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Tomáš Pfeiffer

A Life of Přinašeč

(the Bringer)


During the communist regime the information about people like Mr J.Z. was published very rarely. Here are several documents from that period:

The copy of the scanned original - the original follows the text

In Brno, 22nd October 1970
Dear editors,
I kindly ask you to publish my letter in your magazine Mladý Svět.


Thank you,

Best regards,

Zdena Blahová, Brno 14, 25, Venhudova Street


I read in Mladý Svět about very successful biotronic healing conducted by Mr Zezulka in Prague. As I had been suffering from unbearable pains of my kidneys and a strong inflammation of my veins, I asked an acquaintance of Mr Zezulka to introduce me to him. It is interesting that since a healing session, for which Mr Zezulka did not accept any fee, I have had any problems with neither my kidneys nor with the veins on my legs without having to take any medicines or stay in hospital. It is a great pity that Mr Zezulka is not allowed to heal in the public. A lot of people would benefit from his help, it would be possible to save medicines and hospitals would not be overcrowded. Various magazines, e. g. 100 + 1 and Čtení, have reported that this kind of healing has been used abroad for a long time. Why isn’t it possible in our country? Isn’t it ruthless to the ill in need? Why does our healthcare system not ask Mr Zezulka to heal for the public? Or, do we have to travel abroad to be healed this way when it is available in our country maybe even in a better quality? Isn’t it all strange? What could be done here? Can you please reply to me?

Zd. Blahová

In Prague, 9th October 1967

Dear Mr Zezulka,

Well, I will not write a reportage about you in the Literature Newspaper because it has stopped existing. As I am leaving abroad for a fortnight today, I am sending you back the breathtaking document and as soon as I return, we will agree on what to do with such an important thing. For the time being, I am sending you my regards.

Bohuslav Blažek

The copy of the scanned original - the original follows the text

Květy –a weekly for the whole family
In Prague, 7th May 1990
Dear Mr Zezulka,
I am giving you my kind regards and I hope that you are already enjoying good health. I am sending you, hopefully, the latest batch of letters. We have written to everybody that you cannot help them nowadays, so you really do not have to reply to them. However, I must pass the letters to you as they were addressed to you.
Kind regards,
Pavel Chobotský
I have reached nearly everything at the MZ CSR (Ministry of Healthcare of the Czech Republic). They listened to me for half a day, they established a high-level committee which will be led by professor Koutecký, the main oncologist from Czechoslovakia, and there are also two deans of the medical faculty, etc. I will inform you about the further development.


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A Life of Přinašeč (the Bringer)

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