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A contribution to the collection of the international symposium in Prague 1973

Josef Zezulka – Czechoslovakia, Prague


 If we ask ourselves what an illness is, we can say that it is a contravention of the state of balance, homeostasis. This leads to a loss or weakness of an organism’s natural immunity against external and internal influences. This is a weakness of internal (vital forces) of the body, the consequence of which is that the internal organs are weakened and function chaotically or incorrectly.

I am providing my opinion which is based on the findings which my healing activities have resulted in:

The human organism consists of three basic components:

1) The somatic component

2) The mental component

3) Vital forces

According to this breakdown we can understand human illnesses and also how to help. We can fall ill in such a way that an insufficiency will manifest itself in any of the above-mentioned components.

1) In the physical area, there are infectious illnesses; malnutrition diseases which are caused by an insufficiency of vitally important substances, e.g. vitamins or proteins; and finally mutations affecting organs or the partial decline of organs, innate malformations, injuries, conditions due to injuries, etc.

2) In the mental area, there are deviations from the normal state, e.g. schizophrenia.

3) In the area of vital forces, we find the diseases which will be most interesting to us. These illnesses are fundamentally caused by the disproportion, weakness or chaos of vital forces, the perturbation of the centres of the vital force and the deformation of the lines of this force through which organs mutually influence one another.

Everything that is alive has its own system of vital forces corresponding to the characteristics of its particular zoological or botanical species. Each species is different: the lower its evolutionary stage and the simpler the species is, the simpler the system of vital forces. The most complex system of vital forces is currently found in humankind.

Living creatures of a lower evolutionary stage, whose behaviour is more instinctive, are likely able to regulate their state of vital forces themselves. It is well known that if a mouse in a vivarium falls ill, it finds a place where there are other healthy mice, and tries to rub against their bodies and nuzzle them. It is likely that the ill mouse is taking over forces from healthy bodies and thus strengthening itself.

Taking over forces in such a way is known among people as well. It is said that if children share their bed with elderly people, the children are weakened and the elderly are strengthened. It is logical because, as proven by experience, life forces often spontaneously pour into an organism which lacks them.

Everybody has their own basic regime and allocation of vital forces, which are necessary for life. They fluctuate slightly all the time, though within certain physiological limits. During an illnes they fluctuate significantly, and in many cases their negative divergence is the cause of an illness.

The regime of vital forces is understood as the entire complex system of forces which are combined in the body. They interact mutually, strengthen or weaken one another, balance each another or create chaos. They develop processes which lead to illnesses in negative cases and to the recovery in the positive ones. Their manifestation is not merely present in the body as a whole, though. Each bodily organ, as well as every cell, has its own regime of forces. All these regimes interact with one another and create a very colourful picture of the continuous bodily processes. A clarification of this hypothesis will provide a new perspective on the human body in its physiological and pathological state, and justify a different procedure for helping people who are ill.

A branch which is nowadays called biotronika – biotronics or bioenergy therapy is being formed. It is satisfying to know that it is being studied in scientific workplaces and that its great future is being revealed. It is actually self-evident. At present, when we know that these forces really do exist and that it is possible to use them to help treat illnesses very efficiently, it would seemingly be an offence against humankind if they were not used.

The only problem is that there are few people who are able to pass on their life forces for healing, and of these few people only very few individuals are able and willing to work on this innate ability, to increase the quantity of it and improve the quality.

The cause lies in the diversity of humans. Some people are talented in the physical area, others in the mental area, one person stands out in sport performance, someone else is ingenious in a scientific or artistic branch. Some people have exceptional traits or a talent which sets them aside from other people and their qualities. This may be e.g. the telephatic ability or the ability to search for water with a wooden stick. Or clairvoyance – when a picture is created in the visual area of the brain, though this picture is not transmitted by the visual receptor – the eye – but is transmitted like a television image over distance, or even without the time dimension. The ability to transmit vital forces from one person to another is classified among such special abilities.

The basic state of the vital forces in normal circumstances is quite stable with only small physiological fluctuations. The basic state denotes a certain potency which discharges functionally but re-charges to regain balance. The inflow of new vital forces comes through: 1) breathing, 2) solid food, 3) liquid food, 4) sleep.

Through each of these intakes, man prevailingly receives one component from the aggregate of vital forces. This is how it usually works. However, there are also people, so called sanators, who are able to replenish either some parts of the vital force or its whole aggregate through special conscious practice.

