The life of the universe – Josef Zezulka

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Tomáš Pfeiffer

(Appendix 3)

Josef Zezulka:



In my vision I was standing on sandy seashore on our planet. It was a clear night with a sky full of stars. As I was gazing at the familiar constellations, I started growing upwards and outwards fast. I was spreading out into the universe. Our planet was shrinking away below me. The entire universe was drawing near and condensing and I suddenly realised that I was looking at atoms of a certain material. Everything continued condensing and diminishing. I realised that I was looking at some gigantic object, which gradually shrank into a big boulder, then into a smaller one, until I was holding a stone in my outstretched hand. The stone became smaller and it ended up as just a grain of sand. I looked around me and saw that I was standing on seashore of some planet. There was splendid sky full of stars above my head and I realised that in my hand I was holding a little grain of sand in which there was an atom around whose core an electron was revolving, and that this electron was the planet I had come from. I realised I was in another material sphere. I let the sand grain fall to the ground, looked at the starlit sky and began to grow again. Everything condensed and grew smaller once again until finally there was again a grain of sand in the palm of my hand. In one of its atoms there was the planet on whose seashore there was the grain of sand in which there was the atom with our planet, from which I had come. This repeated itself several more times, I don’t know how many times, but through this constant moving into other dimensionally larger spheres I finally got to the planet from which I had originally started. When I was standing again at my original place on the seashore, I bent down and took a grain of sand in my palm. I was looking at it and at that moment I began to get smaller. It was as if I was flying into that grain. The grain was growing bigger in front of me, it was as big as a boulder, then as a mountain and I saw its matter becoming thinner. I realised that I was looking at its molecules and then at its atoms. I chose one atom and flew towards it. I saw its nucleus around which smaller particles were revolving. I realised they were planets. I chose one of them. I was getting smaller and flew towards it. It grew bigger and bigger until I began to recognise its seas and continents. Everything was getting closer and I landed on it. I was standing on its sandy seashore. My stature was of approximately the same height as on our planet. Sizes were normal too, despite being aware of the fact that I had become small enough to get into an atom. I also realised that I had carried out a reversal of what had occurred before and that I was now standing on the planet which was now a part of the atom of the sand that was now lying on the shore of our planet. I looked about the planet, about its starlit sky, bent down and took a grain of sand in the palm of my hand I began to shrink again, everything around me was becoming thinner and the experience repeated itself. Once again I was sinking into lower and lower material spheres, I was going through them until I returned to our planet, from which I had come. Whether I went up into the universe or down into an atom, I always returned to the starting point. Through this experience I fully understood the infinity and eternity of the Creative Work as something very simple. So simple that I wondered why I had not understood it so fully before. However, as I began returning to our reality and connecting to my brain again, the understanding began losing its complexity. When I awoke to my full ordinary consciousness, I understood what I had experienced, but not as fully as in the state of being dissociated. After all, I was returning to a human brain that was only capable of understanding what was limited by the human evolutionary species. Only part of the experience remained but beyond the frontier of the superficial human consciousness, a strong and full understanding remained which, by the inkling of infinity, attracted and strengthened possible understanding.

When the human spirit travels in its thoughts to life’s endless problems, a question arises: What actually is “the finite and infinite, comprehensible and incomprehensible”?

J. Z.

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