Biotronika (Biotronics)

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Tomáš Pfeiffer

A Life of Přinašeč

(the Bringer)


The first attempts of J.Z. to demonstrate the healing results came already in the fifties. He would come to heal the long-lasting ill.

He then spent his whole life trying to incorporate biotronic healing into the family of branches which help a man during an illness.

Incidentally, it was he who used the expression biotronika (biotronics) for the first time to describe healing through vital forces. He gradually created biotronic pathology, the science of forces, he described the methods of healing and education of further novices. Primarily, he created the philosophy Bytí (Existence) which touched the most essential spheres in a unique and original way.

The philosophy explains everything from the beginning of the existence of time and space all the way to a particular solved question. He starts where others usually finish off. Graphical symbols, logos for biotronic philosophy and healing came to him in visions. Some of them are in the following paintings.


However, those were very difficult days, authorities did not support such things despite all the effort made by many important people.

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In Prague, 31st March 1969


The members of the Coordination group for research of psychotronics, whose signatures can be seen underneath, have been observing the activities of Mr Josef Zezulka for a long time. Based on the results achieved so far, they have reached the conclusion that his extraordinary abilities should become the subject of systematic serious scientific research. Mr Zezulka is able to develop a certain kind of interpersonal interaction by touch or at distance and this way, he is able to influence some conditions favourably, in some cases, he is able to reverse them completely without interfering disturbingly into the therapy conducted by the doctor (please, see the copies of some statements).

It is vitally important for further objective research that a great number of documents required for scientific evaluation are collected.

Therefore, we recommend that it is enabled Mr Zezulka to be fully involved in this activity which he has been performing beneficently among his acquaintances so far.

We are interceding on behalf of Mr Zezulka as he approaches his activities with requisite seriousness, openness and responsibility, he is one of few people who are able to establish the interpersonal interaction, mentioned above, and there is also an opportunity to teach other people with similar abilities in the future. The support of his effort pursues the interest of further development of scientific research of human qualities, which have not been studied yet, and also the interest in health of people, who could be helped this way.

Dr Zdeněk Rejdák, Social psychology
Associate professor Jaroslav Suchý, Antropology
Associate professor Jiří Cvekl, Philosophy


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The Institute of National Health of the Capital of Prague 31, Jungmannova Street, Prague 1 – Telephone 236441-5, 230052-4

In Prague, 15th February 1968

Mr Josef Zezulka
25, J. Plachty Street, Prague 5

Referring to the personal visit of the employees of our Institute in your place, we want to benefit from your goodwill and accept the offer to demonstrate your method of healing.

We suggest that the meeting is held in the meeting room at the 1st health centre Prague 5, 6, Kartouzská Street, on the 4th floor, respecting a close proximity of the place for the invited doctors from our institute, on Thursday 22nd February 1968 at 12 o’clock.

If this date did not suit you, would you inform us telephonically on the telephone number 23-56-16 and another appointment would be arranged.

The Director of the Institute of National Health

Dr Alois Pokorný


The copy of the scanned original - the original follows the text

In Prague, 8th June 1967

Dear Mr Josef Plojhar
The Minister of Healthcare

Dear Mr Minister,

I would like to ask you politely for your attention to an issue which could bring a certain benefit to human healthcare.

The issue concerns using extraordinary abilities of people who can interfere with a curative effect, improve patients’ health state during some illnesses. Without any medication given to the ill organism, they interact with it by their personal qualities, usually by touch. Rational explanation can be found in the theory of transfer of bioinformation. From an anthropological point of view, a bioenergetic healer is a person who is endowed with a talent, which is very rare in human population.

