‘Přinašečství’ (Bringerhood)

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Tomáš Pfeiffer

A Life of Přinašeč

(the Bringer)


With the first breath of the newborn Josef in 238, Brno – Herspice, an unusual fate started, an unusual fate which was full of miracles and which would be extremely tough.

Never in my life, over many years of our meetings when he taught me, did I meet a person so humanly true, so wise. He was modest and ingenious and he bore his fate with humble and meek acceptation.

There is a denumerable number of small Josephs in the world, so why should we write only about this one? After all, each of them is unique, each of them is exceptional, at least in something.

The reason for writing about this particular fate, is that it is not similar to any other human destiny lived over the last two thousand years.

It is my personal conviction and understanding that this single fate does not serve the personal development of an individual through experience. Here it is the exact opposite. Maybe that’s why we live in a dual world where each up is accompanied by its down, where light shines through darkness and death is the prototype of birth.

We all move up through development via lives to a higher perfection. On the other hand, according to the rule of duality, a much more developed being than humans returns voluntarily as if he was returning from our evolutionary future to the human race.

It is how the most basic knowledge of the life truth appears among humankind. Forms of life, miscellaneous civilizations, cultures and philosophical understanding change on Earth. Above all, the clearest truth of Existence is brought every other millennium, like an unwavering pendulum of fate.

It is realized through the life and awaking of a přinašeč who comes, always at the age of 33, before the beginning of a new era, because the bringer must prepare its commencement and give direction to the new era under a new influence for the forthcoming two thousand years.

The symbol of the teaching
The symbol of the teaching

The picture of the face of the last přinašeč Jesus from the Tourine Shroud

The picture of the face of the last přinašeč Jesus from the Tourine Shroud, which is genuine according to the recent findings. It has been proved that dating by the radiocarbon method was incorrect.

The life stories of přinašeč are immensely dramatic, even tragic, full of unbelievable personal power, love for humankind, for all life and fulfilled with goodwill to help people via their ‘I know’.

A bringer comes to remove silts from the human spiritual culture and, last but not least, he comes to move into further in the new period influence. After all, it is good manners to help the weak. Everything is under development, including teaching.

However, this has always been considered to be rebelliousness by a number of people who are rooted in comfortable system of faith and haggling which has been acknowledged over the centuries.

In spite of this, or because of this, a number of conmen and birdbrains claim to be him. It is a fundamental rule that the real bringer never proclaims himself directly.


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A Life of Přinašeč (the Bringer)

A Life of Přinašeč (the Bringer)  - Tomáš Pfeiffer
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