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Tomáš Pfeiffer - ? (Question mark)


Znak Bytí


There are 4 basic eras within the 24.000 years.

Each of the eras has its spiritual culture that is colored by its character and influence. On his spiritual journey, man is born into diverse periods and diverse cultures. In the case of the first incarnations into the human evolutional species, he embraces the evolutional activity rather passively, and the influence of the cultures has greater impact on him, often to the extent that he is deformed in his mental constituent. Later, when he is already more evolutionally advanced and when his conscious evolutional activity starts to expand, his ability of a more critical judgment improves. Then he more or less actively, according to his advancement, evaluates the present cultures, complements himself in them, changes his opinion, consolidates it, and thus actively evolutionally changes himself.

Each culture has its own character. It is an overall thought that is shaped into a certain thought formation. This structure is manifested either as a formation of thoughts and forms a teaching, but within understanding it can also be transformed into other areas, e.g. into earthly ones where it then forms a lifestyle and a way of thinking. Just as the structure of tones that form a song can be transformed into a visual sphere and projected as a structure of colours (because a thought is a vibration that can be recorded and understood in different sensory areas, e.g. as tones by the hearing, colours by sight, shapes by touch, etc.).

Because each culture has its own characteristics and it is a thought structure, it differs to a higher or lower degree from another culture. Each characteristic can be in its totality expressed also in other areas of comprehension.

From each teaching some definition can be deduced, some apposite, succinct, but as much as possible characterizing expression of its entirety. For a concise expression the content signs are used making thus a definition, i.e., a concise written sentence expression. If we transform this concise expression into the sphere of shapes, a sign is created, or a symbol.

We then use such symbol to express the idea. The thing is how apposite the symbol is, – what is it able to communicate by its shape.

A six-thousand-year-long era is now coming to an end where the basis of the three cultures, which the two-thousand-year-long influences formed in it, was a centripetal, – egocentric one. We are now entering into a new 6.000 year era where the basis, which characterizes this era, is just the opposite, a centrifugal, altruistic one. There are people who are born to pave the way for it with the teaching, and such people will further be born into this era who belong in it already due to their previous advancement. A more perfect understanding and a differently oriented and shaped teaching are setting in.

The basis of this teaching is a greater and more perfect comprehension of the laws of life that leads to an understanding of duality. From this it is then possible to proceed to the unification of the duality to an understanding of the oneness, the individual laws, and thus to an approximation to a gradual understanding of the unity to such degree, to which the people in the course of this era are capable of. By the unification of the duality in one's mind a balance of notions then takes place, which is one of the greatest ideals on the evolutional spiritual journey. A partial balance takes place when the centripetally understood duality leads to the centrifugal unity, that is, when the centripetal "I" – am at the same time the centrifugal "all that exists".

Also the overall understanding of "I know and I believe" belongs to the equilibrium, so in the forthcoming teaching more attention is paid to a justification by logic, analogy, etc. so that, and contrary to the previous period, only a blind and naive faith is avoided, but so that man knows more and is firm and logical in his consciousness.

Also, time with the timeless are brought into balance, next it is good and evil, fixed fate with life's activity, existence and development, perfection and imperfection, etc.

In this way the new era, which is mirrored by this indicated new teaching, is just roughly characterized. If we convert it into a symbol to the sphere of shapes, we get its symbolical sign that I present here:


It consists of the following elements:

Z dvojnosti do jednoty.

From the duality into the oneness. The two notions proceed from underneath joining in the balanced centre and further creating the oneness.

Věčno a nekonečno je symbolizováno kruhem, který nemá začátku ani konce.

Eternity and infinity is symbolized by a circle with no beginning and no end.

Celek je umístěn na rovnoramenném kříži, který značí genetický začátek Tvůrčího díla, ve kterém žijeme a kterým jsme.

The entirety is placed on the isosceles cross which denotes the genetic beginning of the Creative Work in which we live and which we are.


The vertical arm which denotes material forces is in the middle passed through by a horizontal arm denoting the forces of spirit. By passing through each other these two forces create the material world animated by the spirit, i.e. the animated Creative Work.

The symbol of the isosceles cross is not merely a Christian one, but it is an eternal expression of the genesis of the Creative Work. It is present in all eras, and so it also was in the Christian era that transformed it afterwards to a cross with a longer, material lower arm, which is then the cross of Jesus, the cross of suffering symbolizing the most painful evolutional period. Its meaning on the evolutional journey is that man has to cut down on material notions and symbolically shorten the material arm up to the equilibrium of the isosceles cross. Here also the balance was concerned prospectively, which notion, however, was considerably befogged in the human conception by the past centripetal era.

This is how I embraced the symbol of the forthcoming new era and its teaching. It is given so that it characterizes the mind and deeds of the spiritual people, that is, those who are commencing or set out on an active evolutional journey. It is given in order to mark and unite the people of the same interest and desires, same course, same culture, same teaching. It is a unifying sign and a symbol of the unified thinking of those who embrace the teaching that it expresses.

On his spiritual journey, man is born into diverse periods and diverse cultures.

On his spiritual journey, man is born into diverse periods and diverse cultures.

I present just as I received.
It connects those who decide to profess it.

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? (Otazník)
Tomáš Pfeiffer - ? (Question mark)
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