People who have the ability to pass on the vital forces and heal through them can do so because they receive the forces, which are variously and individually tuned, from their environment and when they pass them on, they do not lose them. This is usually a mixture of basic forces which differ in their structure, tune and potency with each person who transmits them. People who have this ability have, up until now, been called magnetisers and the aggregate force has been known as biomagnetism. However, I do not consider these to be suitable expressions.

Magnetisers have an elementary ability. They passively pass on a force which they often do not even know. They simply realise that something flows from their hands; something which refreshes people and gives their bodies tonic to help them from an illness. This is the basic state which we will use in our further exploration of bioenergy therapy.

There really are very few people who have this ability. However, there are also people who believe themselves to have this ability because they are able to soothe a headache for example. This is the belief of people who have practised the force of calm through some psychosomatic training. Nevertheless, this is not a healing force; quite the opposite, it is harmful for an ill person. Warning symptoms of an illness are eliminated or soothed this way while the disease continues to develop covertly. Such force is really secretly harmful when being applied on illnesses which have been caused by a lapse (e.g. the lack of blood formation, diabetes, etc.)

Sanators (healers) may develop from the small number of existing magnetisers. Not all magnetisers are able or willing to become a sanator. This can only be achieved through a hard and responsible journey on which the magnetiser has to master three areas:

The first area is scientific. Prospective sanators acquire knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology. The knowledge is partial, but is sufficient for them to be able to carry out their work. They become familiar with the medical field in order to understand the doctors’ work, so that they are potentially able to cooperate with when needed. However, this knowledge alone does not suffice. They further gain knowledge related to the scientific field of a sanator, because in many cases a sanator’s opinion on a particular matter may differ to that of a doctor. It is usually not very different in its basis but it arises from a different approach. The difference is only caused by the different characteristics of each field.

The second area is the main, essential area. It is the understanding of the right view of life. This is very important because the forces sanators pass on are influenced by the sanators’ own traits. It is hence necessary for them to change themselves, their inner quality, and their attitude to life and all animals. They must become a positive component in everything that is happening in the world. In their deep cognition they fully justify the rules of life and apply them to themselves. Under the influence of deep comprehension of the truths of life, they become another person, standing on a perfect ethical base. They abandon numerous things which people have wrongfully become used to during the development of the human society. For example, returning to a natural life is taken for granted and they give up eating meat under the influence of their understanding. They do not live on the carcasses of other creatures; they become more cultivated. They refuse alcohol, give up smoking, etc. All this is requested of magnetisers too, of course. In their case it is also needed, however, for sanators it is a necessity. This attitude to life and its manifestation, along with the manifestation of curative forces, show the sanators’ qualities, by which they can be recognised and evaluated.

The third area is discovering one’s own forces, and learning to develop and apply them. Sanators are not only limited to an aggregate magnetic force, which is what distinguishes them from magnetisers. Although sanators use the aggregate magnetic force as well, they also develop its elements, learn to recognise the elements, control them, pass them on and combine them. They also learn how, when and which forces should be used and what combination of these is desired in a particular healing intervention. At the same time, they learn to change the forces during an intervention. Therefore, they acquire a sanator’s opinion on various illnesses, which is not always identical to that of a doctor. This is not an easy and simple journey. It is necessary to become completely absorbed and it requires full involvement. For this reason, not every magnetiser is able or willing to embark on the journey and follow this path. Although magnetisers remain on their level, they should endeavour to consciously improve themselves – cultivate themselves. In the future, magnetisers will be expected to assist to sanators.

A sanator will establish a healing process and will instruct a magnetiser, who will further replenish the forces. The sanator will see the patient from time to time to add the missing necessary forces and balance out their proportion. The relationship will be similar to that between a senior consultant and a doctor on duty. At the same time, magnetisers may be led to higher levels, to perfect themselves or to develop further to the level of a sanator. Bioenergy therapy is an independent field which provides healthcare with new opportunities for fighting certain illnesses. Similar to medicines and spa treatments, a doctor may also indicate biotronic interventions and combine them suitably with their procedures.

However, this concerns the future. At present, there are few magnetisers and very few sanators. The situation is likely the same throughout the world. Yet it is possible to start training magnetisers and sanators immediately. I have already prepared the required syllabus.

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