Easter 1945 – awaking of přinašeč (the bringer)

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Tomáš Pfeiffer

A Life of Přinašeč

(the Bringer)


It is year 1945, it is 30th March and it is nearly exactly a month before the end of the war. There is a man sitting in the kitchen in one of many blocks of flats in Prague’s Smíchov. It is not an ordinary day for him, it is his birthday. He is exactly thirty three years old. He is sitting next to a wooden table with beautifully carved legs.

The table of awaking
The table of awaking

This is his own description of what followed: ‘I was sitting here in the kitchen, it was Easter, I am quite sure of it because my shop was open all the time, just during two public holidays did it close.

It came suddenly, I was overcome by an in immensely strong perception of bliss and just after some sort of indescribable opening of consciousness. Suddenly I clearly realized that most of what people consider true is just a big mistake developed throughout history. As if I remembered something which I had known and just forgot it. It was such an exceptional experience that I started searching. Searching for somebody who would be able to give me an explanation.

In those days, a professor from a grammar school in Smíchov used to visit my shop. He was a passionate Buddhist, so he explained the teaching to me. I also visited a priest but he was not able to give me any advice either, he had never heard or read of such a thing either. Then, I think, it was my brother who told me about a public psychic séance.

Here, let me make another comment. Especially in recent years, I have noticed an effort made by some churches to ostracize and demonize everything which they give an overall name - the occult. At the same time, the range of the things which come under the occult according to them, is unbelievably wide and is still becoming wider and wider. After all, for example homeopathy which is also regarded as a sort of the occult definitely could not be known in the days of the Bible. According to some sources, even massages (besides other things) belong to the area of the occult. We can only imagine how they would classify the branch of biotronic healing. Nevertheless, Jesus and nearly all of his apostles healed the ill. It is a pity that so few incumbent priests can do it. I hear so called sophisticated explanations that it is something else and something comes from God and something does not. However, the truth is completely different. On the one hand, there is a suffering ill person who needs help and on the other hand, there is a servant who fulfills God’s will if he is able to. After all, only a very foolish person will try to destroy curative springs.

For example, during a mass, which naturally connects the priest with THE HOLY SPIRIT and passes this grace on other people, healing should be present. This kind of connection is the core of priesthood. A mass is a spiritual and also occult ceremony. And it is at least pharisaism if we do not admit it.

It is noteworthy how all totalitarian regimes have persecuted spiritualism - there was the pogrom led by the fascists against Czech spiritualists who were imprisoned in concentration camps, or the following communist terror. They might have considered it dangerous because spiritualism could reveal the weaknesses of the fundamentals of these regimes.

However, there is nothing wrong with spiritualism, on the contrary, on condition that it is not connected with evil forces, of course. However, this is true for the whole sphere of religion. For example, besides churches which purvey the benefaction of solidarity to their members and make space for personal spiritual development, there are certainly also such churches which have ended up on the side of evil, fighting and separating people as ‘theirs’ and ‘the others’ – the damned. As if it were the Middle Ages.

Mr J.Z. was not a spiritualist. I say it with full weight. Unless all of us are. We all move within a spiritual area which has arisen from one original nucleus – the God and which is dual.

Neither does the truth become stronger in the course of time and nor could the passage of time change fallacy into the truth.


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A Life of Přinašeč (the Bringer)

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