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Tomáš Pfeiffer - ? (Question mark)


It was not until scientists found out for the first time that everything that is alive radiates and until the biologists started to look into biophysics in greater depth that the healing profession became absolutely real for human comprehension.

Znak nauky

The healing profession is by virtue of its nature absolutely and undeniably real.

Contemporary science knows biophysics, it studies until recently unknown biophysical potencies and more and more realizes the existence of biological forces.

Just as the cognizance of electricity commenced timidly in the past when a new force, which was twitching the frog's legs, started to demonstrate itself to Galvani, so is the cognizance of a new kind of energy - a biological one - timidly entering the scene today.

Contemporary scientists already recognize one of its types that seems to be very important in the field of healthcare. These are the biological forces that are released from the bodies of some exceptionally endowed individuals.

Let us remember the times of the first cognition of electricity. Galvani observed the frog's legs. – After that, it was the rubbing of a rod that attracted small pieces of paper. These were interesting experiments but apart from its curiosity many scientists saw nothing more about them for a long time. And yet, it was out of these experiments that the knowledge of electrical energy emerged that later quickly expanded into present proportions. I wonder what would our time look like without electricity?

These were the beginnings that highly resemble today's first cognition of a new energy – a biological one.

Scientists are aware of the fact that everything that is alive radiates its vital energy. The knowledge about this new force is yet at its beginning. These radiated biological forces are already being ascertained at the prominent scientific research departments using extra sensitive electrodes. Elsewhere, their radiation is photographed, even in colours. The existence of these forces became indisputable, and in the times when new energetic sources are finally being frantically searched for all around the world, their existence is highly promising.

For now, humankind is making the first experiments. They are as interesting as were the first experiments with electricity. For many scientists, they are so far but merely interesting. It is, nevertheless, highly probable that with time their knowledge and application will expand, just as the knowledge of electricity once did. According to the rule of life everything that is born is small and imperfect.

a hand of an ordinary man - the healer's hand

a hand of an ordinary man - the healer's hand

With the first experiments with electricity and the discovering of its nature, the direction of its application could be predicted. Electricity made a thin metal filament glow, made a magnet out of an iron horseshoe, etc. This is what determined its, by then a probable, use in technology, and in the course of time this was accomplished.

Today, we are standing on the threshold of the cognition of biological forces. I wonder what their potential is and what direction their application will take. Let us try to estimate their future destiny.

I hope I am not mistaken if I assert that their, already near, future is highly promising, and their intensive study will commence all around the world very soon. It is a biological type of energy, therefore the life forces are concerned in the first place. Its presumed main application appears to be in healthcare.

Nežiješ pouze proto, abys pracoval na sobě a pro sebe, ale též, abys prospěl celku,  - celkové osudovosti, - Tvůrčímu dílu.

You do not live just in order to work on yourself and for yourself,
but also to benefit the entirety - the overall destiny, - the Creative Work. 

Biological forces

Today, we are standing on the treshold of the cognition of biological forces.

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? (Otazník)
Tomáš Pfeiffer - ? (Question mark)
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