Bioenergetic diseases

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A report for the conference in Tokio 1977

Josef Zezulka – Czechoslovakia, Prague

When we hear the word energy, the majority of us associate it with electricity, radiation, a magnetic field, etc.

We do not even consider that we have only been studying one kind of energy, an energy which can be called inorganic. This energy comes in useful in industry; we can shine and heat with it, but we also use it in healthcare.

When we use inorganic energy in healthcare, it almost always involves a destructive effect. It is used to remove, disturb, destroy everything that needs to be destroyed in order to benefit someone’s health or to save a human life. Therefore, its usage is prevailingly destructive and it hardly ever has a constructive and curative effect.

In contrast to this, ORGANIC ENERGY instead of inorganic energy is emerging in the scientific field.

It is also a kind of energy, and yet it is different. Only very little is known about it so far, however, it is without any doubt that organic energy is much more complex, and the theorems and rules which are valid for inorganic energy cannot be fully valid for organic energy.

The difference between organic and inorganic energies is similar to the difference between organic and inorganic substances, and both energies have as much in common as the organic and inorganic matters do.

Organic energy is constructive for a living body. We call it BIOENERGY or the VITAL FORCE.

Organic energy belongs to a living organism and it is an inseparable part of everything that is alive. It would be a good idea to get accustomed to this new breakdown and to distinguish between these two kinds of energy.

Exhaustive knowledge of this energetic element and of the whole bodily system of vital forces, in which biologic energy is organised within the body, brings about a more exhaustive view of diseases and their etiology. Most importantly it will clarify some illnesses which are resistant to the treatment of pharmacotherapy due to the fact that a disturbing bioenergetic agent prevails in their origin. As it is not possible for medicine to influence a harmed bodily system of vital forces, such diseases resist the doctors’ efforts.

In the area of healthcare, a new element which has not been taken into consideration until now is emerging. In these early stages, this is happening, as usual, very cautiously and unofficially but its path into the near future is open.


Biological energy does exist. It creates physiological and also pathological disorders in the body. It is driven by changes and it causes changes itself. It creates the bodily system of vital forces which can be attacked by an illness in the same way as the body or a mental component.

We have to take it into account in normal and also pathological states. However, this is not enough. Considering contemporary knowledge, the scientific ethical code and our responsibility to the humankind, it is our duty to resolve how to use it against diseases, how to acquire this energy and how to apply it in a therapy.


As a biotronic healer with many years of experience with energetic illnesses, I am of the following opinion:

Man consists of three components. These are:

1) The body

2) The mental component

3) The energetic component which creates “the bodily force system” (further mentioned as BFS).

These components are mutually interconnected and they also influence one another. We should take this fact into consideration during our further exploration.

The state of full health equals the balance in the whole complex system. A disease is a certain deficiency mainly in one of the components, but as a secondary defect almost always also in a second component or in all of them. Depending on which component the origin of an illness lies in or in which component the deficiency prevails, I speak about a disease of a mainly material, mainly psychic or of a mainly vital force origin.

Mainly material diseases are for example atrophy or hypertrophy of an organ, internal and external morphological changes, attacks of the outer environment such as infections, injuries, malnutrition diseases, post-operation conditions, the consequences of pathological processes such as adhesions, malformations, tumours and many others. Medical interventions are able to treat these successfully. The results of the treatment are fully valuable and the original state of health is restored. Regarding mixed diseases in which both material and energetic components are involved, a medicine can help only partially. For example, it can widen the veins during the period of its effectivity, etc.

Regarding mainly psychic diseases, the most efficient healing aids are psychotherapy, hypnoses or suggestion, which enable the root cause of the illness to be affected directly.

We will deal with the third group of diseases, i.e. illnesses whose origin or course is mainly related to the energetic area, or BFS.

These are illnesses that start due to an infringement of the bioenergetic system, the balance in the body as a whole, or due to a disorder in the force system of an organ and perhaps in the force system of the cell. The third possibility is probably secondary. I am not sure about this even in the cases of an energetic turn in the cells like in cancer. Even in the case of malignant neoplasia, it seems more like a disorder of the overall BFS, and its type and location is rather the result of the provoking factor which comes from the material area.

