Mission of the Spiritual-Religious Society and Basic Articles of its Faith:

The mission of this spiritual-religious society is to fulfil freedom of thought, conscience and religion through spreading, practical fulfilment and realization of the modern philosophical-spiritual teaching brought by Josef Zezulka; namely by means of spiritual-religious service, teaching, education, spiritual-religious acts and other suitable ways.
The beginning of the Society falls into a period when the spiritual teaching bringer, Josef Zezulka, went through his spiritual awakening, that is during the time period following 1945. Soon thereafter the secret teaching of the first spiritual groups had begun. Within the lectures, gatherings and other events of the Spiritual University Bytí, the modern philosophical-spiritual teaching – philosophy of Existence – and biotronics have been presented in public since 1994 by the sanator Tomáš Pfeiffer, the disciple and sole entrusted follower of the bringer J. Zezulka. A regular part of spiritual gatherings is a spiritual ceremony, benediction by the philosophical-spiritual teaching representative – sanator. The traditional culmination of year-long spiritual events is the annual pilgrimage to Říp Mountain on the Day of the Open Heaven – the 30th March, regarded by the spiritual-religious society as the supreme spiritual holiday of the year. The pilgrimage has already been taking place since 1995 with a high number of pilgrims. A part of the Day of the Open Heaven is a spiritual ceremony, prayer and benediction to all people present and to everything that exists and does not exist. Blessing married couples and newborns' baptism are included in the spiritual ceremony on a regular basis.

We are searching for the truth of life, to make sense of all the events around us and within us. We seek the most comprehensible answer to the ancient question concerning the entire existence of mankind. Let's set ourselves free from all we learnt so far and start again, this time from a different point of view, with a different approach and under the influence of a different era – the incoming era of the constellation of Aquarius.

Basic Articles of Spiritual Teaching:

Article I

1. The bringer Josef Zezulka, founder of the modern spiritual teaching, was born on the 30th March, 1912 in Brno; he lived and worked in Prague. At Easter 1945, at his 33, his life was suddenly changed. He experienced an extraordinary state as of an open consciousness. He says: "It was as if I recalled something I had known before and forgotten". He received two gifts. The gift of spirit – to know the truth of life law directly without learning and mediators, and the gift of healing. The result of his gift of spirit is the philosophy of Existence and its part biotronics, i.e. the modern philosophical-spiritual teaching corresponding to the incoming era of Aquarius.
2. The following work is devoted to the life of J. Zezulka:
Tomáš Pfeiffer: Život přinašeče (The Life of Přinašeč - a Bringer), published in 2012 on an occasion of 100th anniversary of Josef Zezulka's birth, ISBN 978-80-85238-60-0,
3. Fundamental spiritual work of bringer Josef Zezulka which is the base for the teaching of the spiritual society, The Society of Josef Zezulka, is as follows:
Bytí – životní filosofie (Existence – A Philosophy for Life), latest publication in 2012, ISBN: 978-80-85238-85-3
Other significant works of Josef Zezulka are particularly:
Přednášky I (Lectures I), latest publication in 2014, ISBN: 978-80-85238-45-7
Přednášky II (Lectures II), published in 2014, ISBN: 978-80-85238-44-0
Odpovědi 1976 – 1982 (Answers 1976 – 1982), published in 2014, ISBN: 978-80-85238-46-4
Zezulkova Biotronika (Zezulka's Biotronics), published in 2015, ISBN: 978-80-85238-73-0
The works were published by the publisher: Tomáš Pfeiffer, Dimenze 2+2 Praha, Soukenická 21, Praha 1, Czech Republic.

Article II

The Principles of a Spiritual Journey:

1. Unity is in the balance. See all regularity in the balance, be in it, and become it.
2. There is only one journey – to change ourselves.
3. It is not enough to know; you must ‘digest’ it and assume a different attitude to all from your own change.
4. Do not be proud that you were born as human. You are only one of the creatures in the middle of evolution.
5. The value of life – every life – it is the same. In your life you have to defend yourself, but not attack. Never create evil.
6. You must not just discipline yourself; by your own understanding, you have to create your own inward change.
7. It is not enough to be just good, your fate will still beat you in the next life.
8. A spiritually mature human knows that one is here to serve, not control.
9. Recognise an area of influence of yours and also your close friends. Do not open your heart to negative influences.
10. Honour spirit, that is existence, and soul, that is a life. Defend them always and everywhere. Follow the truth – spirit, and do not kill – soul.
11. Honour all fundamental teachings, as they are truthful. Remove from them human misunderstandings, which deformed them. Help create a unity of truthful thoughts and attitude - this is uniform teaching.

