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Tomáš Pfeiffer - ? (Question mark)


Throughout evolution, a being (creature) advanced as far as to a human being and it is repeatedly incarnated in this species. Approximately in the middle of the births of human species the evolutionary style changes from the passively accepted development to an active and conscious activity.

Mankind is then divided into:

a.) Basic crowd that continues in passive development.

b.) The called ones, – who are already interested in an active development. They look for information, reading materials, meet in huge gatherings. They frequently uncritically accept also the weak or erroneous teachings. They meet with informants and preachers. They show effort for active development. It is among these that the beginning informants can be found.

c.) The chosen, – who already do not accept everything but critically distinguish. They already proceed from getting informed about the active undertaking to its active execution. They form a minor group that comes from the called ones.

d.) From the chosen ones evolve at first the more qualified informants, that is, those who metaphorically gather the individual chosen sheep in a flock to a shepherd.

e.) Many of them gradually become preachers. These are those who speak to the crowd, inform and prepare it for an active spiritual journey.


f.) Out of the preachers the teachers are selected. These have already reached a certain degree of perfection in order to be able to lead the individuals or smaller selected groups of those on an active journey.

g.) Some of the strong and advanced teachers may become masters. These are those who guard the veracity of the teaching. They are firm in the right understanding of the basic truth and see to it that the teaching is not comprehended differently within the course of time, so that it is not infiltrated with human speculations, so that it is not deformed by human bargaining, but so that it could be passed on in the clearest form and further carried unharmed throughout long ages.

h.) Above these are the grand masters who watch over and know.

If you rule some community, then rule in such way that you serve it.

If you rule some community, then rule in such way that you serve it.
Not for yourself, but for the community itself.

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? (Otazník)
Tomáš Pfeiffer - ? (Question mark)
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