Four eras of the zodiac

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Josef Zezulka – BYTÍ – EXISTENCE
A Philosophy for Life


As was already said, everything within the entire Creative Work pulses with a governed and regular rhythm. Figuratively speaking, it is a breath that manifests itself in various areas of the Creative Work as its life. It is the Creative Four in force form rather than the Creative Four in substance form. In force form it is also manifested, apart from other things, by a regular creative change of the four fundamental time eras – parts of the zodiac – which we must recognise in the interest of spiritual evolution and count on in the evolution of beings.

It is as follows: Events on our planet – the overall destiny of our planet and thus of everything which exists here and lasts in time are reflected in the macrocosm and is identical with the circling of the planets. Thus there is rhythm in the life of the universe, in the orbiting of planets and whole stellar constellations, which is connected with events on our planet and which has a certain influence on it. Our planet is among others also within influence of the zodiac. Not only does it influence our planet through the sequential effect of its twelve signs but also by the overall effect of the manifest ation of the Creative Four. It divides the overall effect into four periods of influence, lasting approximately six thousand years each.

When I say approximately, I must explain that I myself did not fully comprehend the time measure. I was informed by astrologers while consulting on this knowledge with them. They had known the time span since ancient times. I know it was already known in ancient Egypt and perhaps even earlier. I want to apply only such information that I am able to personally comprehend. That’s why I want to write about the substance of the matter and I’ll leave the exact time data to astrologers. According to them, an era – one quarter of the zodiac – lasts a little over 6000 years and the time of one zodiac sign – one third of an era – over 2000 years. So wherever I write 24000 years, 6000 years and 2000 years, this is an approximation.

The effects of the zodiac whose reign lasts 24000 years are manifested by the regular changes of the four time eras, each of which has its fundamental force effect on the life of the planet and on the thinking of the creatures inhabiting the planet during the reign of the corresponding era. Each six-thousand-year era consists of 3 sub-eras, each of which has its own influence and completes the influence of the fundamental era. Each sub-era lasts 2000 years. The effects of fundamental eras as well as the two-thousand-year sub-eras are liable to the laws of the Creative Four and possess its character in their time periods.

This means that one six-thousand-year era in fluen ces the planet during its period with the centripetal influence E*. Afterwards another comes along with centrifugal influence I*. Then the era of quiescent influence U* is followed by the era of fire influence A*.

The rhythm of the four eras influences the events of the universe during all of its breaths. They are the influences that were exerted throughout the life of the planet – with or without organic life on it. They were exerted according to universal situations but always with creative force. One day in the course of evolution, man appeared on the planet. He also is subject to these pulsing influences to an extent and in a way corresponding to his evolutionary development. These influences had a very distinctive effect on ancient cultures and they will always have this effect in the future. They influenced and will influence mainly the collective human mind. The influence is always the same in terms of force although manifested differently with various people. A man who finds himself on a higher evolutionary level is less susceptible to it than a man on a lower level. A man on a higher level doesn’t permit himself to be passively swayed by it. He tries to preserve the balance of the influence and he only takes advantage of it proportionally. A man at a lower level in terms of evolution is more susceptible to it, allowing it to put his thinking out of balance and even his psyche can be deformed by it. Then the law of reflection has more work to do. Since influences that affect the collective mind of mankind and on psychic elements of individuals are very important in terms of evolution, we will discuss their progression in time.

Each sign of the zodiac reigns for about 2000 years, three signs in a row form a single six-thousand-year era. These follow each other in the following order (according to the astrologers):

Sign  Characteristics   Era

Taurus E
Aries A E
Pisces U

Aquarius I
Capricorn E I
Sagittarius A

Scorpio U
Libra I U
Virgo E

Leo A
Cancer U A
Gemini I

When we take a look back at known history, we can see the effects of these zodiac periods. We now find ourselves at the border of two periods. A six-thousandyear centripetal period is ending and the subsequent centrifugal one is beginning. In the past 6000 years mankind’s behaviour has been centripetal. We can remember mankind falling in evolutionary imperfection and how balance, the existential ideal and necessity, was afflicted.

The centripetal approach manifested itself everywhere. For individuals, the “I” was the most important. The way of human life was egocentric. Too often, the ego was put as the first interest of life and people became estranged from each other. Man accepted the idea that only he had the most supreme right for life. He didn’t care for other creatures; he didn’t consider their lives as valuable as his own. Low hunting instincts became stronger, these had already been transferred from the previous major cycle 24000 years ago. The centripetal thinking of families, noble families, states and so on became stronger as well. Noble families tried to obtain power in the state and to exploit weaker ones. States strived to conquer other states and to bleed them dry. The centripetal “I” was asserted everywhere. Centripetal force is to a certain extent natural and necessary for life. But in the centripetal period egocentrism became unnaturally and excessively stronger. We could talk about the attitude of man for a long time. I believe, however, it would be to no avail. If we think about ourselves a little, we can find human society’s unhealthy centripetal thinking and attitude everywhere and in everything.

