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 Magnetisers have the ability to pass on some components of their innate vital forces passively without a conscious decision. It is usually a combined component which varies slightly in its structure and potency with each magnetiser. It is usually discovered by chance or by the magnetiser being told by somebody who is familiar with these forces. In most cases the magnetisers are aware of the fact that some kind of force flows from their hands, and that it has a curative effect. At that point they only pass the force on in ways they have heard about. They usually pass it on with their hands; they run their hands over the surface of the body or place them on the area of the assumed cause of the illness. When running their hands over the surface or statically placing them on an area, the hands are sometimes placed directly on the patient’s body, other times they are held a small distance away from the patient’s body. The method and the variety in indication develop with experience.

A magnetiser exercises an influence on the biomagnetic regime of the body. Let’s imagine that the magnetiser is strengthening the centres of the biomagnetic regime by replenishing them. Consequently, the lines of forces, which are created due to the centres’ mutual influence on each other, regain balance. An order in the bodily processes is thus re-established and illnesses are alleviated. As all magnetisers possess different components of the vital forces, and their potency and applicability in healing differ, each magnetiser’s influnce will be slightly different. Each magnetiser finds certain people easier to heal than others, and vice versa. Everybody’s ability is coloured slightly differently. The differences in the structure are not large, however, they do exist. There are greater differences between the potency of the forces. There are stronger and weaker magnetisers, but there are also people who only believe themselves to have some kind of force and who try to heal. Such mistakes sometimes arise from the good will to help, but mostly they result from ignorance.

As has been said, every organism needs to have vital forces to be able to live. The level of vital forces in the body is replenished continuously and is sufficient for normal life. When a person subconsciously passes on the vital forces (without knowing about it), which sometimes happens, that person will suffer from a kind of “malnutrition” of vital forces. At first, the person will become tired and need to sleep more. Later on, the exhaustion may result in a disease of a lapse form (an illness caused by the lack of a bodily activity).

Apart from the above-described exception, forces never leave the body in an unnecessary quantity or for a long period, and therefore the body slowly balances the state of the vital forces. However, if a person, out of ignorance, intentionally passes on their forces with the aim to heal without actually possessing the healing ability, a huge and unnatural outflow of forces takes place. In this case, the body can no longer recover from it. It tries to resist and mobilises its last reserves, but then it breaks down and usually falls seriously ill. The body can sometimes resist for a long time, usually if the person is also being treated or is connected to a healer remotely via telepathy, or at least meets a healer socially.

Such a mistake often occurs when patients undergoing treatment receive more forces than necessary or when they have been cured by a healer for longer than needed. The redundant forces somehow overflow and the patient feels radiation coming out of their hands. This can mistakenly lead the patient to believe that they have a healing ability themselves.

Nevertheless, the only people who can become healers are those through whom forces pass ceaselessly and copiously, without weakening their personal amount of forces necessary for their own life. This is a kind of secondary flow of forces which has very little to do with the personal system of forces. It is of importance only for those being cured, not for the healer.

It is true that a sanator can become more exhausted by healing than a magnetiser, often to a critical level. However, sanators’ forces regenerate quite quickly and the exhaustion will not cause any harm to their health (unless the exhaustion is severe and frequent). Tiredness affects sanators almost exclusively, whereas magnetisers very rarely become tired. This is because a sanator works actively, while a magnetiser only works passively. The tiredness is mainly caused by the large outflow of bodily forces rather than by the outflow of the curative forces. The sanator’s bodily forces form a kind of a vehicle for the curative forces, and the reason for tiredness lies prevailingly in the healing activity. If only magnetising is used when healing, it is possible to treat a much larger number of ill people than is possible during active healing. Therefore, sanators, even more so than magnetisers, need to follow the rule that they must know their limits and when it is time to relax.

Magnetisers work passively by passing on the force without much activity of their own, without making a decision about the necessary structure or potency of the force. Sanators exert either a fully or a partially active influence. They determine the changes of the force elements during a healing intervention, and the forces focus on an organ or a cell; sanators have a greater range of ways to intervene but most importantly they have command of a greater, or even full, spectrum of the vital force. Sanators intensify some elements in the aggregate vital forces or modify their combination.

In my experience and opinion, sanators exercise their influence in five ways:

1) Exerting an influence on the biomagnetic regime of the body.

2) Controlling and wielding an influence via the elementary forces.

