A unifying view in the micro/macro world

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A way to unify the micro/macro world from the point
of view of the Philosophy of Existence

Tomáš Pfeiffer, Vladislav Šíma


Chapter 5

Unifying perspectives

5.1 A unifying view in the micro/macro world

The following figure shows a comparison between the situations of an observer in our universe, an observer located in a fractal sub-universe (reduced to the size of an atom or electron), and an observer located in a fractal super-universe (enlarged to a size exceeding the size of our entire universe). Let us imagine, for instance, an electron (in the micro world) and our entire universe (in the macro world).

Based on the concept of a self-contained fractal object – the infinite chain of suband super-universes [1, 2], and adopting the concept of the horizon of cognition, we can conclude that both the electron and our entire universe will appear as clear, defined objects to our observers in their different positions (sub-universe and super-universe).

On both sides we have the same duality of observation, capturing the symmetry of our world, which is illustrated in Fig. 5.1.

An observer’s different perceptions in different positions (sizes).

Figure 5.1: An observer’s different perceptions in different positions (sizes).

Philosophy can again repeat that the horizon of cognition applies to literally everything, even itself. The possibility of cognizing and understanding the horizon of cognition is thus limited by its very existence and we can only do so partially.


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Tomáš Pfeiffer, Vladislav Šíma - THE HORIZON OF COGNITIONTomáš Pfeiffer, Vladislav Šíma – THE HORIZON OF COGNITION
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