Two gifts: the gift of healing and the gift of spirit

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Tomáš Pfeiffer

A Life of Přinašeč

(the Bringer)


The gift of healing

There are only a few people who have this ability of the flow of cosmic energy. Nowadays, we call them magnetizers and only very few of them can become biotronic healers. Everything which lives has its energy and everybody can pass a bit of this energy on to somebody else. However, this is not healing, it is just soothing. For example, a child hits his head – he has a bump on his head and is crying, his mum strokes the bump and without knowing, passes a part of her vital forces on to the child.

However, if people misuse this ability, they harm themselves by giving energy from their own vital center which they weaken this way and moreover they make their next lives worse if they misuse it for some personal profit. A real biotronic healer works in a different way.

‘After my return from prison, I started occasionally healing the ill and after a short time I got fully involved in healing,’ said Mr J.Z. Gradually, he developed the biotronic healing as a branch, he wrote elementary textbooks like Biotronic Pathology, Work with Vital Forces, Practical Spiritual Exercise and others.

Some reports on Mr J.Z.’s healing:

‘Spirit and material are one and the same, of the same thought origin.’

J. Z.

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On 3rd May 1966, I had an ambulatory surgery in hospital Na Františku, conducted by Dr Livora who removed a tumor of the size of a bean from my left breast.

A week later, after the removal of the sutures, I discovered another new tumor which was growing rapidly. The histologic finding indicated another operation – ablation of the left breast without delay.

On 22nd May 1966, I visited Mr J. Z when the tumor was already approximately 6 cm big. After his first healing I felt generally better and the feeling of vigour started growing gradually.

Mr Zezulka called smoking, coffee, cocoa, all scorched and fried food and all kinds of smoked meat as feeding ground for expansion of cancer and asked me to avoid these completely.

During five meetings the tumor diminished to the size of a pea.

Dr Livora, consequently after the change which was against all rules, wanted to avoid ablation, however, he asked the head doctor Čermák for approval. The head doctor agreed with him and suggested a mere resection which he conducted himself on 2nd June 1966.

The histological finding after this operation (2nd June) was negative and I was informed by Dr Roth (hospital Na Františku) that the tissue was completely alright.

After the comeback from hospital I visited Mr Zezulka a few times again. The feeling of vigour and higher performance was growing greatly, I put on weight and despite the short time after the operation I can do even manually demanding work without any pain and tiredness.

Mr Zezulka refuses honoraria although I feel embarrassed that his help stays unreciprocated.

In Prague 1, ----------- 7th July 1966

I contacted Mrs Countes in writing, nowadays, she lives in the USA. She was enjoying ‘the added’  years of her life.

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Krompach, 12th July 1966

Dear Mr Zezulka,

I wish you knew how desperately I am struggling to write this letter having such a tangle of thoughts and feelings! I normally like writing and can do it easily and therefore, my sudden inability to express myself surprised me. It may have been caused by a radical change in my mind which cannot be formulated in common words.

However, I have to write to you because I feel so immensely grateful and I want to write about it because a written word has a greater and longer-term weight than a spoken word. For this reason, I enclose a brief description of my case. Hopefully, you will be able to use it as a proof one day.

We have only been here since Friday (8th July). I must tell you that already on Saturday I measured my abilities and I am thrilled with the result! Except ordinary housework I mowed the grass in the garden with a scythe and a sickle, raked it and carried in baskets. Then, I chopped wood which filled up two baskets and I did everything with vigour, without any tiredness or pain. (I am a left-hander and the cut is on the left side.)

Mr Zezulka, please, believe me, I do not want to act bravado. I feel great and consequently, I am even able to do demanding work and I must tell you about it to make you delighted by the fact that your selflessness bears hearty and beautiful fruit.

My children are playing on the meadows, I can hear their laughter from the distance. They do not have any trouble or sorrow as they are not to have at their age. However, everything could have been completely different…

I pray so as they also seek and find God on their life journey; that’s something everybody has to do themselves – I can only direct them.

That time, God’s Love went over me like a wave which took me away and nearly smothered me by its power. Or, it was a glare of a lightening after which I stayed in darkness. It is indescribable. Everything around had another face. The place where I live had suddenly become indifferent and strange to me, even my own children whom I had devoted my life so far. People in the street had turned into permanently hurrying, permanently working termites having been led by a blind queen’ s radar. There had not been anything ridiculous about it, it had been caused by my anxiety. Everything had been grey and impersonal.