Having accepted the theory about the three components of a living being and the classification of diseases related to their prevailing origin, I shall clarify the energetic conditions in the BFS as I understood them in my healing practice.

The BFS in the human body is formed by an energetic net, consisting of force centres which mutually interact and create lines of force among one another. It is a precisely organised bioenergetic reticulum whose main centres in the body are spread as follows: In the cerebrum – the cerebellum –the area of ganglia stellata – the area of plexus solaris – the small of the back – the sexual organs –the soles of the feet – the palms. A weaker centre then lies in the umbilical area and there are also two more secondary centres.

These centres create the BFS by their lines of forces. Their influence maintains an overall energetic order and they affect the control and maintenance of the balance state of bodily processes as the main energetic factor. In addition to this system that encompasses the whole body, every organ and, a level lower, every cell has its own autonomous force system. These wholes are mutually interconnected and mutually influence one another. The cell centres are subordinate to the organ centres and these are subordinate to the whole-body centres. This is a very complex factor and so is the mutual interaction of centres.


Just as the body is exposed to external influences, the BFS is exposed to force influences. And in the same way that the body has become resistant to those by its evolutionary process, the BFS has become resistant to harmful influences as well. Both the body and the BFS are adjusted to a particular stage of life and outer environment in the world. They have the opportunity to resist to its deviations and in the case of a disorder or a deflection from its normal state to, more or less, revive itself.

Should external influences change unfavourably (e.g. increased radiation, sun hyperactivity, external geomagnetic deviations, damaged food, air, water, etc.), an unnatural attack prevailingly either on the body, the mental component or the BFS comes about. Alongside the external influences, there are internal influences, which are created by the patient. Depending on which areas demonstrate themselves or perceive demonstration, the material, psychic or energetic diseases develop.


When a healer stands in front of a patient, they have to recognise the nature of the disease according to the classification. If the nature and origin of the illness lies in the material or mental area, the healer can only help partially or not at all. The potential influence can be only of a supporting manner and the result of their interventions will be merely palliative. However, illnesses from these areas will not be the domain of healers.

The situation is different with the diseases of a prevailingly energetic origin. The place of a healer is where their influence can strengthen or modify a process, where they can, according to their abilities, affect the BFS.

Once it develops, an energetic disorder usually causes changes of a material nature as well. In such cases, a doctor should treat the patient and repair what belongs to their field in order to cure the essential illness. In the case of a disease of a material etiology, both a doctor and a healer fight the illness; if needed, a healer can balance and replenish the patient’s immunity, accelerate the healing, improve the detoxification of the liver, etc.

There is a great variety of pathological actions with the energetic etiology. The possibilities for a healer to influence the case are given according to this variety. Hopefully, a small exploration of a few cases will be beneficial.

For example, due to a certain trauma, disharmony between the main centres in the cerebrum and the cerebellum arises, which will unfavourably influence the superior organs of the endocrine system and affect for example the pancreas among other organs. This will result in a decrease of insulin secretion. A healer can repair such a malfunction on condition that the root cause is removed. However, if a doctor, wanting to help, prescribes insulin injections (which they must unless a suitable healer is at their disposal), the healer’s activity is blocked. An agreement between the doctor and the healer is then necessary because it is needful to proceed from lowering the insulin dosages to their complete termination. This is only possible under the permanent supervision of a doctor.

It works the same way with all other endocrine diseases caused by a malfunction, i.e. not directly resulting from a pathological change of a gland or its defective development e.g. juvenile diabetes.

In overall senility, when it is not feasible to make organs function normally any longer, the outcome of a healer’s treatment is relatively smaller and usually disproportionate to the devoted effort.

The force imbalance leads to for example the pathological narrowing or widening of veins. Then a healer succeeds in cases of angina pectoris, in pre-heart attack conditions, changes in blood pressure, etc.

The defective activity of forces may lead to strange changes of processes, when an endogenous virus may develop in the body – if this is a suitable term for the creation of large and complex protein molecules which probably only have their genetic duplicity in the specific conditions of the environment and are therefore not contagious. They develop illnesses during which organs or for example cerebrospinal cells are attacked and demyelination arises. In other cases, the pathological conditions of forces may result in variously localised ischemia as in stomach or duodenal ulcers, etc. There is a great variety of occurrences.

