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The report for the conference in Monte Carlo 1975

Josef Zezulka – Czechoslovakia, Prague

Bioenergetic healing is slowly but surely entering healthcare. By bioenergetic healing I mean the direct and conscious passing of vital human forces from a competent healer onto a patient with the aim to eliminate an illness. I consider that this is the oldest branch of healthcare, however, it has been forgotten by the majority of people in the world and neglected by those who knew it. Nowadays, it is being developed again and its core is being verified by new scientific discoveries.

Officially it is only medicine that has helped man against his illnesses. This works through pharmacotherapy developing bodily reactions, or disinfecting, it removes ill tissues with a knife or disturbs them by destructive radiation, it improves deformations, supports healing, etc. Bioenergetic healing differs to medicine by its core and character. A healer influences the bioenergetic bodily system, supports bodily resistance, and the equalization of homeostasis by transferring his or her own vital forces.

Due to the substantial differences between these two branches of healthcare, it is possible that a healer may view a particular illness differently to a doctor in some cases. A healer may also have a different attitude towards the illness and may have a different opinion about its character as well as a different healing experience, of course.

In my experience as a healer, I have gained what I consider to be important knowledge. This is the knowledge of how to cure cancer by healing. Doctors have not been able to cure this illness as they do not have any suitable medicine yet. Therefore, quite rightly, they focus on saving the patient by removing all the cancer cells or trying to destroy them by radiation or, in some cases, they slow down the living processes in tissues by cytostatics and thus prolong the patient’s life.

On the contrary, a healer can, to a certain extent, depending on their healing quality and quantity values, create or influence the curative process and work towards the patient’s recovery. Then, they can also observe what interferes with their work.

During my 20 years of healing activities, I have helped patients with cancer with results that are proportionate to various circumstances. I soon learnt that healing cancer is slowed down or precluded entirely by the following:

1) The presence of carcinogenic substances, especially carcinogens contained in food or inhaled.

2) The lack of raw, vital food.

I prescribed a diet from which I eliminated highly dangerous carcinogens and included vital food. Provided the patient kept the diet stringently and no other disturbing factors occurred, the healing results were surprising. There were cases justifying the correctness of this diet. In these cases a patient sticking to the diet was recovering, but before the end of the treatment, he infringed it. Then the patient experienced a significant deterioration, a reversal in the recovery process – a relapse which was already very difficult to halt. There were many such cases, always with the same result, and they clearly proved the correctness of the prescribed diet.

This is how I became convinced that all types of cancer are related to a HYPERSENSITIVITY to carcinogens and a lack of a particular type of vital forces. This obstructs the healing process by supporting the whole cancerous process.

I consider that this knowledge can also come in useful in medical interventions and as a necessary recovery factor in precancerous conditions. This leads me to presenting my knowledge to the scientific public for scientific verification, and I hope it will soon be put into practice.

I prescribe the diet in all cases of cancer and in all states which may potentially be a precancerous condition. The diet must be followed very strictly and consistently because there is already a hypersensitivity, and even a small dose of carcinogens may have a damaging effect. Perhaps this is the reason why it is so hard, with just insignificant partial results, to heal bronchogenic and pulmonic cancers as it is impossible to prevent the patient from inhaling carcinogens in a town environment. There is a better prognosis for types of cancer that attack tissues.

My patients suffering from cancer are immediately instructed about the diet during their first visit and they receive a copy on a sheet of paper so as not to forget these instructions.

A quote:


Smoking – avoid all food which has been smoked (e. g. smoked meat, salami, ham, smoked cheese, etc.) – Avoid all roasted food including drinks made from the infusion of roasted food (e.g. coffee, ersatz coffee, chocolate, etc.) – Avoid all baked food. When a kind of food has to be eaten baked (e.g. bread), it is necessary to remove the crust. All other pastry (e.g. rolls) should be eaten as little as possible and it should not be baked too much, it should keep its light colour. – Avoid tins with benzoic acid. Avoid the places with concentrated exhaust fumes. – Avoid everything which contains tar (e.g. ointment). Do not sunbathe.


Raw, and especially fresh, food (e.g. fruit, vegetables, milk, butter, etc.). If any food is processed in the kitchen, it should only be boiled or steamed.

There is a basic rule that the food must contain water when it is being processed by fire.

This diet must be kept very consistently because the patients to whom it is prescribed are already sensitive to the substances which the prohibited foods contain. Even a minor infringement of the diet may endanger or ruin the healing process.

Many more carcinogenic substances are known to medical science. There are plenty of them, for example some hormones, hydrocarbons, etc. I do not think that these others slow down or preclude healing to such an extent as those substances forbidden in the diet. I consider them to be aggravating factors rather than the essential factors which create the base of malignity. Their role in causing cancer seems to be different.

The body is able to cope with the prohibited carcinogens until the cancer has broken out as an overall bodily process. Once the disease has broken out, they become malignant. However, this does not mean that they are not harmful in other ways to a healthy body as well.

No animal prepares its food using fire other than man. We certainly cannot say that the human body, or any other animal body, has adjusted to this effect. How strong the effect is can be seen from the extent to which fire is able to change any food. If the sole influence of fire is present during the preparation, i.e. without water or air, tar quickly starts to form in the food. This happens e.g. when frying, baking, roasting. Food can also quickly absorb tar when smoked, which is actually preservation with tar. Food prepared in this unnatural way is therefore unsuitable for the body. And now, we should realise how much such food man eats every day at present.