3) Exercising an influence via the aggregate vital force.

4) Modification of the morphological centre.

5) Producing an effect via the influence of the sanator overall.

1) Exerting an influence on the biomagnetic regime of the body:

Everything that is alive radiates. Nowadays this is a well-known and scientifically proven fact. Besides radiation, which is caused by life activity, each body exists in a kind of permanent plasmatic coating. This coating is a demonstration of the bodily quality and vitality. When a body falls ill, a defect in the coating in the form of decayed plasma shows up. When employing the special photography by which this radiation is observed, grey plasma is reported to appear above the place of the illness, while the rest of the plasma remains colourful. Sanators were aware of this fact long before this scientific discovery was made. Therefore, sanators always begin their work with a so called “cleansing” which entails removing the decayed plasma from the body. This is done with the healer’s hands (sometimes only by concentration and a specific method which some sanators are able to use) which the sanator must clean afterwards. This cleaning process can theoretically be carried out by using four different methods, although just three of them are used in practice.

This cleaning can be performed with:

1) running water

2) natural fire

3) a special method of sending the decayed plasma into the ground

4) the forth method is possible but unsuitable and thus not used. It entails cleaning the hands with a stream of air. It is not used because the first three ways enable liquidating the decayed plasma, whereas the air method only enables removing it from one’s hands. However, the decayed plasma then lingers in the air around, moves on to other people in the surroundings, sticks to them and damages their health.

It would be equally harmful if the healer did not clean the decayed plasma from his or her hands and touched somebody else. The decayed plasma would then damage the healthy plasma and create a disposition for an illness or for an illness to develop. As the other methods – cleaning via the ground or fire – are not as well known at present and not every sanator is able to use them, running water is usually used as a cleaning method although this method is not ideal. In addition to this, sanators can exert an influence on the biomagnetic system of the body in the same way as a magnetiser, just more thoroughly and efficiently.

2) Controlling the four elementary forces:

Sanators are aware of and are familiar with the four elementary forces which a body lives with and which together create the complex vital force. Sanators intensify a particular element, or elements, in the aggregate vital force, or modify their mutual proportions. They have learnt to control the elements and work with them.

The elementary forces are:

1) the centripetal force,

2) the centrifugal force,

3) the force of heat,

4) the force of calm.

Pathological or recovery actions are in motion in the body under the influence of the aggregate vital force, which consists of the four elements. Sanators exercise their influence via the four elements in such a way that they, depending on the type of an illness, strengthen the necessary element in the vital force or use the counter-force to eliminate another element which is pathologically strong. The particular elements (forces) are led depending on the type of illness. The elements can only exist in a living organism. It is not possible to use them “in vitro“. In my opinion, biological forces have the exact same variety as elements and compounds in chemistry.

It is not possible for sanators to overdose any modified vital force. However much they pass on, the vital force can only be replenished to its normal level. The surplus does not stay, but overflows. The influence of a sanator re-establishes the norm, however it can never do any harm. The influence either helps or does not have any effect. This is an advantage in comparison to pharmacotherapy where it is possible to cause an overdose or an addiction. If a sanator was to apply an element other than the one needed, the body would not accept it because it would already be full of it. For the sanator, this is a sign that a mistake has been made and that the force should be changed. It works similarly when looking for the place where an influence is to be exerted. It is a well-known fact that an illness does not always originate in the place where one feels pain or where the disease manifests itself in some way. This leads a sanator to focus on healing the cause of an illness rather than just eliminating its symptoms.

Selection of the needed modification of the vital force.
Examples of the working procedures:


1) Activation of the parathyroid glands.

2) Local influence using the force.

3) If necessary, balance the whole endocrine system.

Diabetes mellitus, non-congenital, not yet treated with medication, without parallel medication of insulin:

1) Activation in the area of the thalamus and hypothalamus.

2) Replenishing and balancing of the central nerve system.

3) Local influence on the pancreas.

If the effect is low, the whole endocrine system should be balanced and replenished. Should even this be unsuccessful, an irreversible and complete destruction of the activity of islets of Langerhans in the pancreas is to be suspected. In that case there is no other choice than to medicate with insulin.

Malignant neoplasia:

1) Strict and thoroughly consistent anti-carcinogenic diet. Consumption of as much raw and fresh food as possible.

2) Flexibility of the liver activity.

3) Balance in the morphological centre.

4) Local influence on the tumour.