As I ascertained during my practice as a healer, cancer is, alongside other diseases of forces, the scourge of humankind. Doctors do not have a medicine with which they would be able to fight the malignant process and impact the illness directly. For this reason, they limit themselves to potentially saving the patients’ life by the prompt and skilful excision of the attacked tissue, and they can only hope that they have managed to remove all the cancerous cells. Doctors use destructive inorganic radiation in order to destroy the potential remnants after surgery. In other cases, they will use cytostatic medicines to prolong life and perhaps many other ways which sometimes appear in medical research are used. However, this is not healing. A destructive intervention is a mere rescue action, which does not always succeed. Cancer is a prevailingly energetic disease and therefore it will most likely not be possible to find a satisfactory medicine. So far, there have been no medicines with a direct effect on any illnesses, which have developed and been maintained on the basis of the malfunction of the BFS.

Not every biotronic healer can handle cases of cancer. It takes an advanced, rightly tuned biotronicist and a particular worked out method. However, as this is mainly an energetic disease, they achieve surprisingly good or even perfect outcomes in its treatment. Admittedly, on condition that their cure will not be disturbed in any way. I do not want to say that such a healer can cure every cancer case. They are able to cure it successfully but the achievements may, and do, depend on various circumstances. They hardly ever have enough time to be able to develop the treatment sufficiently. Next, we have to realise that they can treat the process, which is the illness itself, but usually cannot overcome the material changes which have been caused by the disease. In cancer this is for instance a tumour. A healer cannot remove it from the body. Having beaten the malignant process, the growth of the tumour ceases and its aggressiveness stops. It is possible for the tumour to further remain in the body unless it has an unfavourable impact such as putting pressure on the surrounding tissues and thus compressing some bodily functions. It could be the place of less resistance (locus minoris resistentiae), hence a permanent menace of a relapse. In the future, when doctors and healers cooperate, it will often be desirable to pass on a cured case to the surgery ward. The surgeon will not perform a large excision, but merely remove the tumour. While being treated by a healer, and a long time after the patient’s recovery from cancer, it is essential for the patient to stick to the anti-carcinogenic diet, which the healer will have prescribed. If they keep it even after their recovery and after the potential following operation, there is no risk of metastasis.

In developed stages of cancer, the curative effect is uncertain. The treatment is very complicated and often fails completely.

I have only healed the developed stages of cancer in the ambulatory way. Surely, even there, there would be much better results if it was possible to cure a hospitalised patient intensively. Unfortunately, biotronic hospital wards barely exist.

Not all cancer types are cured with the same success. Pulmonary and bronchogenic types are most difficult to heal. Our strongly polluted air creates an obstruction here as we inhale too many carcinogenic substances.

The healing interventions of all types of cancer are hindered by the use of destructive irradiation and especially by the cytostatic medication. Allowedly, until biotronics has been accepted as a proper field, it is impossible not to use chemotherapy or irradiation as the first option for treatment under any circumstances.

If the defective activity of BFS is only secondary or if it results from a malfunction in another area, a healer’s aid is only complementary and supportive. In these cases a healer creates an influence alongside a doctor during the treatment, and when the condition subsides, the healer can strengthen the organism.


I am presenting my knowledge which may hopefully offer a complementary opinion to healthcare and a new attitude towards the disorderly root causes and processes. All of them have been justified and I believe them to be correct because they are legitimate. I am presenting my knowledge only very briefly with the aim to outline and clarify biotronic healing and its possibilities to those who are interested.

The energetic origins of illnesses, or the diseases of the BFS or proportionate presence of bioenergetic defects are indisputable. The curative effects of biotronicists are convincing.

A person who has the ability to pass on the vital forces in a sufficient amount, or a person who has a permanent flow of them has to perfect this competence of theirs to extend the spectrum of forces, increase their intensity and, most importantly, enhance the quality of the whole passed aggregate of forces duly.

Moreover, it is imperative for a healer to learn anatomy, physiology, pathology to a certain level and, above all, to act in compliance with the healers’ ethical code. Then it is needful to search, classify, organise, and concentrate the talented persons in one place, sustain them financially and train them. This is not an easy task. At present, there are no such possibilities. Undoubtedly, the future will bring them about as the situation in the healthcare will require them.

Josef Zezulka

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