If one claimed that origin of cancer occurred as man started using fire to prepare food, one would surely not be far from the truth. And it was not only the beginning of cancer. The second component which my diet is based on, is the insufficiency of vital food. What does this expression mean?

Everything that is alive has, besides other things, also the vital force in a certain intensity and quality (biological or life energy). This ancient knowledge has been proven scientifically for example by Kirlian’s photograph.

A plant, or a part of a plant that has just been plucked or cut off, at first radiates fully in the photo, showing it has full vital capacity. However, during a short interval, the radiation weakens until it disappears. The length of the time interval varies. Leaves have the shortest interval. It is longer for fruit, and kernels, seeds and roots have the longest period, with a stable vital capacity lasting a long time. This means that plants have a vital capacity which gradually weakens once the plant has been separated from its essential life source, until it disappears. We know that, on our planet, one life arises from another life. Only green plants live off inorganic food. Other evolutionary types receive organic food, which is also alive. That means they receive food that contains the vital force – life energy besides the well-known material substance.

A photograph of Mr Zezulka taken by Mr Kirlian
A photograph of Mr Zezulka taken by Mr Kirlian

A vegetarian diet has naturally been intended to fulfil man’s dietary needs, because man, regardless of whether he wants to admit it or not, has developed evolutionarily as a vegetarian – a frugivore.

It starts to become clear, that – besides solid, liquid and gaseous food, with the known proteins, vitamins, etc. – the body needs to have the vital force in its food. This vital force is necessary for life demonstration of the bodily matter. Unless the body has the vital force, it suffers from a deficiency, which causes of the body to weaken overall, decreases the bodily activity, and maybe also visceral activity, and hence reduces the basic resistance to noxious substances in the environment.

Let us reflect on our diet. We prevailingly eat food that is not fresh, without the vital force, or even a preserved form of it. If we can get fruit and vegetables at the market, they have generally been picked quite a while ago, and there is little to no vital force in them. We only find the full value in root vegetables and fresh kernels – in the parts of plants which are able to renew life and grow upon potentially being planted. Therefore, there are two components in our food which we have to pay attention to in the case of cancer. The first one, which is harmful, is a carcinogen, and the second one is essential and there is a lack of it. The carcinogenic component can be eliminated quite quickly in the case of cancer, provided the patient is disciplined. Although the second component can be integrated into our diet immediately, it will not always bring us such a fast outcome as is needed. The body is not able to transform the accepted vital forces from food into the bodily forces very quickly, especially not when a cancerous process has already manifested itself.

In the future, a biotronicist (a sanator), who is able to pass on the vital forces in the necessary modified form, and who is able to use these modified vital forces to influence the recovery process, will start working at this stage. 

I developed the biotronic method to help during the cancerous disease and I have been using this method since 1955, with good healing results. The results are naturally individual and depend on the circumstances.

In addition to the standard, which involves removing the disorderly changed plasma and the replenishing the vital force overall, I influence the liver locally. I try to increase its detoxification activity and strengthen it in general. I focus mainly on the part close to the centre line on the right, next to the sternal bone.

In the next phase I influence the morphological centre (my opinion and expression), which I assume to be in the cerebrum. This is a centre which controls the physical form of the body as a whole, as well as the organs and cells. I do not know in which part of the brain I should look for it, and I do not know whether the correlation with the cerebellum works here or not. Therefore, I influence both the cerebrum and the cerebellum. I tune the current of forces towards calm and balance. In doing so, I try to eliminate pathological neoplasia and achieve a balance in the morphological orders whose chaos may be caused afferently and efferently.

I do not influence the tumour locally until the last phase of the healing process. I focus on its cells and tune the current of forces towards calm. I try to penetrate the organism of the cells and eliminate their burning activity. There is never enough of the calm element. Therefore, I like to use warm water as a complement when using my hands to radiate. I radiate with wet hands. This way I modify the aggregate vital force and intensify its element of calm. Later on, I influence the tumour the same way so it dissolves. It is not always possible to successfully dissolve a tumour, and it differs depending on the particular type of cancer. For this reason, after the biotronic treatment, one should pass the patient on to a surgeon who will excise the tumour. The location of the tumour, the locus minoris resistentiae, is where a potential relapse could develop later on. However, in the future, it will be possible to pass the patient on once the treatment has been completed, as a planned surgery does not often need to be performed. If a doctor decides to operate, then the previous healing treatment prevents, or at least decreases, the risk of metastasis. Then it depends on the healer’s ability and the time period available before the surgery. After the performed medical operation, it is necessary to perform this treatment again as soon as possible.

During the post-operation treatment, besides calming the tissue, a healer focuses on the centripetal healing. If it is possible, water is soon to be used as a complement again.

Moreover, during the following five years, at least, the preventive treatment is to be retaken twice a year. It is necessary to keep the diet strictly during the whole period, and preferably to follow it forever. Man can do without the prohibited foods quite easily, and the recommended foods are beneficial in general, so it needn’t be a problem.

I believe that in the future the above-indicated procedure will be a self-evident part of healthcare. However, at present this is not yet possible.

Josef Zezulka

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