The Spiritual Master of a New Era
Josef Zezulka and Tomáš Pfeiffer

The Spiritual Master of a New Era

A spiritual gift or in the beginning there was a table

There are many kinds of tables. This table's story began in Easter, 1945. It was 30 March and the man sitting at the table had, for a long period of time, been accompanied by unusual phenomena. Though, it could not be said that his life until that moment had been unusual. But this in no time changed. Suddenly, without any warning, his perception changed, his understanding of events, the world, and his consciousness expanded. Everything was so new - unknown and at the same time, known. It was an immensely deep state of spiritual consciousness. Just that day, he was celebrating his thirty-third birthday. We will call him J.Z.
table of J.Z. Later, he described that moment: "It was as if I had remembered something which I had already known but later forgotten." He had not learnt anything, he had not listened to anyone, yet all of sudden he knew. He tried to discover what had happened and why. Meanwhile, he was getting familiar with this new state of consciousness. For this reason, he spoke to many people, priests, but no-one had heard of this state of spiritual consciousness. It was before the Communist coup, not long after the war. People had breathed a sigh of relief, social and cultural life had begun to thrive. The world was beautiful. During that time, J.Z. attended a lecture where a medium spoke to the present guests. She said: "I'm speaking to the man in such and such a row from the left." Everyone turned around - it was J.Z. The medium continued: "The time of your awakening has come, soon you will know more." He waited to see what would happen - and it happened. It began ordinarily enough, a man came into his shop, but it was as if he didn't know why he had entered. J.Z. said "Well, this is probably Karma." The man looked at him stunned and asked: "You know what Karma is? That's unusual." They began talking and the man mentioned he was a member of a private spiritist group (incidentally, the Nazis, and later the Communists, destroyed spiritist movements, sometimes even individually, as does every totalitarian ideology up to this day), that they had been meeting for years, but that no new members had been accepted during that time, and that they had a truly great, discarnated spiritual teacher.
J.Z. The following day, the customer/ no customer sought him out again all agog - something unprecedented had happened - they had had a séance only the previous day and their teacher had told the man that he had met someone that he had to bring to the group, the teacher had described the man - it was J.Z. It happened - Aside from great wisdom the bodiless teacher also had remarkable clairvoyant powers. It was remarkable because not only did he give dates of events, but also precise times. The essential information he gave J.Z. was: "You have two gifts - the gift of healing and the gift of the Spirit. You will develop healing and philosophy through your second gift. Do not listen to anyone anymore, not even to me. You have been approached by another being who will determine the next sequence of events." Yet more waiting. On the alleged day, the doorbell rang and behind the door were two men in leather coats. What followed was an arrest and transport to Pankrác Prison. At the time, they arrested many people involved in the west resistance movement. J.Z. was involved in the resistance too. He never ascertained as to why he had been arrested. His home became a small crowded cell. After some time, they released most of the prisoners on amnesty, except J.Z. He asked the prison warder what was happening and he told him: "Don't ask, everyone gets what's coming to them." Then on his way through the hallway around the courtyard, J.Z. awaited the command "Stop, face the wall". Executions took place in the courtyard. The prison warder did not say anything and J.Z was discharged onto so-called abolition. Later, he discovered he had been supposed to walk around his execution place because in his past life he had also been executed. The most astonishing part of the story happened when J.Z. returned home. An elderly couple from the spiritistic group was waiting for him; they looked at their watch and said: "You're on time." In his absence, their discarnated teacher had announced the date and precise time of his return, despite the fact that he had been released 'by chance'. In all other areas the teacher was also right. Back in 1945, for example, he predicted the break up of Czechoslovakia, and not only that!! Many predictions are still awaiting their time. Many years of fruitful work followed, though still in difficult conditions under persistant police surveillance and persecution. J.Z.'s surname gradually became a household name and not only by Czech standards, he became a hidden secret in his home country, but at the same time internationally known philosopher and healer. All this you can judge for yourselves, as it has only been proposed.
J.Z.'s gift of the Spirit and of healing is the beginning of all that you will find on this website.
Detailed information about J.Z. can be found by clicking on the icon of the same name.

Years ago, when I met this grizzled man for the first time, I didn't know I met my Fate. I spent a considerable part of my life with Mr. Zezulka. I visited him regularly several times a week. He had always time for me and we were talking until "TV news". It was non-violent and genial education in the area of the philosophy of Existence and Biotronics - areas created and applied into practice by Mr. Josef Zezulka. I understood this only much later. I always left his place with my mind full of ideas and emotions. It is great what a great change he managed to bring about in me. He extended my originally technical thinking towards less schematic and deeper perception of the world.
I knew a few friends who visited Mr. Zezulka and asked him in the same way as I did. I met them at his place and I have still been in touch with them. Years passed and time was running out. Just before leaving his material body, Mr. Zezulka called me and did something that became a commitment for me, a promise and life fulfilment for all the time afterwards. He said: "Thomas, I am giving you Biotronics as well as the philosophy of Existence - you shall lead it now. I am giving you the known one; you are to bear it and protect it. And when your time arrives, you will give it to another one." He said a sentence that is still resonating in my head and heart: "I am giving you our common interest."
So much for the explanation. Now you already know, my dear visitor, why I am presenting the common interest to you, too. After all, we are all one and there is nothing human or divine that would not be our mutuality.

Tomáš Pfeiffer
disciple and follower of Josef Zezulka

Opening Ceremony of the Spiritual University Byti on 30th March 1994 in the 'Obecni dum' in Prague


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