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Tomáš Pfeiffer – SPACETIME

In conclusion, the interval theory also applies to the “spacetime of spirit” being the mirror image of the “spacetime of matter”, including the space of forces that potentiate the dynamic manifestation of life in the both above-mentioned parts.

I primarily speak to you as a philosopher but also as a mathematician, physicist and cosmologist. Though it would be possible to speak the language of numbers and formulas which would certainly be better understood by part of the public, I think that this form, through words, is easier to understand for the majority, and that is why I chose it. You can agree or disagree with me.

Finally, it should be noted that the horizon of cognition, uncertainty principle and the relativity principle must be self-applicable, like any other law of nature. Wishing us all every success on this pathway of cognition,

Tomáš Pfeiffer

Prague, 8 February 2017

Personal postscript:

The author’s interest in these issues arose at the age of six years after having experienced a few unexpected and completely spontaneous visions. He began contemplating a state of matter and other issues. Much later he encountered his first spiritual teacher Sri Ramana Maharshi through literature, and was subsequently meditating on the question “Who Am I?” for one year. The answer came afterwards in meditation. His perception left the body, and he experienced an indescribable feeling of freedom in limitlessness, together with a clear awareness of everything that he had subliminally perceived before, while in the body. Then as if the very last link to the body disappeared, something like a silver thread, and his consciousness transformed into the state of the only perception being “I”, where there is nothing from the known spacetime. There is no left, there is no right, there is neither light nor dark, there is neither space nor time. At the same time he was clearly and intensively realizing that this “nothing” includes absolutely everything, it is something like an immovable state in a non-division. THERE IS EVERYTHING THAT EXISTED, WILL EXIST AND EXISTS SIMULTANEOUSLY, ALL THE THINGS, THOUGHTS AND MANIFESTATION OF FORCES. IT IS HUMANLY INDESCRIBABLE – IT IS INFINITY – GOD. The next spiritual teacher, Mr. Josef Zezulka, came afterwards with his philosophy of Existence, shifting everything into inconceivable conjunctions.

With gratitude and respect to my teachers.

May the presented always serve only the GOOD.

Figure 31 – Fractal

Figure 31 – Fractal
Tomáš Pfeiffer – SPACETIMESample from book Tomáš Pfeiffer – SPACETIME
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