Having halted the malignant process and, in some cases, decreased the size of the tumour (e.g. breast tumour), pass the patient on to a surgeon for an excision (or a breast ablation, according to the surgeon’s decision). The risk of metastasis, which could potentially occur if the malignant process has not been completely eliminated by the sanator, is then very small. Apply the force of calm during the post-operation condition.

All of this is only possible on condition that a sanator has the necessary time available, which happens, for example, when there is currently no place in hospital. A sanator must not take over the responsibility for the ill person, because only a doctor has the right to take on that responsibility in our country. Therefore, the results of cancer treatment have generally only been proportionate to insufficient conditions. However, they are very promising. It is rare for a sanator to acquire a fresh case that has not been affected by a doctor. A fresh case is easier to heal. However, a sanator must never advise or even persuade a patient not to see a doctor. What has turned out to be difficult to heal is bronchogenic cases since the treatment is disrupted by unclean air nowadays.

3) Exercising an influence via the aggregate vital force:

This is another possibility open to a sanator’s influence. While the four basic elements comprise the aggregate vital force, as a whole and in its state of balance gives organisms life dynamics. It is the force which, in my opinion, exists throughout the universe and replenishes its allocation in every living body. Sanators have the possibility to consciously collect the force and transform it. They strengthen vitality through it, as has been mentioned in an example.

4) Modification of the morphological centre:

I have come to the conclusion that there is a centre which I am aware of from experience but cannot localise. This centre controls every cell; it is a blueprint of the body’s shape and organs. Growth into a given form is regulated via this centre. An insufficiency or mistakes in this centre cause a deviation in the development, or a change in the shape. It also influences the growth of benign tumours as well as the activity that occurs when wounds heal, etc. In the case of some illnesses, sanators can influence the whole brain and also the morphological centre in the manner required by the illness. It mainly influences the correct processes of healing, balancing morphological proportions, e.g. during neoplasia. The morphological centre controls the whole shape of the body, organs, etc. and the changes in their growth. However, it is well known that inside every cell there is a code concerning its features and detailed information regarding its growth. Therefore, sanators must exercise an influence also locally when healing neoplasia, wounds, etc.

5) Producing an effect via the overall influence of a sanator:

As this is the direct influence of a sanator which they exert from themselves or from the forces passing through them, their moral qualities are extremely important. Their moral qualities “colour” all the forces, and therefore it is necessary for the sanators to be righteous people without evil thoughts, with good traits and a pure, unselfish attitude to life. For this reason, this discipline of healthcare used to be reserved for religious teachings which people searched for with the aim to change themselves for the better.

The sanators’ qualities (as well as the magnetisers’ qualities) are passed on to the patient being healed and, according to the sensitivity of the patient, they are influenced more or less. A sanator can also consciously produce an effect on an ill, sensitive person, and calm them down by using their influence and make them more open to the reception of forces.

Not every sanator can control all the elements of forces which have been described. I repeat, I am only expressing my own personal opinion which I formed during my practical experience. Although biotronics is an ancient field, it is still at the very beginning of its development. It has not been worked on scientifically yet. I conclude that, without a doubt, there is great future ahead and those who follow us will have the opportunity to perfect it. They will change and complement a lot, but this is natural development. Perhaps one day they will not have to overcome the obstacles which we have to face. Sanators should experience well-being throughout their life. Their well-being is reflected in their performance and “colours” their forces. If human society does not provide this well-being, it is actually working against itself.

A concluding thought:

There are three basic systems in which the functions of a living organism are demonstrated. 1) the matter of tissues, 2) the system of forces, 3) the psyche. They are mutually analogical and create a whole together. Each of these three principles can be explored in the same way chemistry explores matter. Chemistry has divided matter into elements and compounds, marked them and learnt to work with them. Similarly, it is possible to divide, describe and explore also the system of forces and the system of the psyche. We can find “elements and compounds“ here as well, and this way it will become easier to get to their core and understand them. Hopefully, this reflection should provide a prompt and assistance to do so.

Everything in the world has its period, its time of origin and also its time of development. And every birth is accompanied by pain.

Now the time of biotronics has come. It has already found a solid track and I am sure that it will develop successfully. I hope it falls into the hands only of righteous, selfless and capable workers so it can successfully help those suffering from illnesses and can lead humankind to a normal, and therefore fruitful, way of life via its possibilities and knowledge.

Josef Zezulka

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