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Tomáš Pfeiffer - ? (Question mark)


The Podstata part (the part separated from the Podstata) can be observed as a manifested one in three realms.

1.) Matter

2.) Soul (energetic realm)

3.) Spirit (psychic – mental realm)


The Entirety, i.e. the initial part separated from the Podstata (marked as O and audially expressed as OM, i.e. as limited O), is the overall destiny – the Creative Work.

The Podstata part (OM) is identical, unchanging and seems divided only to our observation.

Just as tones (sounds) can be transformed into the visual realm, and these will then appear to us as colours (the aggregate of tones = the aggregate of colours, – the sequence of tones = the sequence of colours, etc.), so is the Podstata part (OM) manifested into individual realms (matter, energy, psyche). It is constantly the same, of the same nature, it only appears to us according to the character of a given realm and the temporal section in which it is observed.

What we observe is only the temporal section that we can call for instance the time of our incarnation. This is the only particle of the Podstata part that we can observe in the matter, energy, and spirit – and we take it for a presently lived reality. To this reality we acknowledge the historical reality, i.e., the one


The Podstata part (OM) can be in the same way divided and described in matter, energy, and in spirit.

In the matter (mass) we perceive it as:

a.) inorganic

b.) organic


a – inorganic is the basic matter

b – organic is the basic matter + energetic activity + psychic activity.


Matter can be divided into its characteristic basic states:

a.) solid state b.) liquid state c.) gaseous state d.) fire – heat.

In each of these basic state characteristics the basic properties, i.e. elements can be distinguished and these can be combined with each other into compounds.


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? (Otazník)
Tomáš Pfeiffer - ? (Question mark)
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