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Josef Zezulka,
Prague – born on 30th March 1912

So far, inorganic energies like electricity, magnetism, various radiations, etc. have been especially investigated. However, there are also energies that belong to the live matter – the organic ones. These energies enable processes in a living body.

Everything that is alive, a plant, an animal, man, has bioenergy inside. In particular conditions, it is possible to pass it on another person and influence their state of health in this way. This is the field of biotronic healing. Besides this, man can have other special talents such as clairvoyance, a telekinetic capacity, etc. Man’s special abilities can be divided into two types:

1) Psychics – diviners, persons using a sidereal pendulum, clairvoyants etc. These people let others influence them. They work as receivers.

2) Activists – magnetisers and sanators. They are the opposite of psychics: strong transmitters.

There is a rule that if a person is a psychic, then they cannot simultaneously work as an activist and vice versa. An activist should not work as a psychic. The proverb - “one cannot sit on two chairs”- is valid here, and if that happens, it is always at the expense of quality.

Psychics need to calm down and tune themselves deep inside, so as not to even subconsciously impact the result and to be able to read the correct information. This field has a great scale of evolutionary stages. The lowest stage is the detection of inorganic phenomena (geopathogenic zones, water, etc.), the highest stage – diagnostics of human diseases and measuring the competencies of healers’ and magnetisers’. Also here it is valid that a diagnostician should not look for geopathogenic zones. Put figuratively, that would resemble blunting the blade of a tool, which has been labouriously sharpened.

Activists are classified into three basic groups:

1) Soothers – As when a mother soothes her child, the symptoms are lessened. Nevertheless, we cannot call this healing. Everybody has their own reservoir of energy, serving their life functions, plus a reserve for unpredictable output. This reservoir is replenished by sleep, breathing, food, etc. A healing ability is the gift for the flow of bioenergy. One’s own energy is only used for directing and the healing energy, however, goes outside one’s own bioenergetic system. Healers do not give energy from themselves. However, a soother does and they therefore have to compensate the loss by performing some kind of exercise – mystical, yogic, or other. Nevertheless, that is not enough. They cannot influence more serious bioenergetics diseases significantly.

2) Magnetisers have a rudimentary flow but do not know the structure of their force, and pass it on as it is without tuning it as it funnels through them. For this reason, they succeed in curing some types of illnesses better than others, according to their personal colouration.

3) Sanators already recognise and tune the forces depending on the particular condition. The intensity and quality of the flow increase proportionately to the philosophical development. Sanators are trained in the healers’ view on diseases, study anatomy, physiology, pathology, etc. in order to be able to communicate with a doctor. This is all conducted under the supervision of a teacher. Only an experienced sanator is entitled to nominate a new healer; nobody else has the right to do so. The process works the same way as for example a doctor who must graduate.

Biotronics treats the illnesses developed on the grounds of bioenergetic insufficiency, e.g. diabetes (except its juvenile forms), tumorous diseases, acquired immunity malfunctions, multiple sclerosis – here it is usually only practicable to stop the disease and improve the latest deteriorations – etc.


In 1945 I discovered special qualities in myself. Firstly, the gift of spirit – the ability to connect to the super-consciousness through my sub-consciousness and understand the podstata truth of Bytí (Existence) without having studied the existing philosophies at all. Secondly, it was the gift to heal. During the years 1949–50 I solved my first cases, and since 1953 I have been involved in the first research.

How did my awaking happen? I was sitting in the kitchen; it was Easter and as the sweetshop where I was working at that time was closed, I was free. I was sitting and thinking. Suddenly it was as if my consciousness started widening. Suddenly I understood that the relation between the world and animals is different to what people think. Much is different. It was a sudden enlightenment. As if my memory opened and I recalled something I had forgotten. It was something I had experienced and not remembered.

And so I looked for somebody who would explain it to me. I found a clairvoyant of great quality, who clarified the rudiments to me. He said: “You have two gifts – the gift to heal and the gift of the spirit. You are not to read anything anywhere, not to listen, not even to me; you shall develop both a philosophy and healing via your second gift. I was only in his company a few times but he gave me a hundred percent proof. For example, he stated the exact date when I would be arrested and imprisoned as a political prisoner, and when I was released a couple from the gathering was awaiting me in my home. They looked at their watch and said: “You have come on time.” It was the year 1948; I had spent two months in prison. The clairvoyant, or ghost, or whatever you want to call him, demonstrated himself via a woman. He told me more and more things which were ahead of me. Then I became fully engaged in healing. I had only helped people from time to time by looking at them before. In trivialities, just when somebody needed something. Then I developed a philosophy and healing by my gift of spirit. I found out, for example, why people have diabetes, which doctors do not know. When I was a small boy, it used to be said that diabetes was the illness of good food, of a good livelihood. In those days, only the rich would eat meat a few times a week. The pancreas participates in the transformation of vegetal proteins into the animal ones, nevertheless. It is the organ which makes us vegetarians. When it is not used sufficiently as we directly eat animal proteins – carcasses, its function diminishes; the organ atrophies. Therefore, a meat diet can cover the defect, unfortunately, at the cost of even faster devastation. Man is not a predator. He got used to meat during a historically recent period, probably for magical reasons – to be stronger, to be able to see better or to have a braver heart. Meat gradually became “normal“ food for him. The construction of man’s body and digestive system are, however, positively herbivorous.


