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Tomáš Pfeiffer


A typical shape in which the Möbius strip is demonstrated – one surface – one edge – lemniscate – the symbol of infinity.

Figure 16 – Möbius strip – the symbol of infinity

Figure 16 – Möbius strip – the symbol of infinity

Infinity – the fourth dimension – can be described by words: time-timelessness and dimension-dimensionlessness. The interval, in the form as we understand it within the three-dimensional space, ceases. There are all times and all spaces present simultaneously – NOW. At the same time all the inferior spaces (i.e. one-, two- and three-dimensional spaces) do not cease, they are still components of the fourth dimension which logically also includes all other possible dimensions. Neither the starting point nor the end point can be found on a circle. As regards the Möbius strip, the top and the bottom surface are not separated, just like the left and right edge.

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