Jesus and his awakening

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Tomáš Pfeiffer

A Life of Přinašeč

(the Bringer)


After his awaking on 30th March 33, Jesus soon excelled in explaining the philosophy of life, a truthfulness which everybody felt in their heart. This youth, who had not studied anywhere, dared perform with a great force of invention in the field which was directed by ‘famous doctors of philosophy’ who studied and rummaged old texts which had been studied and rummaged for generations, ‘famous doctors of philosophy’ who in the beginning only mocked him from their teachers’ desks.

What also counted against Jesus was the fact that he could not take on the masters of the old teaching because those would have kept distorting the new teaching. Therefore he started teaching ordinary people from the very beginning, for example fishermen. There is certain symbolism in the fact that the previous bringer opened the period of Pisces while the přinašeč from Prague opened the period of Aquarius.

However Jesus’s explanations were so strong that people started listening to him more and more. He became more famous. Moreover, with his ability, he was able to disprove the incompetent. Those often hid behind dogmas not being able to explain a problem logically and truly. In Jesus’s presentation, there was no space for dogma, he was so different!

For this reason, the representatives of his opposition tried to dispose of him by complaining to Pilate, but without any result. The Roman prefect Pilate ‘washed his hands’ with the words that it was their matter. Therefore, they sent their complaint to higher authorities to Rome where they depicted Jesus as a threat to Rome and its interests in Judaea.

How different depiction from Pilate’s letter in which he described Jesus as a remarkable man with deep philosophy worth interest. We should recognize the attitude back then of great power expressed by the idea that he who is not a Roman is not a man. How similar it is to the colonial thinking of Englishmen and many others in quite recent times. The letter of Pharisees had its consequences. Pilate had to act. Yet until the very last moment he tried to avert the catastrophe.

The calumny about Jesus which was intentionally spread by the Jews themselves, however, was successful. In the end, Pilate stood against all of them not having the option of choice.

During the execution in the square, the fanatic crowd shouted: ‘crucify, crucify, crucify.’ After all, abuse of the public opinion is so easy if you have influence, position and power…After Jesus’s death, Pilate’s wife became a preacher of Jesus’s teaching.

Jesus’s body disappeared from the tomb. On the funereal cloth with which the body was covered, a perfect picture of Jesus remained. When he materialized to his disciples, persecution started. Many of them also ended up on the crucifix. Peter who received the gift of succession was smeared and suppressed by another man. This conman had similar interests to the occupiers of Judaea – the Romans. Incidentally – when I was following Peter’s footprints to his last place I found a picture of our Charles’s bridge in the basilica. Is that a coincidence?


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A Life of Přinašeč (the Bringer)

A Life of Přinašeč (the Bringer)  - Tomáš Pfeiffer
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