Gravity – Tomáš Pfeiffer’s Contemplation

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Tomáš Pfeiffer


Tomáš Pfeiffer’s Contemplation

At the level of micro and macro world, gravity is understood as a manifestation of matter itself. Let us admit that “everything is otherwise“. I can only publish this opinion at a time when “the lack of physical and cosmic evidence” gives rise to terms being dark matter and energy – these are so dark that no one has ever observed them directly. This was an elegant way of dealing with a rather “embarrassing” lack of matter in the universe.

Let us imagine, though, for a moment that matter itself is not a source nor a bearer of gravity and that matter does not create gravity; however, the way matter seems to us, not only in physical terms, is the result of the existence of immaterial power centres which, according to their quality and power, attract matter to themselves, regardless of whether towards atom structures or planetary systems etc. With this said, those centres structure the matter and make it visible. In this respect, Zezulka’s sentence would fully apply: “Matter is energy, energy is vibration.”2

Activity of these immaterial power centres resonates quadrupolely in time, creating four fundamental states of matter:

- positive gravity – centripetal force – attraction, e.g. solid matter,

- negative gravity – centrifugal force – repulsion, e.g. gas,

- the force of heat – fast oscillation up to plasma,

- the force of cold – calmness – slowing down of vibration, solidifying.


According to how these immaterial power centres change under the immediate predominant influence, the matter – universe finds itself in the corresponding state. For example, today the cooling universe is – through positive gravity and cold – fully concentrated in planets, solar systems, galaxies, etc. At the same time, we observe the universe’s expansion due to negative gravity, while this expansion is sometimes understood as a relic of the initial spacetime expansion. From a physics perspective, it is shocking this expansion keeps accelerating. Why is it so and where is this inconceivable energy coming from? 

Thus, the energy manifestation is likely primarily constituted of energies of these immaterial energy centres found in all material levels. This applies all the way from sub-particles of sub-particles to galaxies and universes. It is possible that matter at atomic level generates only few percent of gravity and the rest is the fundamental superior immaterial power centre of the planet. Immaterial = invisible. Hence, the resulting state stems from superimposing the vast number of state levels interbound by the causal link law. The causal links are not fully recognizable within the linear plane of Euclidean networks, but only by application of the law of the horizon of cognition to the fractal system. 

For example, let us take a look at a planet, our Earth for instance. It consists of atoms and compounds of various elements. Likewise, each atom has its own immaterial power (gravity) centre – a nucleus keeping electrons in their orbits by the means of positive gravity, similar to a solar system keeping its planets. I deliberately omit other lower sublevels, since each atom component is analogically composed of more and more sub-components to infinity. This is also true in the opposite direction, towards the macro universe. 

On the Earth’s surface, the Earth’s gravity can therefore be described by the fractal sum of atoms‘ positive gravitations and the planetary elementary power centre, using the law of the horizon of cognition which incorporates the non-linear variable – interval size – into the calculation. This resulting force interacts on the Earth’s surface with the atoms of Newton’s apple that led to the formulation of gravitational laws, i.e. the external description of gravity, as a result of observation. In the text above, I have attempted to clarify that each consequence has its causes that are often concealed therein. 

If we imagine a system interconnected by positive gravity as a group which as a whole carries another attribute – an attribute created by the group’s overall power centre that has negative gravity and that interacts with its surroundings – we can come to comprehend the phenomenon regarding the levitation of material objects. 

Let us return to the origin of all horizons, though, since it is essential for understanding the topic. There is no space, there is no time. There is Nothing and the Nothing includes everything, just in a different form. By dividing a part of it, this Nothing immediately explodes into another form – a manifested spacetime. This represents the same part which is different only in its manifestation. So the original unified state divides itself – differentiates – into its pre-components that used to be unified; namely into a matter part and a spirit part - they both are a mirror (dual) image to one another, and into a force part that potentiates the two preceding parts with energy in their life manifestation. In that moment, matter finds itself in a state of superheated plasma. The whole universe is completely filled with this plasma, there is no material atom, neither molecule, nor planet. And yet, already at that time, nuclei of future planets and atoms are also in the power form and circle around suns’ immaterial power centres in space. In the very next moment, the positive gravitational force triggers the activation of these power centres. The still dispersed hot plasma becomes attracted by those centres in their eternal orbits – to a lesser extent by minor centres and to a greater extent by major ones. First suns, planets, and galaxies are being born in the manifested material form of the emerging universe. The universe continues to live in accordance with its laws. Absolutely nothing is random, the structure and the order have existed since the very first moment of the spacetime existence! One of the prominent physicists apparently stated: “The longer I study matter, the more I perceive the unifying order – God.” Another prominent physicist said: “God does not play dice”! This is absolutely true. Randomness or chaos are likely properties of “our brains and senses”, not of spacetime. Infinite structure must include EVERYTHING, here and now. 

In another understanding of time (causality), all the states of the universe exist NOW in the fourth dimension. There is no past, there is no future, everything EXISTS now. Thus, the moment of birth EXISTS as the positive gravity concentrates the plasma into the form of still gaseous, hot pre-planets; there EXISTS another impulse in the immaterial power centres – an impulse of cold that creates solid matter of terrestrial planets as they cool down depending on their size (i.e. the activity of their immaterial planetary power centres). There also EXISTS the end of this cosmic era where there is only cold in the universe, and all suns burn out to their final state. There also EXISTS a subsequent phase, in which the planetary power centres’ heat force transforms the matter back into plasma that is still rotating in the location and shape of the former planets – under the present influence of positive gravitational force of immaterial eternal power centres, which is immediately thereafter substituted by the opposite force – negative gravity (diffusion). This gaseous plasma diffuses again to the universe’s initial state. Another cycle is at the beginning… 

So lives the universe and the force part of its manifestation, which determines the universe’s state. After an endless number of such manifested cycles, there also EXISTS the end of the existence of spacetime in manifestation; this happens by implosion of the duality created out of the initial division. The whole cycle of birth and death repeats in an infinite sequence as one of the manifestations of life of in-finity – the Essence (aka “Podstata” as per Josef Zezulka’s Philosophy of Existence 3 ) of all that exists and does not exist. The depiction of this process is the projection of a circle to all directions – a dimensionless sphere.4 

PS: the same as we take for granted the existence of an enormous amount of present matter, it is time to equally comprehend the great power of manifested concept-spirit and energy. It is claimed that perhaps all the existing matter of the universe produces only 4% of the gravitational force necessary for the universe’s stability. As such, the universe cannot exist in this form indeed; nevertheless, it undoubtedly exists despite the lack of matter represented by planets, suns, galaxies, black holes, etc. This is an effort to contribute towards understanding the 96% of this force and what this force that we call gravity in reality is. Gravity is completely independent of matter, in reality, it is created by those power centres (the structure of matter, of universe) and matter just follows this power structure.

Prague, 15 September 2018
Tomáš Pfeiffer

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