The only moments of peace were with you when the terrible desire to escape calmed down; then moments of strong experiences during the Holy Mess and stolen moments of meditation at home.

I had often felt like laughing when I had read effusive treatises in some praying books and I regarded their authors either as abnormal or a unreliable; Suddenly I found out that they were in deadly earnest and they had only said a fraction of what they had been feeling.

Let’s leave it. I am sorry to tease your patience.

I have just baked numerous blueberry and other cakes, I have washed sheets from seven beds – and dried them in the sun and wind - (it is so nice to run the household outside!) I am not tired at all, but there is so much on my mind I do not know what to do about. Just a mere coming ability to formulate a sentence about it brings a relief.

These new wonderful findings require steely will and paradoxically, the same amount of humbleness to bridge the abyss or to reunite the bifurcate ego.

When I go shopping along the path to the valley, I feel absolute harmony with nature – it is a feeling I have had since my childhood. I am wind, grass, fog, I do not weigh anything as if I have fragmented into molecules so as to be a part of everything and everywhere. When I am at home, I carry iron manacles.

I apologize once more that you are a victim of this letter. I laugh at myself being so passionately unhinged and helpless like a sixteen-year-old girl although I am at the age of grandmothers. In spite of this I feel wonderful although there are still a lot of things to understand and overcome.

However there is one more thing: a huge debt of gratitude on my side.

You were sent for to the eternal and unique stream of life water and you gave me to drink from your hands. No wonder that lethal diseases must retreat and no wonder that it enlightens also the soul. How could I thank you enough for such a thing? What could I do for you in return? The worldly yardstick is too short for that. I believe in Karma, which is rightful, that through its rules it will find an opportunity to give back what I received although I know I am too insignificant to be able to do such a great thing.

Mr Zezulka, I thank you from all my heart and I wish you a beautiful and enjoyable holiday.

Yours sincerely,
Marie Jana L------

1 enclosure

This is a strong confession which can be understood only by somebody who has experienced something similar themselves.

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I was asked by Mr N. who lives in Prague, Karlovo náměstí, to report on his son’s health. I have been occasionally seeing the family of Mr No------, a clerk of the 1st birth clinic, where I am employed as well, since spring 1955.

His son, Mr Nxxxxxxxxx junior, was diagnosed with sclerosis multiplex by neurologists. The disease kept deteriorating. Yet, at the beginning of summer 1955, the patient had a strong tremble of his limbs, trunk and head whenever he tried to make a small move. He suffered from incontinence of urine.

His father having tried all recommended kinds of therapy, asked Mr Zezulka, who heals by so called magnetism, for help. I do not know Mr Zezulka in person and I was never present when he saw the patient but I must state that the condition of Mr Nxxxxxxx junior is noticeably getting better. I am surprised that he is able to sit down himself which was not possible before. Walking, which was practically impossible for strong ataxia and unmanageability of the right lower limb (amyotonia), is now possible although he has to use crutches. Ataxia has relieved significantly and his sight has improved. Urinal incontinence has disappeared although the patient still needs to urinate often. However, I am aware of the fact that the disease may have spontaneous remissions.

Dr Libuše Holasová




This illness has been considered incurable until these days. It is only possible to mitigate its development, which is important. However, Mr J.Z. was able to stop its development completely – the patient’s state improved and then it fluctuated slightly often until the distant end of their life.


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The Institute of National Health of the Capital City of Prague

The Faculty Hospital in Prague 10 – Vinohrady, Škrobárova 50, tel. number 923941-8


Report on request of Mr Josef Zezulka

Prague – Smíchov, 25 J. Plachty Street

Medical report

Mr Vxxxxxxxxxxxx, born on 12th September 1889, living in Prague 10, 41 Na Šafránce Street, was examined at the radiologic clinic in Prague 10 on 9th and 17th November 1966. Two globular shadows of the sizes of 3 x 5 cm and 2 x 2 cm were discovered paracardiacly on the left upper lung area paracardialis. Suspicion fell on the lung tumorous process. Considering his old age, the patient was not sent to the bronchoscopic examination and the probing excision. He was neither treated by irradiation, operated nor treated by cytostatics. He regularly saw Mr Zezulka for healing on his own request. The patient neither lost weight nor clinical signs of tumor disease appeared. The X-ray examination from 14th September 1967 proved that his lungs were practically clean. This auspicious case deserves that the results of Mr Zezulka’s healing process should be scientifically investigated.

