – the tuning in to the ambience. The instrument is highly sensitive to the place and audience, the concerts are therefore not entirely identical. That does not mean the playing is random; in fact, its colourfulness is facilitated by controlling the instrument.

Your concert is unique in the Czech Republic as well as abroad.
To clarify, it is not just a concert, it is a multimedia project combining the modern contemporary culture and the culture that has been speaking to us through the ancient instrument over centuries and millennia. Both cultures complement each other and enrich our view of the world. Part of the concert is a parabolic-shaped screen with a visual projection; this accompaniment gives the audience a 3D view resulting in a greater intensity of experience. Both the tones and video projection are forming an integral whole.

THE BELL. People can see levitating water drops in the Bell. Photo: Archive

Levitating water drops can be seen in the Bell.
Yes, the standard practice also involves a possibility for the audience to come closer to observe the instrument. The Bell needs to contain water during playing, and in the second half of the concert it is always shown in close proximity to those who are interested. Thus, people can experience something unusual – not only watching the levitating water drops above the water surface, but also touching the Bell edge and feeling the power of its vibrations. As a result, the whole being lives through the sound. Furthermore, every tone gets reflected on a water mirror and in case of a stronger intensity the water not only creates various patterns but begins to levitate over its surface, indeed. I am still being surprised by its beauty, variability and the power of its demonstration.

Your concert presents extraordinary beauties of the world in an original way. Are you not afraid to also present topics that show the opposite side?
More and more I have respect for life and at the same time I realize how similar we are, despite all the differences, and how many things we have in common. My intention is to show that at the concert too. It is amazing when the Bell is interconnecting all of us during the concert, and we are experiencing an incredible lightness of being, mutual harmony and understanding, all exponentiated by images. You surely know the sensation of feeling light and comfortable.
On the other hand, we are also responsible for how we fulfil life. Thus, for example, the composition called Homo zabiens, which should be a memento against senseless killing, has arisen [translator's note: the similarity to “Homo sapiens” is not accidental, the Czech term “zabiens” represents a modified expression that approximates to the equivalent for “killing”].
I was very strongly inspired by the Memorial to the Children Victims of the War, a sculpture situated in the Lidice village.
But in order not to conclude with such a sad topic, I would like to mention another composition, as an example, which is both interesting and mysterious to many people – for it shows miracles. There is always a place for miracles in life. This composition is especially pleasant for my heart since it is about people with a capital ‘P’, who by their lives and way of thinking fulfilled the meaning of the word “humanity”.
One of the concert’s specialities is the fractal geometry accompanying one of the compositions. Majestic depth is awaiting us in the composition about the universe – and in other ones. Whoever would like, can come along and see.

You state that we should be a positive component of the world. Could you please tell us more about the idea?
Each of us has got some tasks in his or her life. During our life journey our acts are coming back to us like a boomerang and sometimes the life is teaching us hard lessons. In addition, there is an option for us to make a voluntary inner change in order to improve our weak aspects. We should strive to live in such a manner so that we do not harm other beings or ourselves – because we are just as important for life as anyone else. This requires using both reason, i.e. an intellectual component, and emotional thinking – heart. The balance lies in the application of both components.
Unfortunately, our technical society puts emphasis merely on the intellectual one. Accepting this approach while repressing the emotional component in ourselves makes our perception incomplete and as such we make more mistakes. We always get what we deserve – even if we dislike it sometimes. If we want to have a good fate, we should bring the good things – but without calculation and self-interest.

JAN RYCHLÝ, Prostějovský deník, 7. 10. 2015

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