Life after the ‘Victorious February’ (the communist coup d'etat)

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Tomáš Pfeiffer

A Life of Přinašeč

(the Bringer)


‘They already confiscated my shop. Two men came, one of them was a policeman and I had to leave the shop immediately. I was allowed to take only my hat and coat. I lost everything this way. It happened at the end of 1948.

As I was a trained retailer and I had done courses in advertising and marketing, I took a job as the marketing manager at the company Pramen for the region of Prague 2. I worked there for about two years. I had to be employed to sustain my family financially. Being a former tradesman, I earned a minimum wage, usually much lower than my colleagues. Therefore, after some time, I resigned from Pramen and took a job at the National Museum where I worked as an accountant, but even there my salary was lower than those of my colleagues.

In those days, it was common to do so called ‘voluntary work’ on Saturdays and Sundays. I did not have time for that because I healed at the weekends and because of that I displeased my superiors.

For this reason, they relegated me to working as a guard of collections.

‘A live being can be destroyed, a dead one cannot be brought back to life, though. Therefore never destroy lives. Do no kill and do not be the cause of killing. This truth was known to the great spiritual leaders who presented it to people. In the teachings of higher and undistorted religions, refraining from eating meat is put above all. Quite rightly too.’

J. Z.

Pan Josef Zezulka ve středním věku

Mr J.Z. in his middle age

The copy of the scanned original - the original follows the text

The National Museum in Prague

In Prague, 20th October 1970


Josef Zezulka


On 3rd September 1970, you were accepted to the National Museum in Prague to perform the position of a guard in the technical unit of the NM as a part-time job.

These qualification requirements are set for this position in the resort nomenclature of positions and salaries:



Considering the difficulty of the position and the extent of the fulfillment of the qualification requirements, your salary has been set at CZK 460,-, in words CZK four hundred and sixty a month.

The given salary will be paid to you after the deductions, set by the law, on the given paydays.

The breakdown of the salary:

Basic salary 455,-

+ 1% bonus 5,-

The total amount 460,-

Dozorce v technické správě Národního muzea

This job was not very demanding and from my point of view, it was also interesting. I could watch people and their reactions. School children came every day. They were the most grateful and the most joyful part of our society. In the museum, I could get closer to all the branches of science which I had been interested in since my youth, and it was accompanied by a perfect explanation from the lecturers. This way I had the opportunity to study medicine and Latin, and extend my knowledge of the branch I was most interested in. (During the following years many doctors of medicine spoke very positively about the Mr J.Z.’s level of education in their branch, according to some of them, it was at the level of a professor. Similarly, consultant doctor Oliva spoke about Mr J.Z. with a great respect in his memoir of him in the film A Secret Healer.)

In the museum, I met a lot of interesting people and made many faithful friends. Some of my most faithful friends were the anthropologist docent Suchý and the mineralogist, doctor of science, Šípek who were most interested in my opinion about Bytí (Existence) and the meaning of life. We even gathered once a week in a session in which doctors of medicine, an astrologist, a physicist and an anthropologist also participated. These were interesting gatherings and we shared knowledge.‘

Mr J.Z. also demonstrated absolutely exceptional phenomena to them, maybe because he could see their truly serious interest in his thoughts. What happened was this: He stood up in front of all the attendees, put his hands close to each other, at a distance of about twelve centimeters, and a gold shining sphere appeared between them. Another time, he stepped aside of the attendees and in a moment, he changed his appearance into several different people… However, this is the only such demonstration I know of when he did such a thing.


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A Life of Přinašeč (the Bringer)

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