Each six-thousand-year epoch consists of 3 subepochs, each of which has its own influence with which it complements and colours the overall epoch. Each sub-epoch lasts approximately 2000 years. As the chart demonstrates, the centripetal force of the currently ending epoch was in the first bi-millennium em powered with the centripetal influence of the constellation of Taurus. The second sub-epoch brought the complementary influence of fire and the third sub-epoch, which we are currently leaving, possesses the complementary influence of coldness. And contemporary religious and societal cults and establishments looked accordingly to it.

Let us look back to the culture and thinking of the people of the currently ending second sub-epoch.

In our part of the world the Christian culture emerged. Despite its founder Jesus striving for balance in his teaching and pointing out the necessity of altruism (love your neighbour as yourself), his followers behaved as if they didn’t want to know anything about it. They were preaching the idea but didn’t behave accordingly. They turned the teaching on its head and centripetal force continued to rule. The battle of power spread through the church. Ruling noble families infiltrated the top positions following only their own interests in power and ignorant people made decisions on spiritual matters to suit to their profane interests. Jesus founded the teaching and possessed the knowledge of life, truth and law (this ability is given to a being that is born to our planet regularly every 2000 years, after every two-thousand and six-thousand yearly influential period, which will be explained later). He also possessed the ability to pass this knowledge on to his chosen followers if they were tuned in to him. According to the Scripture, he passed it on Peter. His task was to pass it on. The chain was however broken by successors that were unsuitable and installed violently. The ability of direct leadership ceased to exist. Influenced by unsuitable centripetal thinking the church changed its character. Instead of a balance of consciousness and faith, ignorance took hold. This ignorance, the loss of correct explanations and deep understanding, caused the onset of blind faith within the teaching. The foundations themselves were infiltrated by egocentrism. A man should only have been good to be rewarded with eternal happiness, not because of a balanced podstata state. All spiritual interest was focused on the specific life of a man.

The psychic component of evolutionarily lower individuals, who were members of religious units without enough power to maintain their spiritual balance, was considerably damaged. They formed very a strong centripetal and peace element of their psyche, let it influence them too much and in many cases we can almost talk about deformations. Their mental attitude must of course be reflected in their physical appearance so it is not hard to spot them. They are the so-called “sanctimonious persons”. They are usually very nice – well behaved according to the religious doctrines – but one can feel the overdone peace and centri petal inf luence coming from within them. The same applies to individuals of eastern teachings who due to ignorance strive to obtain personal happiness above all other things by cutting their mind off from the whole and focussing on themselves. Here, in many cases, the original correct intentions become lost and a centripetally peaceful deformation of the psyche sets in.

The influences of the epoch and sub-epochs rightfully manifest themselves in other cultural and religious phenomena. For example, the meditation position must be in accordance with them. So in the last two millennia we have the Christian kneeling position, the correct position is kneeling – sitting on one’s own heels, hands clasped – so both legs and hands are in centripetal position. The Eastern position is similar; this consists of sitting with crossed legs and hands folded in one’s own lap. Hands and legs, which point outwards from centre, are turned inwards towards the centre in this position. Together with the centripetal mind all are tuned into the centripetal and peaceful influence.

And thus all events and human actions are consider ably period inf luenced. From two to four thousand years ago the fundamental centripetal influence was complemented by the influence of fire which was characterised by vitality, passion and in its fundamental centripetency even fanaticism sometimes. “Sun God” was invoked.

Before that, 4000 – 6000 years ago, the centripetal influence started and in its beginning it was even empowered by a centripetal sub-epoch. Meditation and magic positions of priests involved lying on the ground in front of an altar. But let’s leave history to the historians. I mention these details only generally.

For better understanding let us illustrate the zodiac graphically. It is a circle with twelve signs:


The overall time of its influence is approximately 24000 years. This we already know so we will move further on. This one overall epoch occurs twelve times on our planet. That is 12 multiplied by 24000 years which equals to approximately 288000 years. Here, the time discrepancy from the exact time will be considerable. Each individual zodiac also has its own overall character, one of the forces of the Creative Four with which it influences the overall period of the zodiac.


Each individual zodiac also has its own overall character of one of the forces of the Creative Four (IEAU*). The 12 epochs of the zodiac, each 24000 years long, form one great epoch which is approximately 288000 years long. There are again 12 of them. Each of them again has its own character (IEAU*). And so time advances with the four influences constantly pulsating.

Regular changes in the forces of the Creative Four and their effect thus spread into higher and higher areas of life. Their regular effects manifest themselves in the rhythm of human breathing, in the 24 hours of a single day, in the time of one year, in one period of the zodiac, in the overall time of 12 zodiacs as well as in the breathing of the universe. It is a regular rhythm within all areas of the Creative Work. It is the influential effect of the four pulses of life, which creates and influences everything that exists in our perception, that evolves and advances. It is the breath of the fundamental and podstata idea.

I am not sure if I have succeeded in expressing exactly what I feel and know, but I am sure that this is the basis of life and we should contemplate it thoroughly.


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