Article III

The Podstata is the fundamental timeless and dimensionless existence – it is the original nucleus from which everything has risen. The Podstata is the highest term and the basis of what we understand as reality as well as that which is not real for us and what defies sensory perception.
There is the infinite and eternal Podstata. It is constant and unchanging; everything that exists has arisen from it. It is the homogenous fundamental idea, the fundamental existence, the fundamental and uniform term “I am”. Only with great modesty and humbleness we can bring our understanding closer to the eternal and great Podstata, which all the great cultures of mankind have been aching to comprehend. Each culture has named this with its own word that translates into our language as “God”. Only the conception of the Podstata varied between cultures. This conception differed according to the influence of time period, the level of perfection of the culture and its evolutionary advancement.
From Podstata The Creative Work (Tvůrčí dílo) arose, which is principally the same as the Podstata, although it is only a limited part of it. The Creative Work separated from the Podstata and created what we perceive with our senses – what we see, touch, hear, taste and smell. The Creative Work originated through the process of separation of a part from the Podstata. From it – matter, spirit and vitality crystallised into four basic elements. I call this distinctive action and division The Creative Four (Tvůrčí čtyřka). The Creative Four is represented by four creative principles: centripetal force, centrifugal force, heat and cold. They created matter, spirit and vitality (soul) from the Podstata.
Spirit (Duch) forms the opposite of matter by the creative division of the Podstata part. The character of the Spirit is mental. In the beginning, as an inorganic spirit, it stands out separately out from matter. Later, when favourable conditions occur on the planet, a small part of it unites with matter and the prevalent part of it remains inorganic. It is analogical with its antipole – the matter, where again just a small part of our planet's matter is transformed into organic, while the prevalent part stays inorganic. From the connection of the material and spiritual parts a Being (Bytost) emerges.
Originally, it is very primitive and we can call it, for example, a “virus”. During the course of time, it reincarnates into higher and higher evolutionary species and it thus improves itself. Initially it reincarnates as plant-life, then it transforms into the animal kingdom and progresses higher and higher as far as the human form and over many incarnations it will advance further into higher evolutionary species. The Being is in one part of life incarnate, in the other part it is non-incarnate. For a part of its existence it lives in a body that is put aside one day. We say that creature dies. A Being puts its inadequate body aside, for the rest of its life it lives without a body then it reincarnates again into new material life. The Being comprises of material and spiritual (or psychic) part. What goes through material as well as the spiritual part, is The Soul (Duše), which is their vital life-force. Both inorganic matter and inorganic spirit have their own life, life-force – the soul. When the matter and spirit connect and create an incarnate being, both soul currents connect and create the organic soul or vital force – biological force – bio-energy. It is a part of the being – it is its life.
A Being has its Consciousness (Vědomí), it is aware of its existence and it widens and improves this consciousness in the course of evolution.
The Being goes from the smallest elementary unit towards higher and higher creatures. It grows, lives and I call this being
The Inner Being (Vnitřní bytost) or deep being and I call its consciousness
The Sub-Consciousness (Podvědomí) or “deep consciousness”. The memory of past lives is stored here, usually at least the most recent lives. The Inner being lives many, many lives, just as a human lives many, many days from birth to death. I call each individual life
The Specific Life (Specifický život). This is the life that for example you, the reader of these lines, have been living your birth till this moment. You cannot remember your previous life and the next one is just being prepared by your present deeds and attitude towards everything and everybody. That's because your attitude and your deeds don't disappear, they reflect. I call this process The Law of Reflection (Zákon odrazu). It is perhaps the law known as Karma by the people of India. It is a law that is irrevocable and absolutely fair. Every man demonstrates with his deeds and attitude towards life what he is really like. His activity is reflected and selects his future fate from the great palette of the Creative Work's fates. In it, he will live his next specific life. We prepared our current life in our past life by the law of reflection. How to achieve a better life in the future - how to reach our goal faster and better, how to rid ourselves of life's struggle and human pain, how to become happy and satisfied in our lives; this will be written hereinafter.

Article IV

1. What we call a spiritual journey is a normal and to law of life conforming development of a living being. The whole Creative Work that surrounds us and into which we are placed by destiny, we ourselves, even any other living being; all that has developed during the course of time and continues to develop.

2. A being develops by a continuous re-incarnation. From lower creatures to higher ones. Hence everybody should make an effort to learn the life's and eternal truth, to learn about life and its regularities; in order to understand, in order to be a positive component of the Creative Work, in order to help make his own evolution easier and bring only good things to his subsequent lives as well as to all his surroundings.

3. Whilst born in a body, every being is comprised of a body, a psychic part and a vital part. As its psychic component (we can call it spirit too) evolves, so evolve both its physical and vital ones in parallel. Its psychic form changes, grows and improves; here the being evolves within the evolutionary species from an imperceptible element to higher and higher species, reaching as far as a human; and, in a future time it will proceed onwards from a human to higher creatures since the development does not cease.