I can imagine what kind of objections could be raised: biopsy is missing here, this is inconclusive, etc. Then, Mr Sceptic should imagine that the shadows on the X-ray images belong to him. Will these objections be still so significant?

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Patient Dr M. H., born on 3rd March 1944

In June 1975, nearly a year after the birth of her second child, the patient discovered a resistant object of the size of a little cherry in the upper external quadrant of the left breast. The resistant object moved freely, it was not fixed to the deep part of the breast. After a month, the tumor grew noticeably larger and the doctors recommended that the tumor is removed and that she has an oncological examination. In October, total excision was conducted. The histological examination proved carcinoma medullare. The doctors recommended ablation of the breast. Her operation was planned, however, it had to be postponed for health reasons. When she was accepted at the surgery ward, she got temperature and tonsillitis. A team of consulting doctors agreed that it was too late after the excision for the patient to be operated. Therefore chemotherapy and actinotherapy 30 x cobalt commenced. The same year, the treatment with BCG vaccine was started. However, the patient bore the decacycle of chemotherapy very badly and it was necessary to discontinue it after the 6th series as the level of leucocytes fell below 2000. After three months, she was discharged from hospital to home care. Then difficulties gradually increased: lymphedema of the breast and the arm, pains under the right rib arch, anorexia, a loss in weight, vomiting, pains in her shoulder blade and in her ribs, pain in breast which hardened, metrorrhagie, subfebrility, depression and tiredness, a decrease of urination.

Objective results of examinations from that time:

Scintigraphy of the liver: the spleen, which is enlarged, has taken over part of the function of the liver

Scintigraphy of the kidneys: parenchymatous laesio, especially on the right

X-rays of the shoulder blade, ribs, lungs without metastasis

The breast locally: postradiation changes in subcutis and cutis with teleangiectasis on both sides, small nodules in the armpits

Blood count normal, however, later, a decrease of erythrocytes, leucocytes approx. 3000

Therapy: Furosemid, vitamin E forte, Glyvenolnung, Heparoid, Conferon, Pyridoxin, Pamba, three times abrasion because of metrorrghagia as other kinds of treatment were ineffective.

She underwent biotronic healing in autumn 1979 when she wanted to start hungering because of intense pains in her breast, tiredness and subfebrilia.

In reply to the questions concerning the process of biotronic healing and how she perceived it, the patient said: Mr Josef Zezulka healed me biotronicly.

Healing was organized in two series. The first series took 14 days – last week in November and first week in December 1979. The second series was from 3rd March to 7th March 1980. The effects were physical and mental:

1st day: I felt radiance like thousands of quills on my skin as if man was under electric current. Then I felt homogenous warm current, I stopped perceiving my body, after the end of healing I felt damp cheeks from tears and literally streams of water from both of my armpits. Pains were stronger. The whole week continued the same way, only the pains and sweating became less intense. During the second week the breast became softer, indurations disappeared, pains ceased. I felt as if my breast was lighter, immediately after healing I felt as if I should melt in space. During the third week, I stayed at home, relaxing, sleeping a lot. I did not have any pains at all. In December, my menses was still very strong, in the following months I observed improvement, I did not have to take Pamba any more. Urination improved as well, however, I still had to take Furosemid. After healing in March, all functions normalized fully. I felt light and healthy with desire to live as I could do anything without being tired. I got great appetite and keeping Mr Zezulka’s diet, I put on weight.

That was the patient’s authentic report.

Clinic findings from VUKEO in Brno from 15 June 1981

Palpation findings in the left breast are stable, still, without evident postradiation changes, in the left axillary there is a small soft node with diameter of 0.5 cm, supraclavicular. Mammographic check-up proved no signs of tumour on either of the sides. Subjectively, she feels good, she does not have any pains, her urination is normal, her period is regular, she does not take any medicines. The patient has been regularly checked up for six years without any signs of relapse or distant metastasis ; post-radiation changes, which had been observed during the first five years, disappeared last year.

