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Tomáš Pfeiffer

A Life of Přinašeč

(the Bringer)


After his military service, he looked for a suitable job. At first, he worked as a sales representative. When he got the opportunity to open a shop with a tacit business partner, he took advantage of it. The shop was situated in a good place. It was in Újezd n.1, opposite the barracks next to the entrance to Kinský garden and it had a proud name ‘Market of Sweets’. He sold ice-cream, once he earned enough money, he launched biscuits, sweets, gingerbread and other goods.

Mr J.Z. worked in his shop very carefully. Once a week he changed the shop windows and he created various attractive advertisements himself so that children would enjoy watching them. At that time, his father was helping him at the cash desk.

A company postcard
A company postcard

Those days were different from nowadays. Mothers used to be at home with the children. In the afternoon, they used to go for a walk in Prague’s parks, and Kinský garden was the most frequently visited. Children would stand in front of shop windows, admiring the decorations while mother would do the shopping. Of course, revenues were increasing and Mr J.Z. was considering opening another shop in Nusle. However, this did not happen as he was robbed by his business partner a

When things got a bit easier, Mr J.Z. could enjoy himself more. He started doing sport, he bought a cottage in Poddubí, near to Senohraby. He bought it from Bob Hurikan, an acquaintance of his. He competed in archery, he went canoeing, cycling, competed in dancing and he took advantage of every free minute to do sport in the countryside. He received many first prizes and various medals which he stored in a small suitcase, it was full of them. Later, when these prizes meant nothing to him, he moved them to the cellar.

One of his life-long hobbies was mushrooming, he was able to identify nearly every mushroom and he personally knew professor Smotlacha, a well-known Czech mycologist.

He was interested in theatre, he used to go to the National Theatre, to the actors’ club where he had a lot of friends and patients among Czech famous actors. He cured for example Mrs Dana Medřická and many others.

Mr Werich was the only man it was impossible to help because of his love for cigars which he was not able to give up. In such a case, of course, biotronic healing of a tumorous process is useless and it was therefore not even started.

Mr J.Z. loved walking through old Prague. He liked this city and sometimes he also spoke about its future: ‘It is the new spiritual centre of the world. It is overtaking this role from Jerusalem after six thousand years. A bringer is always born three times to the same nation. It is like a relay, gradually, all nations take turns. Before Jerusalem, was the Alexandrian centre, and many others. A nation is chosen to service the others this way. It is a big commitment, which is helped by the fact that a greater number of talented people are born there during that time.

Let’s get back to where we were. As his father’s illness deteriorated, he had to end all commerce representation and he only had a shop with textile in the house where they lived. Later on, however, he lost everything. He lent a big amount of money to his brother who then went bankrupt. He sold the house in Nusle to be able to pay his brother's debts. His father received a very small pension and his family was ruined financially. Mr J.Z. tried to help his father as much as possible and to ease him through his tough destiny. Because of that any hope he had of studying fell through and all three brothers received merely vocational training, as medicine and medical treatment were very expensive and the family had to economize. By that time, they had already moved to a new flat in Smíchov, 25, Jindřicha Plachty Street but in those days it still had a different name.

Up until then, Mr J.Z.’s destiny had been quite normal. This was going to change radically and unbelievably. However, Mr J.Z. was not expecting anything yet.


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A Life of Přinašeč (the Bringer)

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