Article V

1. An unknowing man, who only harms his surroundings and other lower creatures by his life's attitude, slows down his evolution and thereby harms himself by having to re-incarnate into lower creatures in order to comprehend and, into the depth of his inner being, get a recognition of his bad deeds and evil he created. If I create evil, I create it against myself. Once people understand, there will be paradise in the world. Then will exist what has been promised, but what people keep spoiling for themselves. This is the meaning of a spiritual journey resulting from the recognition of the meaning of life.

2. If a man came to realize that the meaning of his currently lived life is to serve something in here, life would be different. The first and foremost would not be every 'me', instead, the first and foremost would be the interest of a whole. This is the religion of the future.

Article VI

What is then the journey? A journey upwards means we change ourselves, change our view, our attitude towards everything, since, should we act, then we must also act from a specific position of our own; there is no other way. I cannot insert the journey straight into your consciousness. I can only tell you about it, refer to it and give you the guidance for how, but you yourselves have to create your own journey. Since, should someone else do something for you, then you would not get far. That way you would just believe or reproduce something, and that is not enough.

Article VII

You do not want to solely believe. Belief, this is only one pole, and the second one is knowledge. Together and in balance they create the law of cognition. Recognise regularities, be critical and you will get closer to the truth. There is only one spiritual developmental journey: to change oneself, one´s own view, one´s own attitude towards life and all the living. – There never was any other one, and never will be. In order for you to change correctly, you have to truthfully recognize as well as correctly evaluate what you are recognizing, so that you do not adopt what is spoiled. Then you will not rely on a blind faith but you will know. There is only one truth and a journey towards the truth is possible.

Article VIII

Respect every fundamental philosophical wisdom. Much has already been revealed to man. Great truths have already been given to mankind. The mistake is that people have not always been able to adopt them fully and purely, and that they deformed them to a greater or lesser extent when transferring them to later generations. Sometimes they were given in a simple way, sometimes in a form of a beautiful poem; they contain a lot of truths but also undesirable human sediments. Evaluate everything by your criticality, logic, learned correlation and analogy. Keep the clear and logical, be faithful to the learned, pass it to others and clarify further.

Article IX

1. All creatures are equal. Nobody is more valuable than others. The one who is developed today used to be small in the past. The one who is small today will be developed in the future. We are only put in different points of time with our evolutional dimension but our value within the Creative Work is the same. Therefore honour every man, be he primitive and uncultured since his value is the same as yours.

2. Honour every other creature, be it the lowest form of life (on a lower evolutionary level) since his value is the same as yours. Since you already are at the human evolutionary level you should understand that you are to serve within the Creative Work, not to rule. If you serve others, you serve yourself. Because in another deeper stage of understanding you will discover that you are everything.

Article X

1. As soon as you have understood yourself as an inseparable part of everything – universal and super-universal forms, then full understanding of the meaning of life will be open to you, and this is the meaning and purpose of all spiritual efforts. Then you will realize that other creatures (not only humans) should foremost be of your life's concern, and only then yourself. Then you will become a servant who will work on everything positive within the Creative Work and you will not want to be a ruler of the lower ones.

2. The meaning of life is not found in living birth to death only with enough effort for ensuring our existence. If we understand the spiritual laws well – the substance and the goal, we will comprehend the meaning of life and the entire existence. Everything written here is directed towards achieving this. For a better understanding of existence, which is the base, remember the correlation of everything with everything. There is the basic idea of the Creative Work behind everything, which manifests itself within various life situations and we perceive it accordingly.

Article XI

A human is currently situated half-way through a developmental stage where we are given, for the first time, a possibility to make decisions actively, outside the law of reflection. In discovering the great life's truths, we pass through many human incarnations and, at the specific stage of maturity, we feel our brotherhood, resulting in coentity with everything. Within comprehension of the great central idea, our 'I am' broadens into everything, that exists, and the sense of belonging demonstrates that any imperfection in the Creative Work is my (everyone's) imperfection, be it anywhere and anytime. This is the moving force which in a higher understanding forces to help awakening of this very understanding in others as well. Everything then rectifies under its influence. A man is obliged, towards him himself, to search for the truth of life laws and the meaning of life.

Article XII

Our primary task and the main meaning of life is therefore not that we take the developmental journey upwards, but be the positive and the best possible complementary component in the Creative Work. We cannot put our own development above all, because in the timelessness there is no movement from the imperfect to the perfect. Everything still exists there. We did not come to the Creative Work to take the journey upwards; we came here to be a positive component, and our journey upwards arises from taking this task upon ourselves by reason that we complement life. To be a positive component of the Creative Work should be our goal.


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