When people are to become healers, they must not create a negative influence; the forces, with which they heal pass through them and they colour them with their own quality.

It is taken for granted that they must not murder or be the cause of a murder only in order to eat carcasses – their force would be coloured evil and negative. Purity is the first prerequisite of successful healing.


I am not a diagnostician; I am an activist. I find out about an illness from the patient, from their submitted medical record.

Once, I presented healing to a group of scientists at the Ministry of Healthcare with such success that the establishment of a sanatorium was already under negotiation. Shortly before the implementation of the plan, sometime in the years 1968-69, the Minister, Mr Vlček, was removed from his post. As he was leaving, we were waiting in front of his office. He approached us saying that his successor would proceed with our issue. However, the newly appointed Minister of Healthcare Prokopec, belonging to the “normalization” government, was against it. The entire research was liquidated and healing became a taboo. Our group was dissolved.


The patient states the diagnosis, which is specified on the grounds of their complaints and the results of the treatment. During the intervention, the force is tuned according to the particular illness so as to restore the balance of the proportions of forces in the body and to generate the opposite process of what led to the development of the disease.

I also have the ability to pass on the force over a distance. Several times, I manifested healing to the whole auditorium at once; I connected them and they all felt the warmth and relief that was radiated. This took place for example in the Unitarians’ Hall in Prague.

I have also influenced individual people over distance, e.g. from Prague to California. This intervention was photographed using the Kirlian’s photograph as well. The leader of the research wrote to me that the experiment had been a great success and he was sending me the images. I never received them, nevertheless, as my mail from the West would simply never arrive.

I follow these rules when healing:

– I heal free of charge and inside the circle of my acquaintances only, not for the public.

– I do not take on the responsibility for the patient, they are to see a doctor.

– I do not speak against any medical practices and I do not discourage the patient from them.

– I only use biotronic methods; I prescribe neither medicines nor anything else apart from the diet for cancer patients. This diet, however, has to be kept very strictly as the patients are hypersensitive to these substances.

I will mention the diet for your interest. When biotronics gains the position which it should have, we will be allowed to tell, for example, pregnant women to stick to this diet – then the increasing cancer rates among children will disappear; the regimen can serve as prevention for others. Its aim is to remove carcinogens (cellular venoms) from the diet; cancer is, for the main part, the loss of the ability to detoxify these substances. Consequently, even a tiny infringement of the regimen may endanger or prevent the healing process. Nevertheless, the diet itself does not heal the patient, it merely enables the cure. Doctors have not discovered this fact as they cannot influence the process and try to liquidate the consequences of the illness – a tumour.. However, this is merely palliative treatment where a patient is being saved not cured.

The diet


Smoking – avoid all food which has been smoked (e. g. smoked meat, salami, ham, smoked cheese, etc.) – Avoid all roasted food including drinks made from the infusion of roasted food (e. g. coffee, ersatz coffee, chocolate, etc.) – Avoid all baked food. When a kind of food has to be eaten in the baked form (e. g. bread), it is necessary to remove the crust. All other pastry (e. g. rolls) should be eaten as little as possible and it should not be baked too much, it should keep a light colour. – Avoid tins with benzoic acid, avoid places with concentrated exhaust fumes. – Avoid everything which contains tar (e. g. ointment). Do not sunbathe.


Raw and especially fresh food (e. g. fruit, vegetables, milk, butter, etc.). If any food is processed in the kitchen, it should be only boiled or steamed.

There is a basic rule that the food must contain water when it is being processed by fire.

This diet has served as the basis for many other diets, the authors of which changed something and presented it as their own.

In cancer treatment, it would be ideal if neither cytostatics nor irradiation were used. This is not possible yet. The cells, which have been affected by cytostatics or irradiation, react to healing with great difficulties. Provided that the cure is commenced promptly, it is sometimes feasible to stop the cancerous process within a week.

I have already given up healing; I did it for a long time. I have never thought about leaving the country, I belong to here. A great future lies ahead of the nation. People will think differently compared to nowadays. The same will be true about larger entities – nations.

“The age of Aquarius” is slowly arriving. This period which is having such difficulties advancing, and which is long since prophesied, will become the best period for the development of humans. As the recent six thousand years have been the period of spiritual winter in the 24 000-year zodiac, the forthcoming time is spring and summer.

Josef Zezulka

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