In our country like abroad, there are very few people, working in this realm, with a different degree of this endowment. The branch of bioenergetic healing does not fit in the scientific understanding of contemporary medicine. However, it should not be fundamentally refused although we cannot exclude the possibility that some charlatans may only pretend this extraordinary endowment. I suggest that the endowment of bioenergetic healing is researched scientifically and further developed by these people. This is not a scientific discipline, which can be studied, but there is a certain similarity to extraordinary artistic talent. The talent in bioenergetic healing, which is led and educated in the appropriate way, may become equally valuable aid to healthcare as for example curative springs or other natural resources. The successes of some foreign bioenergetic healers, who were allowed to work for the public, prove it. Our country has the opportunity to keep one of the top ranks in this branch.

I would like to draw your attention to a bioenergetic healer with exceptional spiritual qualities, he has had a lot of success with even very serious diseases, including malignant proliferation. Considering the current negative attitude of official medicine, the cooperation with doctors is limited to private interest. It would be very meritorious to enable this bioenergetic healer to be able to offer his abilities at disposal to the health of our citizens. The bioenergetic healer is called Mr Josef Zezulka, domiciled in Prague 5, 25, Jindřicha Plachty Street.

As extraordinary human abilities belong to my branch, I took my interest in this case. Therefore, I kindly ask you, dear Mr Minister, to accept both of us, to listen to his suggestions for the practical use of bioenergetic healers in healthcare and to enable their implementation with the power of your authority.

Yours sincerely,

(Doc.Dr. Jaroslav Suchý, CSc)

The copy of the scanned original - the original follows the text

The Ministry of Healthcare
Prague 10 – Vinohrady, 98 Wilhelma Piecka Street

In Prague, 20th August 1969

Dear comrade,

Associate Professor, Dr Jaroslav Suchý

The Pedagogical Faculty of Charles University

4, M. Rettigové Street

Prague 1

Dear comrade associate professor,

We have received your letter from 11th July this year, addressed to Mr Minister, concerning the healing activities of Mr Zezulka.

As we would like to get some more details, related to Mr Zezulka’s method of healing, we kindly ask you to report to the Department of the Research of Healthcare and Technology to the room n. 104 at a time which suits you to discuss the issue more thoroughly. Will you please announce the time of your visit in advance on the tel. n 25-62-28 (the direct line) or on the tel. n.25-06-51.

Comrade regards,


Dr Alena Kovaříková

The Department of the Research

of Healthcare and Technology

The copy of the scanned original - the original follows the text

The Ministry of Healthcare

In Prague, 9th September 1969

Dear comrade,

Associate Professor Dr Jaroslav Suchý

The Pedagogical Faculty of Charles University

4, M. Rettigové Street

Prague 1

Dear comrade associate professor,

We have received your letter, regarding the healing abilities of Mr Zezulka, which you had addressed to Mr Minister on 11th July. We have studied the documentation of doctors as well as ordinary people about Mr Zezulka’s healing interaction and after the discussion with Dr Rejdák and you, we have reached this conclusion:

Psychotronics is a young branch whose knowledge is not sorted out yet and as we do not know the base of psychotronic phenomena, we do not dare to speak about the possibility that it could be used purposely, especially not in the area of human health. It was stated in the meeting of doctors with Mr Zezulka at the Regional Center of National Health, which was participated by the specialist of the Ministry of Healthcare, Dr V. Dvorak, that Mr Zezulka’s putative therapeutic abilities had been recorded with patients who had been simultaneously properly treated by their doctors and for this reason, we cannot speak about a direct favourable effect of Mr Zezulka’s healing. Therefore, we consider it important first to collect conclusive experimental evidence, which would clarify that this is not just mere suggestion. It will be possible to conduct the appropriate physiological experiments, if Mr Zezulka is willing to do them, at the Research Institute of Experimental Therapy in Prague Krc, 800, Budějovická Street, under the supervision of the director the professor, doctor O. Šmahel. If you have prepared the proposal for conducting some of the experiments, or, if you have experimental results regarding Mr Zezulka’s abilities, will you please contact the professor Šmahel, who has been informed about your interest in psychotronics.

Comrade regards,


Dr Josef Dubský,

The Director of the Department of the Research of Healthcare and Technology


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A Life of Přinašeč (the Bringer)

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