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Josef Zezulka – BYTÍ – EXISTENCE
A Philosophy for Life


We observe the Creative Work. In its course of life the moment came one day when the first, most primitive being emerged. It was born and died according to the law of rhythm. In its individual lives it received experiences from which it was slowly growing. Its inner nucleus, its core was formed by the notion of existence, the notion of “I am”. It is original; it is the closest to the podstata unity. It is the primary element of the Podstata within the creative division.

The original perception of the Podstata “I am” is the true cause of the emergence and duration of the Creative Work. It is the realisation of existence in the Podstata and observation in the Creative Work. Figuratively speaking, it is similar to when a man is conscious of his existence as a human being and his body but this consciousness is automatic and the man in not thinking of it at a moment in time. But he suddenly recognises his self and his body and starts to dwell on it. Mentally he examines and recognises his shape, he draws his awareness to his hands, legs, head, torso, then he discovers his inner organs, their function and then he starts thinking about his environment, life and fate. He goes through himself mentally and observes himself.

In the eternal and infinite Podstata (God) the eternal existence lasts. The notion of “I am” is this Podstata. However, there is also the static and eternal notion in the Podstata as well as its opposite pole – the perception of self. And since this perception is gradual, a process (our notion of time) manifests itself in one particle of the static Podstata (God). There is no time in the Podstata, yet it is there – it is when a part of eternity is separated and divided. Time is just a notion for the Creative Work, the notion is created upon the perception of being and observing its “I am”.

The notion of “I am, I exist, I last” is the inner, fundamental core of a being. It is the core with which the lowest being commences its movement through evolution. Experiences obtained in individual lives amass round it and create its psychic form. A being that finds itself at the beginning of its evolution has, for example, only one experience around its core. It lives its first life connected with matter; it dies and reincarnates into another body. Here, it further strengthens its experience, dies again and is born again as the same species. After several reincarnations the being’s first experience is so advanced that it can take a step further on and incarnate into another, much higher evolutionary species. Here it acquires another previously unknown experience from which it learns, goes through, and adds to the first, fundamental one. So now it already has two experiences. This means its psychic form is now a little different. Since everything is somehow interrelated and since the psychic and bodily forms must correspond with each other, it must alter the shape and body of the new being. This more complex being must now incarnate into more complex body – into higher evolutionary species. If it is a virus for example, it incarnates into another virus species which is now considerably more complex. It is again born several times, it resolves and harmonises its two qualities to reach another higher species.

This is however conditioned by the fact that there have already been such higher species on the planet. If the planet is in the early phase of development and the being reaches a level where it could further transform but there are momentarily no higher bodies in terms of evolution available, it has to wait. In such a case the non-incarnated and waiting beings of the highest evolutionary form amass in space and the growing pressure affects some individuals of the most recent evolutionary form. And from them, under such pressure, individuals are born who are slightly different from their parents. They give birth to other slightly different descendants, and in this way the pressure of the new psychic form influences bodily development that leads then to the emergence of a new evolutionary species which in the end corresponds with another higher psychic form. And so there is a new evolu tionary species.

Psychic forms of beings move towards greater and greater perfection by passing through lives. New evolutionary species emerge on the planet. Higher beings branch off from lower ones, new botanical and zoological species arise and the variety of bodily life, of bodily species grows. And the process is the same process for all beings. It is always the work within its own psychic form, its change, development, cultivation and harmoni sation which is its own evolutionary movement and which leads onto the higher fates on the evolutionary journey of a being.

If a being finds itself in primary, lower life forms, if its psychic form is still very simple, it incarnates into its evolutionary species only once or a few times. The few lives are enough to understand its few qualities, to strengthen and harmonise these qualities into appropriate accord. The further into higher lives it incarnates, the more complexity is added. A larger number of qualities require more work to resolve. Qualities no longer mutually harmonise so easily. Each of those gradually added partially alters the harmonisation or completes the harmonisation of some elements of the psychic form. That is why the further a being incarnates into higher evolutionary species the more times it must reincarnate into its current life.

Let us say that it would live 20 lives as a mouse, 30 lives as a dog but as a monkey it would have to live 50 and then as a human for example 100. This is only an example. I don’t mean that these numbers are valid for these particular species.

As we will explain further on, human life is the first within evolutionary progress where a being can make more or less active decisions concerning its own evolutionary progress. That is why the number of reincarnations fluctuates, but it is already quite considerable. A man who has lived more lives and is on a higher spiritual level can lower the number of next reincarnations if he understands correctly and makes goaldirected changes. But we shall discuss this further on.

The life of beings on the planet started. In the beginning, as was already said, there was only an insignificant being, we might call this a virus. The primary life form evolved in water and was botanical. In water there was the most suitable environ ment for the emerging material life. All four fundamental elements necessary for the creation of bodily substance were available there. (We mean the body of the virus – of a plant. The virus belongs to the plant world.) The element of earth was processed by the element of water; this was penetrated by the element of air in co-operation with the element of fire – solar radiation.

From the first microscopic plants more complex and perfect plants were developed during the course of evolution. One day, life also began to slowly move to dry land. Botanical life was also no longer alone in the water, the first zoological life evolved alongside it. This was an epoch-making event in the evolution of life. The first most primitive animal differed from plants through the first movements of its own, and by the first most primitive decision-making processes. And in this way the second phase of evolution had started.

A plant lives only through a passive manifestation of life. It adapts to its environment – it does not make decisions. The vital part of its being is manifested more than psychic.

An animal, just because it can make even the most primitive decisions, receives more from the spiritual substance so its psychic form grows a little more differently than that of a plant. The difference is in the qualities of decision-making, movement and in the related qualities necessary for its relationship with its environment and for self-preservation. It is not only a considerably more complex being when compared to the previous botanical one but also already differing in qualities of the species. After all, its manifestation of life changes radically with the transition to an animal species.

The being continues to reincarnate, proceeding through the long line of lives into higher and higher creatures. It changes, improves and reforms its psychic form, makes mistakes with its decisions, rectifies them in subsequent lives and understands better. Its intelligence increases. It lives an active manifestation of life but its development is still only passive. This means it does not decide on its evolutionary progress, it is carried by an evolutionary stream as a brook carries a fallen dry leaf. It stops and is caught by the right or left bank. It is then picked up and carried further, gets caught by a whirlpool, is cast up on the bank where it waits for the water level to rise and take it further on. It is just a passive evolutionary progress and it is subject to the “law of reflection”.


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