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Tomáš Pfeiffer

A Life of Přinašeč

(the Bringer)


He was never given permission to exchange foreign currency, neither did he get permission to travel abroad. He was not even allowed to go to the Soviet Union when he had been invited by docent Iňušin, who had asked the Czech Ministry of Healthcare to enable Mr J.Z. to conduct research there.

The copy of the scanned original - the original follows the text
Ministry of Healthcare of the Czech Socialist Republic
To Dušan Čulík, the Head of the Media Department

Dear colleague,

In reply to your letter from 8th July 1970, I inform you that we have been researching the area of bioenergetics of entire organisms for five years under my supervision. We study various kinds of acceptance of stimulation of essential metabolic processes in the organism by means of soft electromagnetic irradiation with the aim to treat the ill. Extensive experimental materials on the features of bioplasma have been received. Detailed results are stated in publications. In the clinics of the town Alma-Ata, new methods in the treatment of the ill are being practically used.

We would like to meet you and other specialists from Czechoslovakia in our town and we would like to exchange experience and establish close cooperation in this new research field. My colleagues and me would like to visit Prague with the same purpose.

I am sending you two publications. Perhaps, it would be suitable to publish the theses in the Czech language, which could be arranged by the Ministry of Healthcare, to enable profound studying of these to Czechoslovac specialists.

I am grateful to you for your letter and I am awaiting your further information.


Yours sincerely,

Associate Professor of the Kazgoz University

V. M. Iňušin

A translation of the original letter, which arrived at the Ministry of Healthcare in August 1970

The copy of the scanned original - the original follows the text

A copy of the supplement of Sunday’s newspaper Práce, issue n. 27 from 7th July 1973, page 5

The author of the article was provided with the information by Dr Zdeněk Rejdák. He masqueraded Mr Zezulka as A. E. Krivorotov from Tbilisi.

Mysterious energy

A lying patient, relaxing as much as possible, is concentrating their thoughts on the part of the body where their illness is. A doctor is touching their skin with his palms and the ends of his fingers and some sort of vibration gives the information about the ill organ to the fingers…

Yes, this looks like legendary healing by putting hands, which has been connected with mysterious tales since the times of the ancient Incas and Egyptians and has been accepted sometimes with strong belief, sometimes with rejection and mockery. However this time, it is a strictly scientific experiment, one of those, through which A. E. Krivorotov from Tbilisi studies possibilities of Bioenergetic Therapy. The Soviet researcher concludes from his experiment that the ill organ becomes the point of intersection of two currents of energy when applying this method: the internal and external currents. The healer brings external, additional energy into the patient’s organism and such energy arouses new feelings in the patient and these activate patient’s internal energy. During the healing process, the patient feels some sort of pins and needles in the place of the contact, this feeling is sometimes accompanied by the perception of warmth. Bioenergetic healing has succeeded in eliminating or easing health problems of a number of patients suffering from functional diseases of the nerve system and also some internal diseases. Outstanding results can be achieved with children. A photographical method developed by the Kirlians’ couple is a breakthrough, which even enables to take pictures of the demonstrations of bioenergy.

In laboratories of a university in Paris, doctor Yvone Duplessis is testing another unusual procedure, which is not treatment but it can substitute for a missing sensory organ to the handicapped. The blind can see! Seeing without eyes is based on the procedure that a card with geometric shapes, later with whole syllables is placed in front of the blind person’s face -the left part of the face being more sensitive. After intensive training, which requires full concentration, the blind, themselves, discover an ability, which stays hidden to people with normal sight – paroptic vision. Without help of eyes, they can recognize letters of syllables and words, partly colours. What can be developed quite easily by the blind is dermoptical perception when they can recognize colours by the touch of their fingers. It has turned out that various colours induce the feeling of different temperature or density in their fingers. The red colour even attracts the hand directly.

We could meet Alexej Krivorotov, Mrs Duplessis and other 250 world scientists in Prague in the second half of June. The committee of applied kybernetics of the Czech technical scientific company initiatively called a unique international conference in Prague. Researchers of various scientific branches, who study a strange form of energy, arising during cognitive processes and impulses of will, gathered there for the first time. Demonstrations of this energy often used to be shrouded in occult superstitions and only recently, an inter-discipline scientific branch, which studies these phenomena by modern, exact methods, has started to be formed. This way psychotronics has been established…


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A Life of Přinašeč (the Bringer)

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