This is the end of the report from the Yellow Hill in Brno.

The patient’s health state has not changed until these days, she does not have any problems at all and works full time.

March 1982

This patient is a doctor who I have been sometimes meeting at my lectures of the Spiritual University Byti until these days. Nowadays, it is the year 2012 and she still enjoys her good health.

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In reaction to the certificate issued by the team of members of the coordinating group for research of psychotronics, signed by the associate professor Dr J. Suchý, Z. Rajdák, a doctor of philosophy and the associate professor, doctor J. Cvekl, I can give my own observations which report on the positive influence of Mr Josef Zezulka on patients’diseases, which was performed by a particular kind of personal interaction:

The first patient was treated at an aural clinic in Prague 10 in the fifties with a histologically proved diagnosis of malignant lymfogranuloma (Hodkin), affecting the nodes along her larynx and trachea. It was necessary to conduct an operation opening her trachea. Despite having been operated, the patient continued having serious breathlessness resulting from the compression of the trachea. After Mr Zezulka’s healing, breathlessness disappeared, it was possible to discharge the patient to homecare and she lived with this serious illness for the following 7-8 years.

The second observation concerns a member of my family. A patient, aged 76, was diagnosed by an X –ray examination with a tumorous penetration on his left lung in a form of two globular shadows, the first one of a size of a mandarin, the second one slightly smaller with extensive metastasis in mediastinal nodes. Considering the patient’s age and his heart badly damaged by heart attacks, it was not possible to indicate an operation. After Mr Zezulka’s healing the tumorous penetration in his lungs diminished substantially to the size of a nut according to the next X-ray examination and the patient felt quite good, giving normal performance for about 2 years and a half. Later, the tumour enlarged again, the left vocal cord became paralysed and the patient died 3 years after the discovery of the illness without obtrusive breathlessness having only small pains. After his death, cancer was proved histologically. This kind of tumour usually leads to the patient’s death within 1 year after the X-ray diagnosis.

Based on the reported observations, I fully support the recommendation of the members of the Coordination group for research of psychotronics.

In Prague, 10th April 1969

Professor, Doctor Vladimír Chládek, Dr Sc.
Oto-laryngological clinic of the Hygienic Faculty in Prague 10

This confirmation of Mr Chládek, a professor of medicine, cannot be overlooked, he definitely knows what he is speaking about.

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15th April 1969

Dear Mr Zezulka,

As Mrs Dr Šubrtová from the hospital in Motol is afraid of giving a report on my successful treatment by your method, I decided to report on it myself.

In year 1964, I was histologically diagnosed with a tumour in the left breast. Doctors suggested amputation and irradiation – I refused both. After about 5 months, my condition quickly deteriorated, the breast became harder, I started having pains and I searched Mr Zezulka. He healed me, I kept a diet, all according to his method. The breast became softer after some time, pains disappeared. I was nearly healthy when I got pneumonia and water (on the left side again). I came to Motol where I had been registered as a dying patient. Everybody was surprised that I had survived cancer, then I recovered quickly and even after a punction, there did not stay the usual rest of water, which normally stays there and absorbs after some time.

Since then, I have been going for check-ups to Motol. Nowadays, I have got a relapse. Based on the advice of the senior consultant of the oncologic ward, I was supposed to go to the surgery ward. I was diagnosed with a lump of the size of a small apricot in my left breast. The day before my arrival to the surgery ward, I was healed by Mr Zezulka. The lump diminished significantly, which was also confirmed by Dr Subertova, who I had asked to check its state before I see the surgeon. She was surprised and she announced her findings to the others. At the surgery, I had to tell everything to the associate professor Mr Tesar. I have got a permission to be further healed by Mr Zezulka.

All the facts, I state here, are written and registered in my documentation at the oncology ward of the hospital in Motol.


What is perhaps the most important sentence in this report is: ‘I came to Motol where I had been registered as a dying patient and then I had to tell everything to the associate professor Mr Tesař. I have got a permission to be further healed by Mr Zezulka!’

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In the last weeks, I met Mr Josef Zezulka, born 1912, domiciled Prague 5 – Smíchov, 25 Jindřich Plachta’s Street, in the period when an acquaintance of his was being treated in our ward. The patient, aged 59, had been hospitalized with a suspicion of the malignant process, with excruciating pains in his bones. He finally died of the bronchogenic carcinoma with multiple metastasis in his bones and pathological fractures. The bronchogenic carcinoma had been proved by a surgery.

