Passing on succession

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Tomáš Pfeiffer

A Life of Přinašeč

(the Bringer)


Getting old, after an uneasy life, when he literally wore himself out, always thinking more about the others than himself, the prophesied became reality. Shingles of the trigeminal nerve, which afflicted him, causes one of the most excruciating pains our body can experience. The illness was recognized too late, medication in hospital also started too late, therefore the treatment of this viral disease was already ineffective. Luckily, Mr J.Z. did not lose his eye. After the active phase of the illness he, unfortunately, suffered unrelieved extreme pains which lasted until his death. For this reason, the biotronic healing of Mr J.Z. for the public had to come to an end.

It was as if the story of Jesus’s pain repeated itself, J.Z.’s illness was the greatest test for himself but also for his disciples. With the difference that it was spread over time. It was intense pains every day, and repeated hospitalization without any effect.

One of the last meetings.

One of the last meetings.

One day when the death of Mr J.Z. was approaching, he called me to come. He said something which amazed me as I realized the great responsibility and commitment which resulted from his words.

He said: ‘Tomáš, I am going to pass away soon, so do not keep me here any longer. If I am without my body, I will be closer to you and I will help you more than now. I am passing OUR COMMON THING on you, it will be you, who is going to direct and develop it further. I am passing on biotronika (biotronics) and the gift of connecting to the life truth to you, however not directly how I have but through myself.’ He stood up for the last time, he went to the cupboard and passed me the last texts which I received from him.

He added: ‘When the time comes, Tomáš, another man is going to approach you and you are going to pass it on him.’ Then he looked at me for a long time and said:’ You are not going to have an easy task.’

We were always on formal terms, he called me Tomáš and I called him Mr Zezulka. It was altogether a work relationship. I cannot describe the feeling when a disciple, having written these lines, after his death, learns from the others how nicely Mr J.Z. spoke about him during his absence.

Since that moment another story started developing which, however, is not the topic of this book. Mr J.Z. asked me for example, if it was possible, to teach in time some elementary magnetizers who could develop into biotronic healers.

Not always was I successful, e.g. one of the magnetizers even badly sinned with calumny maybe out of envy that it was not he who had been chosen as the successor. This also shows the level of his respect for his teacher’s decision as he actually slandered him this way as well without realizing it. I waited for this brother for a long time, in his case there is no reason to wait for him any longer… Maybe in a future life. And there have been more such things.

Nowadays I answer the same questions which I myself asked formerly. The Spiritual University Bytí where I give lectures was founded in 1994. However its origins date back to 1945.

‘The truth is only one and the journey to that is possible.’
J. Z.

‘Did you ever meet him?’

‘Did you ever meet him?’

Mr J.Z. asked his disciples and the people who were close to him to help his successor in his task and to support him. He also said in the very end: ‘Tomáš, do not think that this is for you personally. Remember that it is for sake of common interest. If you are solving a problem, contemplate for a while and everything will come to you, God shall protect you. Whatever you do, will be good. If anybody slanders you, it is out of envy or evil. Perceive it as praise.’

‘The law of life is clear, absolutely useful and simple. Unclearness and perplexity does not lie in this law but in man. There are thousands of various sects and churches in the world and each of them must differ somehow from the others so as to have the right for its independent existence. Those who established them, changed, often violently and significantly, the original teaching, given by the person who had KNOWN.

J. Z.

The life journey of přinaseč from Prague is close to its end.

The life journey of přinaseč from Prague is close to its end.

Mr J.Z. passed away…

Mr J.Z. passed away…

This document concludes the extraordinary fate of the bringer from Prague. For two long millennia, we are going to bank on our conjecture and it will not be possible to ask about the most essential questions of Bytí (Existence) directly. What a pity. For the rest of my life, am I going to miss his question:

‘So, what do you want to ask me about?’…

Dedicated to all people by the priests of Ón

Přinašeč’s hand

Přinašeč’s hand


PS: Not a single letter in this book was written for the sake of my own interest or with the aim to distort anything. When I spoke about myself, I did so because it belongs to the bringer’s story and I do not perceive it as my personal matter. However it is God and also you who shall judge it all.


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A Life of Přinašeč (the Bringer)

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