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Tomáš Pfeiffer

A Life of Přinašeč

(the Bringer)


Mr J.Z. visited a public spiritualist séance where a medium said: ‘I am speaking to the man in that particular row on that particular seat.’ Everybody started looking around to see who it was – and the seat belonged to Mr J.Z. The medium spoke these words: ‘You are going to come to a big master who is going to put you on the right route. Do not come again. Do not search for anything and do not listen to anything. Mr J.Z. waited for what was to come…

And quite rightly, after some time, a man turned up in his shop. Mr J.Z. asked him: ‘Can I help you?’, and the man replied with surprise: ‘Oh, I do not need anything, why did I come here?" J.Z. told him: ‘Well, it might be karma.’ The man was surprised and asked him: ‘Do you know what karma is? Are you interested in spirituality?’ J.Z. said: ‘Yes, I am, I am searching for an explanation of what fulfilled me.’ The man continued: ‘You know, I attend a private community where a very advanced master speaks to us through a medium. Today, we are having a session, so I am going there.’ Mr J.Z. told me then: ‘They had a session once a week.’ I asked him if he could take me there. He said:’ Unfortunately, it is not possible, the sessions have been strictly closed to newcomers for years. ‘So we said goodbye to each other and he left.

The following day, he came, quite surprised and said: ‘Imagine, what happened. When I arrived at the session yesterday, immediately when the master manifested himself, he told me: “Today, you met a man who is meant to come here, bring him here next time.”

So, we arranged a meeting in front of a bookshop in Letná (it is a corner house diagonally opposite the Home Office), and he took me to a private apartment where these sessions were held. It was approximately as far as if you went from here to Anděl.

The master manifested himself through a medium, he welcomed me and then he said: ‘What you experienced was the time of your awakening: You have got two gifts: you have got a gift of knowledge of the philosophy of life and the laws of life and your second gift is healing.’ I had been told this in the public session. He only confirmed it and said: ‘You must not read anything, not listen to anything so as not to distort, even slightly, the truth of life. You will not listen to anybody, even not to me. The gift of spirit which you have is a direct connection to the general truth of life, you will always know the answer. ‘

And then the master told the participants about their previous lives but he skipped me. I objected, I wanted to know my previous life and he told me: ‘ You must not know anything about your past life, I will not tell you about this. Never ask about it so as not to influence the action of destiny in this case.’ Than he told me: ‘ Another being, who has a special task, has approached you (it was at the beginning of year 1948). The task will be fulfilled on the 20th May and then another being will approach you and will have another task for you. I will not tell you when this will be fulfilled or and what the tasks are like. However as a proof of the truth, I will tell the others. Today is the last time you will be here, you will not come here again. I have already told you what I can.’ And he repeated again: ‘Do not read anything, do not listen to anybody, your gifts will develop.’ So I waited until 20th May 1948 to see what would happen.

On that day, the doorbell rang and two men from STB (the State Secret Police) dressed in leather coats arrived. They arrested me and took me to Bartolomějská Street. When I was there, I knew, thanks to my master, that it was meant to be like this.

During the interrogation, I was thinking if those, my spiritual brothers, were with me. Suddenly, there was a bang and Stalin’s portrait fell down and his bust rocked. I spent a few days there being interrogated.

Then, they transported me to Pankrác where interrogations continued. I was on the third floor, I cannot remember the number of the cell. After two months, the amnesty came, my co-prisoners were released but I was not.

I knocked on the walls on both of the sides, but the cells were empty. I wondered why they had not set me free. I asked the prison guard and he replied cynically:’ Do not worry about that, who is meant to be hung, will not drown. ‘ I took it as a rejection by a saying but later I started thinking about it.

Two or three days later, the prison guard suddenly came and said:’ Take your belongings and follow me. ‘

I had just a jacket, I asked him, where we were going. He said: ‘You are going to find out soon.’ I was scared because I thought that he was escorting me to my execution. We went down the stairs, I had to go first and he followed me, as it was common, I reacted to his commands – move ahead, stop, etc. We went down to the ground floor and walked along a corridor for some 20 meters. In front of me, there was a door to the courtyard and I felt really devastated, I was walking and awaiting the command – turn left.

The prison guard did not say anything, we passed that door, and I felt relieved. He escorted me to the building of the court where they had taken me for interrogations with the investigating judge. He announced that I was released but just because of abolition which meant that I could be arrested again whenever. Later on, I learnt that the other being had arranged it that way to make me pass my scaffold. I might have been executed in my last life.

I had been arrested for my pro-Western revolt activity. In a cell which was 7x14 feet there were six of us. Just one of us could lie down. The others had to sleep standing up leaning against each other. It was after 25th February 1948, after the so called Victorious February, when many dissidents of the communist regime had been arrested.

When I returned home, an elderly couple from the session were waiting for me. He looked at his watch and said: ‘ You are on time,’ thus they had been waiting for me according to the prediction. The master proved his qualities this way. (The master had said: ‘When you are not here, I will tell the others everything as a proof of the truth. You must not ask about it and they must not tell you.’) Similarly, I was not allowed to ask about my fate and he told me: ‘You will use your two gifts. You will use your main gift – understanding, the gift of Spirit and through it, you will develop healing as well. ‘So, I did.

I told the elderly couple that I wanted to thank the medium and the master. They told me that it was not possible, the medium (a lady) was in hospital. She passed away three days after that. Our teacher was a big master, there are very few of them, he gave a hundred percent proof of the truth.

During the séance, we had sat around a table and the medium had gone into a trance. The master had spoken through her and one more non-incarnated medium. Clairvoyance has many different branches and also levels of perfection. Fate is not the only one given route but it gives us the possibility of a free choice. It looks more like the rails at a lining railway station. Therefore, the most difficult thing is to give the timing of the predicted events. Our brother IAIAUE – that was his name, was able to do it perfectly. But not only that, he spoke about the future development of our country. He predicted, besides other things, the separation of the Czechs and the Slovacs. (In that post-war period when happy people expected only the best future, nobody had such ideas about what would later come true.) He also said that after this separation, there will come a gradual process of assimilation in Slovakia with a strong Hungarian neighbour, leading to a potential termination of its independence.


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A Life of Přinašeč (the Bringer)

A Life of Přinašeč (the Bringer)  - Tomáš Pfeiffer
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