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A lecture for the Unitarians

Josef Zezulka

I am a human. Scientists who study all livestock have called me “Homo sapiens“. It means a sensible, or also wise, man. They use this expression because unlike other animal species, man has the most accomplished brain abilities and thus the highest intelligence of all beings.

Everything is relative. Erenow, about 500 million years ago (as stated by palaeontologists), a trilobite was the most accomplished being on our planet. Later, as evolution led to greater perfection, higher and higher evolutionary species took its place – once it was an ape and at the moment the latest evolutionary part of the chain is man. Perfection in evolution has grown until this day.

Nevertheless, evolution is a law. It continues moving forward at its own pace as it has been doing so far. What results from this fact is that at some point, an evolutionary branch of several accomplished human individuals will separate itself and a new species will arise. We can call this species, for instance, “Superhuman“. It will be similar to man but will be more accomplished, with greater mental possibilities and abilities, and its relationship towards man will be similar to our relationship with apes.

This evolutionary progress can be logically expected considering the experience and scientific proof that humankind has obtained. If we understand this, we will realise that our mental abilities are only relative, and that we view their so called perfection from a mistaken man’s angle without having the possibility to confront them from a higher perspective. Human conceitedness regarding our own perfection and abilities will be broken and then will we learn that everything around us, the entire course of life, the fate of the whole universe, time and space, simply “Life“ is completely different. It is much greater. And we can merely perceive a relatively small part of it, only what our small human perception can manage. We proudly call this small part “Fact“ and “Reality“.

We have mere five senses for our cognition and life manifestation and they are still very weak. How different would everything appear to us if only we could use our existing senses in a larger scope? And how completely different would everything be if we had six or seven senses instead of five?

We process this very small part of the perceived reality in our superficial consciousness. We think, analyse, make logical conclusions based on accepted facts. We use our cognition. In most cases we use only our reason. Besides reason we also have intuition. For a long time, scientists have been aware of the sub-consciousness, which is much larger than our consciousness. It is the perceptions stored in the sub-consciousness, without a rational form, that can sometimes more, sometimes less, penetrate with their bare, but valuable, content as intuitive stimuli into our consciousness, and thus help us gain a better understanding of something.

Rational activity makes man clever. Intuitive activity makes him wise. Humankind has exercised its reason for ages but has neglected its intuition. This has only been to its detriment, as the present shows.

Perceptions of our short life since our birth until this moment are the possession of our consciousness. The treasure of the sub-consciousness and the perception of our higher I – the real I - have been collected throughout the many lives which our higher I goes through.

A wise man strives to learn more, to awaken the ability of a higher understanding in himself. Then there is only one journey for him. It is to deepen his comprehension by approaching his higher I so as to bring his perception closer to the Podstata of everything and to be a positive component of all Existence in his life.

Josef Zezulka

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