In the period, when the metastasis were not proved by X-rays yet, Mr Zezulka had already localized them correctly. After that, the patient underwent a specialized examination of these parts of his body and the metastasis were also discovered by the roentgenologist.

During his healing, Mr Zezulka focused on relieving the pain, and after his healing, the process of the illness became truly atypical in respect of the patient’s pains which did not require, with the exception of the very terminal stage, the application of opiates, which such a state would have normally needed.

Dr Ladislav Rosa
In Prague 9th May 1969
Is it little or a lot when you live it personally?

Potvrzení léčby

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In the spring 1966, during an operation, my gall bladder was removed (it had been stuck with stones and the supply ways had been stuck as well), my condition improved and gradually I stopped dieting. In October 1968, I got a voucher to the spa in Piešťany for the treatment of my rheumatism, however, no sooner had I arrived, I was moved to the infection ward with a serious case of infectious jaundice. After seven weeks, I was released and I continued in my convalescence in Prague.

I came back to work on my own request in the middle of January, however, the results of liver tests were really unfavourable and I felt very tired.

Later on, I was recommended to Mr Jos. Zezulka. After his healing, my state improved significantly. Moreover, my results of liver tests have improved and mentally, I have been feeling very good as well.

I am very grateful to Mr Zezulka for his helpfulness, taking into account the fact that he performs all the healing completely free of charge.

In Prague, 28th April 1969
In such cases, the results of liver tests are usually bad for a long period.

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In the spring 1966, I suffered from bursitis of my left knee. At the end of May, I stayed in Brno on business for a fortnight and as I had to walk more there, the pains deteriorated substantially. After my comeback to Prague, Mr Zezulka saw me, based on a recommendation, and after three sessions during a week, my pains relieved to such an extent that I was able to go for walks without a cane and without biggish difficulties.

In Prague, 11th April 1969
Associate professor,
Awarded doctor K------------

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I know Mr Josef Zezulka, domiciled Prague-Smíchov, Jindřicha Plachty’s Street. I have been experiencing his healing results both personally on myself, but also on my family members and acquaintances for many years. I will state here a few particular cases, which I have observed.

During three sessions, he completely relieved my mother’s lumboischiadic syndrome which had not been soothed with any medicines and my mother had had to stay in bed for 3 weeks, not being able to move. Although she had been suffering from the illness rather often, after Mr Zezulka’s healing, she has had this type of medical condition only rarely and in a mild form.

When I fell ill with appendicitis and was having excruciating abdominal pains and the illness was incorrectly considered as a gynecological disease because of the pelvis position of my appendix, Mr Zezulka’s healing helped relieve the symptoms of inflammation and later on, it became possible to proceed to the operation of my appendix without a hurry.

As I have hay fever and I am regularly treated at the allergological ward, I suffer from overall tiredness during the period of pollen activity, a running nose and conjunctiva inflammation. My bronchial tubes sometimes get irritated. Therefore, I used to see Mr Zezulka during the period of pollen activity and he would always ease all the symptoms to such an extent that I was able to perform my job.

As regards his healing at distance, I would like to mention this personal observation: I fell ill with a strong periodontitis around a dead molar which caused me very sudden pains that I was not able to go to emergency on Saturday evening and medicines did not help me any more. My mother called Mr Zezulka and passed me the phone. After his healing, pains were relieved very quickly before we had finished our telephone conversation. The pains did not relapse and during the following week I had the tooth extracted without any hurry. His healing is subjectively perceived like a feeling of warmth, sometimes like a feeling of electric current or slight vibration after which an overall feeling of relieve follows. In the sick part of the body, hyperaemia of the skin arises.

I enclose this report as a proof of Mr Zezulka’s healing as he helps people selflessly and follows the rule of love towards man.


In Prague, 10th April 1969
Dr Jarmila Chladková, a dentist
Dr. Chladkova’ report
on experience with Mr J.Z.’ healing

Josef Zezulka - Pohled z okna.

A look out of a window

‘Macrocosm and microcosm are analogical in their nature. Naturally, as analogy must be quite rightly in all byti (existence).’

J. Z.


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