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Tomáš Pfeiffer - ? (Question mark)


1.) There is a being (a creature) and there is a body. The being gradually takes on such bodies that correspond to its evolutional composition.

2.) Just as the life of a man (this specific life) progresses day by day from birth to death and further to a new corporeal rebirth, – so does the basic being (our inner being as opposed to the external being - of this presently living man) accept individual lives in gradual development from the most simple one to the most complex, and thus final one. We can compare and consider its sojourn in one material (plant or animal) life to one day of our life.

3.) As the being changes in its gradual development, - as it becomes more complex and more perfect, so does at the same time change the body it has taken on. In other words, the spiritual form (figuratively speaking) creates the material form.

4.) There is the Podstata that is eternal and infinite. In it there is no manifested spatial or temporal dimension as it is the case in our perception.

5.) From the Podstata a part is separated in which the spatial and temporal dimension are manifested. I call this – in the rough and human speech – "formation" the "Creative Work" because it is just the manifested spatial and temporal dimension that creates in our minds the creative process and thus unfolds the Podstata in front of us.

6.) The Creative Work consists of cosmic spheres organized in space and in time.


7.) Our existence is bound in one cosmic sphere that we call simply the "universe." In this universe we inhabit one particle that we call the Solar System, and it is out of here that we are mostly interested in life, – the progress of life, and the resulting course of events on our planet.

8.) Life events are material, – spiritual, or mental, – and vitally dynamic. This concerns not only our planet but also our universe and other cosmic spheres, i.e. the whole Creative Work.

9.) The matter (mass) of our cosmic sphere consists of molecules and atoms. We perceive an atom as a nucleus and the orbiting material particles.

10.) This atomic nucleus is the Sun in a (for us) lower cosmic sphere and its particles are in that sphere the planets on which such life in a diverse evolutional form is manifested as it is manifested in our universe. The matter (mass) in this sphere once again consists of atoms in which there are once again the suns and planets with their life, etc. still on and on into lower spheres to the point where we would arrive back to our planet. We come to realize that in this way we proceed in a circle downwards. We can proceed upwards just the same. The universe we see that it consists of fixed stars, planets, moons, etc. is the matter that is a part of a higher sphere, which is the matter... – etc. in a direction upwards. If we keep proceeding this way, we will move in a circle and will come back to our sphere. In this way we can understand the spatial infinity.


11.) Just as we proceeded in the circle in the spatial dimension, in our contemplation we can proceed in each spatial unit leftwards or rightwards. In such cases we will proceed in the temporal dimension. Whether to the left or to the right, we will always go in a circle and will always return to the initial place. There is nothing that existed and nothing that will exist. Everything is (exists), everything lasts, it is merely us with our gradual life who go through the destiny that is comprised of events.

If you know that you understood all, immerse yourself one more time in reading, and you will understand more.

If you know that you understood all,
immerse yourself one more time in reading,
and you will understand more.

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? (Otazník)
Tomáš Pfeiffer - ? (Question mark)
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